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Berlin, Germany Return from Melbourne $648, Sydney $670 in Feb-Mar/2022 on Scoot @ I Want That Flight


Scoot has released incredible fares to Berlin, Germany! Travel in Feb - March/2022. Prices listed are carryon - only. Please check travel restrictions before booking.

$648 Return Melbourne to Berlin Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
06/Mar 14/Mar $648 View Flight
27/Feb 06/Mar $649 View Flight
06/Mar 13/Mar $649 View Flight
13/Mar 20/Mar $649 View Flight
27/Feb 05/Mar $649 View Flight
06/Mar 12/Mar $649 View Flight
02/Nov 22/Nov $677 View Flight
13/Mar 21/Mar $723 View Flight
13/Mar 23/Mar $723 View Flight
13/Mar 24/Mar $797 View Flight

$670 Return Sydney to Berlin Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
06/Mar 25/Mar $670 View Flight
06/Mar 18/Mar $674 View Flight
05/Mar 18/Mar $674 View Flight
12/Mar 25/Mar $674 View Flight
12/Feb 25/Feb $677 View Flight
10/Mar 25/Mar $744 View Flight
13/Mar 25/Mar $745 View Flight
19/Feb 04/Mar $745 View Flight
26/Feb 11/Mar $745 View Flight
05/Mar 25/Mar $757 View Flight

Can I use my own dates? Yes - just click the link closest to your preferred dates and then change the dates once the search has completed.

For this airfare and more, check out our deals site https://iknowthepilot.com.au/

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  • +5

    Please check travel restrictions before booking.

    We're obviously talking travel restrictions in Germany in Feb-Mar 2022 that are going to be announced around Feb-Mar 2022 :)

    Apart from that, great to see you again, IWantThatFlight!

    • +3

      Hi Pizzaguy,

      Yes, I agree travel restrictions are likely, going to to change between now and Feb-Mar. Still, I would hate for someone to see this sale, and then book flights for early Nov/21 (where there are also cheap flights) without realising that restrictions exist.

      • Thanks blokes - appreciate the heads up.

        Just had a look on this German government website and it reckons Aus travellers have unrestricted access to Germany. Is this a recent change maybe?

  • +8

    Danke schön. Ich habe gerade 10 gekauft.

    • Berlin, Berlin, wir fahren nach Berlin!


    • +1

      uhhhh Gesundheit?

    • Angela pass auf !!!

    • +4

      Ich bin ein ÖzBargainer

    • du bist ein schwein (sorry, no offence, the only german sentence i know and just wanna show off lol)

    • +1

      Das auto!

  • +12

    For the Northern hemisphere ski season, taking this to get to the Alps might have a better chance of going ahead than Japan, which is still closed to non Japanese citizens at the moment. Tempting..

    Downside: Out leg is 44h elapsed time, return is 24h. Ouch.

    • +9

      I was considering this until learning that fact. Take my thanks, internet stranger.

    • +2

      Flights from Melb are generally 1 - 2 hr layovers, so much better than ex-syd.

    • +4

      Although Singapore is not a bad place to spend a day.

      I generally like breaking up the journey a bit, makes the flight less annoying and also helps with jetlag.

    • -1

      Checked with the Mrs and she ruled it out - we are going to take a chance and hold on to our Japan bookings (fingers crossed).

      From Berlin you still need a connecting flight to a city closer to the Alps, and from there a coach ride up - so pretty much 3 days from leaving Sydney to putting your bags down in the accommodation.

      (Maybe there are other flights to a closer city, haven't checked)

      I think at a bare minimum spending 2-3wks on the slopes then it becomes worthwhile, or good for those planning to working holiday there for the season. On the plus side, the journey itself is long enough to have gotten over jetlag.

      • +4

        The mrs said no lolol

        • -6

          So, she is the man of the house. Feel sorry for you.

  • +4

    The land of chocolate

    • +6

      Don't make me run!

    • +1

      …that was 10 minutes ago!

  • +3

    Don't forget your gesundheitspass

  • +4

    There are still, what….47,000 Australians who can't get home, a grounded carrier fleet needing to be put back into service and thousands of rusty pilots. Not to mention state premiers with hair triggers for border closures. But hey, what could go wrong - sign me up!

    • +8

      I regards to lockdowns and border closures; NSW, VIC and the ACT will probably not be tightening anytime soon as covid zero is no longer possible. The bulk of the '47,000' shouldn't have any issues finding seats into at least NSW/VIC as capacity inbound should reach at least 100,000/month by December.

      The main issue is some domestic destinations like WA will still be tricky to travel to.

      • +15

        Can't believe it's (going to be) easier to travel to Europe than Perth lol

        • +18

          I can believe everything after spending the entire pandemic in Australia.

        • -6

          Sand groper here, we don't want you

        • +16

          I'd much rather go to Europe than Perth so it aligns pretty well with my interests.

          • +7

            @Schmiddler: Perth resident here.

            I'd much rather go to Europe as well.

    • As much as I hate the painfully real situation that you described, I don't think it's going to be valid at that time, in the context of flying out.

      Because Vic and NSW are shifting from zero new cases policy already, the quarantine is being scraped, any limits are supposed to be for the unvaccinated, who can't use this deal anyway.

      • There will be a new wave by that time. And our govt is guaranteed to come up with some new measures…

    • +5

      47,000 Australians who can't get home

      Question is, do they want to come home? I'd wager most of them have been living in better circumstances than the people of Melbourne and Sydney for most of this year.

      Flights have been available for returning Australians for some time now.

      I think the media and Federal/state governments have been deliberately overlooking the fact that a lot of Australians overseas simply don't want to come back here yet until our ridiculous and draconian travel bans, hard borders, quarantine requirements and snap-lockdowns every other week finally come to an end.

      • agreed. not all of these 47000 want to get back to Aus.

      • +2

        I think the media…

        This is the source of 99% of everyone's problems. Ignore that for a while and see how much your life changes for the better

    • With SO many authoritarians on Ozbargain it's actually surprising to see rational comments like this.

  • +6

    Dear me. The flight I looked at for $648 has a 45hr return. I haven't experienced that before - sounds traumatic.

    • +8

      The hangover part 4

    • +2

      If you can have a break in Singapore, it's well worth it.

      Have time for a sleep over at the airport.

      In normal times, checking out Singapore too.

      • +1

        They have that new mall which opened up in 2019 near the airport with the huge garden in the middle. I went on the first day it opened. Better than the average crappy Westfields

    • +3

      That's not a layover, that's a mini vacation lol

      People pay extra for a multi-stop but you can get one for free XD

    • No TV on Scoot also.

      • +1

        I watch downloaded Netflix on my iPad mini when I fly anywhere.

    • +3

      A couple of days ago you were offended about the 'racist' name of a restaurant, but today you want to make a joke about Hitler? You need to sort your messaging out.

  • +4

    Fully refundable in case restrictions apply?

    • Hahahahahahaha

    • +1


      • +1


    • One free re-schedule included

    • LMAO

  • +1

    Never book with scoot! It’s a nightmare even if it’s for free

    • Care to elaborate? Used them to get to Singapore a couple of times and found them pretty good value for money.

    • +1

      I have flown with them many times and apart from the occassional delay, never had an issue. That said, I've seen the air hostesses yell at people for eating food they brought from home or the terminal so that can be an issue.

      • Yeah because they charge for food they have a no own food policy, haha.

      • I flew with them years ago semi frequently and the first time noticed the food was beyond crap like $20 for some noodles in a brown sauce so started bringing in KFC. They can tell as much as the want.

      • "Excuse me, please don't eat your own food on the plane, would you like me to bring you a menu?"

        "I am sorry there is no free water, but you can purchase a bottle if you like"

        Once you know what you have to deal with it's not that bad and you can enjoy your bargain. Used them to fly to Singapore numerous times.

    • +1

      I’ve flown with them, no issues. I also had a flight booked to Singapore for March 2020, it was fully refunded.

    • +5

      People who say this about budget airlines are so precious. It’s a budget airline, it’s obviously going to be less comfortable with worse customer service than Qantas, but it also saves you literal $$$ and they’ll get you from point A to B. Like if you can’t deal with the fact that they don’t give you a meal on board and drinks service then go buy a ticket from a more expensive airline. Budget airlines are not for people who want luxury - they’re for getting to your destination for cheap. If I could pay half the ticket price to sit on the floor at the back I would, and I sure as shit wouldn’t be complaining about it since idk, I CHOSE to go for a cheaper ticket.

      I suspect people complaining are either entitled or did something stupid like book for the wrong date and then get in a huff when the airline enforces it’s rules that are set out clearly in the T&Cs and suddenly it’s the consumer who is the victim because they don’t want to pay the $250 to change the flight they incorrectly booked themselves. Jfc

      • +4

        No other budget airline forbids outside food. Scoot can piss off for that alone.

        • +2

          I mean, if that is an issue for you then just don’t buy Scoot. I would personally be happy to either not eat or pay $15 for a meal on a $670 flight to Berlin than have 3 “free” meals given to me on a $1,300 flight to Berlin.

          And if your gripe is that other budget airlines don’t make you pay for food, well then fly with them .. unless of course their flights for the same leg are more expensive.

          Honestly, what do people expect, it’s cheaper for a reason and plenty of people prefer paying for and receiving bare bones service than being forced to pay much more for shit like free drinks that they don’t even want. If you want food, pay for it - whether that’s an extra fee in additional to your ticket or built into your ticket price, either way it’s not free and you obviously need to pay for it.

          • @Perroquet: I quite like AA’s meals. Last time I travelled Qantas they ran out of food and I was presented with a cup of tomato soup.

          • @Perroquet: I would stand all the way, with no food or beverages for this kind of price. The princesses can fly with shitty Qantas.

    • +1

      Never book with scoot! It’s a nightmare even if it’s for free

      Isn't is great when someone tells you something like this but can never elaborate why. A bitter Qantas employee maybe?
      I've flown Scoot a handful of times, each time was equal to any other carrier for half the price.

    • +1

      Scoot were very good with refunds when covid locked down overseas travel.

  • +2

    LOVING THIS ……. just cause its great to see flights again

  • 21 hours layover in Singapore!

    • +1

      At least their airport is nice?

      • +3

        If you want to waste 1 day of your annual leave at an airport, sure.

        • +10

          I mean you could also leave the airport to eat some Hainanese chicken rice?

        • +1

          The savings on these flights are bigger than most of OzB would get for a daytwo days of work. Talking $670 instead of $1300+.

          And yeah, Changi is the best.

        • +2

          Better than annual leave in Aus though, haven't really used much since pandemic started

          • @Flintz: Yeah exactly, I'm assuming everyone has a large annual leave balance from everything being cancelled the last 18 months!

  • +3

    Scoot is ok for short flights but christ thats a hard slog from here to Europe.

    • Yeah I wouldn't do it unless flying in their ScootBiz seat.

      • -3

        Princess. Why are you even on this site? This is not for your kind.

        • Why are you? Just because I like a little luxury doesn't mean I also like a bargain. You must lead a very sad life. I wish you well.

        • Last time I flew Scoot I was on a Scootbiz seat that was cheaper than the Scoot standard seats due to a pricing error, trust me I am on the right site ;)

    • +1

      Scoot is ok for short flights but christ thats a hard slog from here to Europe.

      The shortest leg out of Australia is 8 hours. From Singapore to Europe is 13 hours. Hardly much worse…

  • Would be nice to see German family, but I fear the cost of quarantine on the way back, which was recently above $2000 for a friend…

    • +2

      Do you live in WA?

      • No I’m in SA.

        • +1

          Then you won't need to quarantine by the time of these flights.

          • +1

            @MrTweek: What politicians plan for now may not be valid in a few months time. If borders open up and cases go crazy I wouldn't be surprised if further restrictions or lockdown come down range.

          • -2

            @MrTweek: That's what you are hoping. Reality is we are still at the beginning of all this crap and if you think just because you got double jabbed you are all good, you have another thing coming. Why is the vic premier asking for unprecedented powers? That fact tells you we are in this for the long haul.

  • +5

    Scoot is only bearable on the flights out of Singapore to AU that leave at 2am so you can sleep the whole way.

    Any moment of consciousness aboard Scoot is agony.

    • eek I did scoot once to SIN and return… return was tough.
      never again.

      though I don't travel in economy anymore phew

    • Germany just declared Singapore as risk area (Covid).

    • +1


    • The seats are not favourable on the arse. Too flat and firm.

      • The seats are not favourable

        You'll need warm clothes for when you get there, that you won't be wearing while on the plane. Fold your jacket and sit on that. It's currently 12 degrees C in Berlin, just before noon. You'll need a fairly thick jacket.

        Not sure if you have to be wearing the jacket as you board the plane, but it's only 5 minutes or so between the departure lounge and sitting on the plane. Tolerable in air-conditioning.

        The other question is, can you wear multiple sets of underwear, or does that just get you fast-tracked to the "check for drugs" line?

  • Scoot ain't worth the paint they use on their jets.

  • Dankeschoen, genosse.

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