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Gainward Pegasus NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB Graphics Card $688.00 + Delivery @ Techfast



Not sure if it's a great deal or not but Techfast prices are normally pretty good. This wasn't in the deals posted yesterday.

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    • ??

    • Yeah WTF

    • Wednesday Thursday Friday = WTF

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    WHAT IS THIS?? This has to be a meme right???

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    This or a 2060 mini?

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    • At this price, neither?

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    I haven't seen benchmarks recently, but I expect for the price a RX6600 would even be better than this.

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    "Discounted from $799".

    Even my crappy 2060 post from before annihilates this.

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    Similar card was $415.20 2 and a half years ago- https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/442712

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    $688 for a 2.5 year old low end card…

    Im not sure if im just sad or just speechless or both

  • It is a handy mining card due to the low power. But not at that stupid price.

    • Makes nearly $100/month. Everyone else is charging $800+ for 1660 Super and Ti

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    Great card. Way overpriced though. I suppose all graphic cards are way too ridiculously priced as of late.

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    Nope, bad deal even in this market. Rx 6600 is in another league compared to this.

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    Sad times are really looming in on us

  • i hope 2022 will be better, lower price for gpu

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    This is a troll post right?

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    There's a reason it got left out of the other techfast posts.

    Usually for computer parts, the amount extra you need to spend to get a better part is never value. Ie, Paying 20% extra for 20% extra performance. Usually its Paying 20% extra for 5% extra performance.

    However, by adding an extra $200 (29% extra), you can get a 3060 (basically 30% extra performance) AND all the RTX benefits, not to mention 12GB vram.

    Either the 3060 is a ridiculously great price or this is a extremely poor deal. Given the 3060 is new and has been hovering the the $800-900 price range, this is a terrible deal.

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      And pay 300 more (43% extra) for a 3060ti (54% extra in performance)

    • The value lies in it's non-LHR status though :)

      Which is not interesting to gamers, but it's what influences the prices right now sadly.

  • People scorned the $580 6600 when it came out, but I bought one for my girlfriend and do not regret it at all seeing this absolute abomination.

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      Does she even need a GPU

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        I'm assuming if he bought one for her that she needs a GPU. Bit of a weird question.

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    Today on Ozb, when things were cheaper 2.5yrs ago https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/442712

  • lol

  • No.

  • This post wins the worst GPU deal posted since the pandemic started award.

    There is a reason it was left off yesterday's deals.

  • Tis one of these situations where OP should've asked themselves if they'd buy this, or would recommend a friend to buy this.

    If not, it'd still be ok if this was posted for satire, but ehh.

  • holy crap. i bought two of these a few months ago for $500 and they almost paid themselves off maybe i should sell them now for a profit. I thought with eth2 prices would be winding down now.

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