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6x 100g Beef Jerky, 4x 25g Pork Crackle $70 (Was $96) + $9.90 Postage @ Outback Jerky


Outback Jerky Showbag Promotion 6 x Beef Jerky, 4 x Pork Crackle total value $96 for only $70 limited time while stock last.

What you get
1 x Traditional 100g
1 x Smokey 100g
1 x Chilli 100g
1 x Hot Chilli 100g
1 x Chipotle 100g (Best seller)
1 x Carolina Reaper 100g Very hot 10/10 Heat rating
4 x Roast pork crackle 25g

Our showbag promotion comes with 6 flavors of 100g beef jerky and 4 Bags of our Roast pork crackle. This is a limited time promotion and while stocks last

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Outback Jerky


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    Works out to about $120/kg, no thanks…

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      I come for the jerky, but stay for the calculations.

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        I came for the bargains, but stayed for jv being out of the penalty box again.

    • we sell 1kg bags for $95

    • Struggling with maths?

      • Nope, are you?

        • You could be. 10 items in total and only 5 are the same price point.

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            @outbackjerky: 700g for $79 to be precise…

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              @jv: still struggling to add it all up I see. If you want to bring postage in to it then don't forget what the postage really cost. I think its best you don't post anything at all if all you are trying to do is hassle people trying to make a living, employ staff and support Australian farmers.

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                If you want to bring postage in to it

                Why not? Is postage free ?

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                I think its best you don't post anything

                Perhaps it's best you don't post anything unless it is a bargain…

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    The OzBargain jerky market is very saturated at the moment, you will need to improve your offering to get us to taste your jerky.

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      Its hard beef prices have gone up again yesterday. Also if people in country areas order it can cost around 25 postage. we charge a flat rate and subsidies postage.

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    I bought two packs. Great for summer snacks with cold drinks. If I'd tried Outback Jerky before, then I'd be confident enough to buy more. Photos look good tho: it's not that plastic looking formed meat product that Jack Links and Aussie Legends sells. Looks legit.

    Postage was $9.90 for both bags together. I'm happy with that.

    @Op: Thanks for not increasing the postage for rural customers. I appreciate it.

  • Any way to swap reaper for something else? I don't want to cry in my toilet after I eat that…

    • Gift it to the children of your least favourite sibling.

  • My order arrived today. Good stuff.

    Jerky is good quality. Not too dry, not too moist; just right. The beef it's made from are decent cuts too. Packaging is premium and air tight. I'm not sure how much it costs to do professional packaging (rather than typical clear plastic baggies), but it's worth it.

    Flavour is strong. I've only tried Carolina Reaper (damn!) and Chipotle so far. Reaper is too hot for me to comfortably eat, but maybe in small doses with a cold beer. It's not nuclear inferno levels of hot, so if you like to eat very hot chilli jerky, then get this. Chipotle was my perfect level of chilli. Smooth and firey. I can see why it's popular.

    I'm looking forward to trying the rest of the samples.

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