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Crucial 16GB DDR4 3200MHz SODIMM Laptop Memory $90 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


16GB DDR4 Crucial 3200MHz CL22 SODIMM Laptop Memory RAM CT16G4SFRA32A

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    Yesterday I bought a set of 2 x 16GB Kingston Fury 3200mhz cl20 1.2v for $250, damn it haha.
    This is a great deal!

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      • Gosh not enough time to configure more things to run on the homelab server. Fantastic price +1

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        OOhhh Far out mateeeee, thanks for that I have requested a cancellation on my order!

      • Should I get that now or wait for black friday???

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        Need to stop checking ozbargain. I keep on buying stuffs. lol Thanks mate!

      • I bought 64gb ram kit from Amazon for my laptop, it's really nice having the extra RAM but the biggest problem is waking from sleep takes like 20-30 seconds now due to the much bigger hiberfil. When my laptop was on 16gb RAM it resumed so much faster. I guess you can't avoid it though.

        • Suspend instEad or get a faster ssd

      • My RAM came, but its came bent…

    • just curious at what point in time ddr4 ram will stop decreasing in price?

  • Perfect for the ASUS TUF Gaming A15 FA506 which has frequented OzBargain, as it has a free RAM slot!

  • These guys cut open the seals on the packaging?

  • This or 2 x 16gb Crucial 3200mhz cl22 RAM??

    What one is better?

    EDIT: Just realised they are the same but shopping express deal is $10 cheaper shipped if your after 2

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    Good deal. Bought the same item from the same seller for $110 a moth ago.

    Acer Nitro 5.

    • How much extra performance did you get?

      • I had upgraded the RAM before even installing any programs.

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    How crucial is it that I buy this bargain?

    • Just wow that pun wow

      • Are you accusing it of being SODIMM (so dim)?

        • it's a bit underhanded (as opposed to Lap Top)

        • No, because its sold by F U TU online.

        • Don't explain the joke, dude.

  • Dammit I need some 2666mhz RAM, I know it's older but still…

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      Same code works.

      The higher speed RAM should still work though, if it's DDR4.

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      No real reason you can't use this if your system takes DDR4 SODIMM, it'll just be clocked down to run at 2666mhz by your system I believe.

      • Oh really I thought your motherboard needed to be compatible with newer RAM, so it just caps off at the nearest compatible speed?

      • Crucial website says this RAM not compatible with my NUC7i3BNH or NUC7i5BNK, both specs show I need DDR4-2133 1.2V SO-DIMM.

        What's the chances of this kit working for me in both of those boxes?

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          The RAM speed advertised is the highest speed it is rated at, but it will run at one of several speeds, which are programmed internally (called JEDEC standardised timings)

          As you can see from this review screenshot from 'VINEET' of this model from its amazon.com listing, the 3200mhz CAS 16 speed is JEDEC #13 in a list of possible timings


          Note 1600mhz here means 3200mhz Dual Data Rate (DDR)

          It would be very unlikely one of the programmed speeds would not be 2133mhz

          • @Shacktool: Shacktool seems to know what they're talking about, follow what they said over whatever I said!

  • Dang~just bought the exact for $100 from Futu eBay on Monday and it hasn't arrived yet.

  • Does mobile Ryzen have the same "Works best with hella fast RAM" trait as desktop Ryzen?

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      Yes dual channel and 3200mhz
      1xr8 even better

      • How do you find out if this Ram is 1xr8?

        • Google specs or in this case model crucial/micron model number reference sheet which will tell you what each part of the model number refers to.
          CT16G4SFD832A is the 2xr8 version I'm waiting on (or the 32gb variant at the right price).

          This one: CT16G4SFRA32A https://www.crucial.in/memory/ddr4/ct16g4sfd832a doesnt specify rank or x8 and unlike the D8 = 8-die stack (LPDDR4, LPDDR5), with RA crucial doesn't seem to following microns numbering guide https://www.micron.com/-/media/client/global/documents/produ...

          Turns out it can be either low or high density so good luck. "CT2K16G4SFRA32A is a 32GB Kit consisting of (2) 16GB DDR4 notebook module that operates at speeds up to 3200 MT/s and has a CL22 latency. It is an Unbuffered SODIMM and can be built either single-ranked or dual-ranked."

  • Does it work with Lenovo EAT Gen2? Thanks

  • can you put one 8 and one 16 ?

    • Yes but they won't run in dual channel.

      • Here's this same 16GB stick (16+8) running in dual channel on the Nitro 5 3060 laptop I got from an earlier deal


        CPU-Z detects it as dual channel, CPU benchmarks like it's running in dual channel, laptop games like it is running in dual channel (it has awful single channel gaming performance)…

        • Looks like you are right, sorry my knowledge on this was outdated. Just did some research and modern cpu/memory controller can handle mismatched sticks in dual channel :) go nuts with the 1x 8gb + 1x 16gb.

  • Will this work in a Synology NAS as an upgrade?

    • Depends on the model of Synology you have and the vendor compatibility I guess.

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    • Different product. This deal is CT16G4SFRA32A at 3200hz which is faster than your link of CT16G4SFRA266 at 2666hz

  • Probably a stupid question. Can we use this to upgrade HP Gen6 micro server. I have upgraded the processor to xeon. Currently use 16GB DDR3 ram.

    • I suspect you can not use ddr 4 ram in a ddr 3 slot. I may be wrong tho.

      • pretty sure there were some boards that had weird slots supporting both like with ddr2/3 when it was new. I may also be wrong though.

        • +1

          Those boards had 2x ddr2 slots and 2x ddr3 slots.

          It looks like this was possible with Skylake and one Chinese OEM actually did produce a board that can support it.

          I doubt the HP Microserver runs a board like this though.

          Microserver N36L (Gen6) Specs
          At A Glance
          AMD Athlon™ II Neo N36L processor (1.3 GHz, 15W, 2MB)
          AMD RS785E/SB820M chipset
          Two (2) DIMM slots
          Memory 1GB (1 x 1GB) PC3-10600E DDR3 UB EC, using PC3-10600E DDR3

          • @Agret: Thank you. My mistake, apologies. I actually have a Gen 8 server.

  • OOS

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