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Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3070 Gaming OC LHR Graphics Card $1299 + Delivery @ PLE


Not the most egregious price, better than the market average at the moment by about 250 AUD.

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  • This, or a 3080 for sim racing? Looking at running 3 1440p monitors.

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      Depends. Do you want higher or lower fps?

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      In the case of running 3 monitors you're going to want more VRAM as the raw resolution is going to be a lot higher than conventional setups. So definitely the 3080, granted, the 6800xt might be something to consider too. Also, something to note might be that 2080ti > 3070 @ resolutions 4k and higher - so if you can find one cheap, might be worth taking it up.

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      I run a 3060ti with 3 1080p monitors on my sim and get between 80 and 120 fps at ultra settings depending on the game. 1440p go the 3080 or what @Mack11 recommend.
      Note the 3070 listed only has 2 Display ports and 2 hdmi. Not sure if it causes issues with g sync but worth investigating.

    • Which sim?

      Are you on single screen, triples or VR?

    • I've use my 1070 for 3 x 1440p on some racing games and haven't done actual tests but it runs alright. I would think a 3070 would be much better, but depends how future proof you want the card maybe?

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    Really decent price. Thanks OP

    -edit- PLE are really coming through with the deals recently. Now if only they'd have a sub-$750 6600 XT…

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    Fomo got me… oh dear.

    $1279 for me and $1308.70 with shipping.

  • Sorry for the n00b question,

    I couldn’t care less about mining, but does LHR impact performance for gaming?

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      It doesn’t affect Gaming performance

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        But you're buying it 'cheaper'

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            @non-LHR: unless you're reselling it very quickly, there isn't going to be people buying it for it's mining capabilities in a year or so.. it will be obsolete compared to other options available new..

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      it doesn't but 3070 is overpriced junk, just ask fry cry hd texture pack , not even current gen gaming with that card

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    Huh, slowly getting there.

  • This worth upgrading from a RTX 2070 Super?

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      You already have an excellent card. I don't think it's great to buy any GPU now unless necessary

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        counterpoint - he may be able to sell his 2070 super on ebay for $900 at the moment. making it a $400 upgrade with new warranty.

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        Actually, when should we consider a GPU upgrade if we are only playing at 1080p 60 Hz ? I can play most games like BF5 even < 100 % GPU even with a 1060 3 GB now. I was thinking about a 3060 TI but prices are still too high for me.

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          You only need to upgrade if :
          1) your GPU dies

          2) you upgrade your monitor and your GPU can't handle it

    • Depends on ur monitor and games u play. 2070s is plenty for 1440p 60Hz or 1080p 120Hz monitor. This is still bad price, I only paid $920 for my FHR 3070. Just wait for May next year, ETH mining should be stopped by difficulty bomb.
      The retailers are still taking consumers for a ride. Otherwise Upgrade now, and mine when u r not gaming, it should make $120 a month after cost. No point to upgrade without mining crypto

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      The 3070 is about 31% faster at 1440p and 22% faster at 1080p at a 116% higher price than I paid for my 2070 Super back in 2019 (one of those $599 deals with delivery included posted on this site). I'm hanging onto my 2070 Super for dear life as it still does great at 1440p on ultra/high in most modern games. This market is awful and will likely remain so for a good while.

      Even the prices at launch didn't tempt me for the 3070's performance uplift vs the 2070S, but were reasonable prices for people upgrading from older gen cards with less performance

      • How does it compare to my Superior 750 Ti

  • noob question: i want to build a pc by the end of the year. upgrading from a budget rx 580 build. i think a 3070 is about the sweet spot right now for gaming but im not sure. what do youse think?

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      in what language would you with a plural need an e on the end for?

    • Depends on the cpu too tbh

      • currently using AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor 3.40 GHz. my computer is ok but it really struggles with gaming and video editing

        • really struggles with gaming and video editing

          which games/softwares ? some video editing softwares like Da Vinci Resolve, I think you need to have a nVidia card.


          • @bazingaa: Dota 2 runs terribly and it shouldn't according to specs. Takes 3 minutes just to load. Even OBS struggles to record at a decent resolution

            • @belongsinforums:

              Takes 3 minutes just to load.

              oops! I haven't played DOTA2, are you loading it from a SSD ?

              Even OBS struggles to record at a decent resolution

              If you get a nVidia card, you can use NVENC chip for encoding video

              • @bazingaa: Yes. I had the same crashing issues with overwatch so I know it's not game specific

    • you could probably sell the 580 to offset the markup on the 3070 and get it for MSRP or even cheaper

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      yes 3070 is a good place to be

    • I say the sweet spot is between 3060 Ti and 3070, depending on your budget and price. This deal's price is pretty good for these times, I got my 3060 Ti for $1k about 5 months ago.

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    ordered, let's see what "stock coming 28/10" means

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      Yesterday the site said "stock coming 27/10" so I called Osborne Park, WA and they didn't have them yet.
      The guy sounded surprised tbh. He said feel free to order as they will be getting stock; the question is when.

  • No

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    3070ti is cheaper

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        OOS at PLE for $1229, so not cheaper as it doesn't exist, but cheaper because at one point they sold it for that.

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    eth had their upgrade today, 1st of 3 upgrades to get to 2.0 so prices may start to fluctuate

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    I guess my GTX 770 will have to hold out a bit longer… (cries in hodl)

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      With a card nearing closer to the 8 year old mark i think you have well and truly passed Hodl stage and are now at Hibernation.

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    I'm HODLing out for a hero till the end of the night~

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    Weeelp, I caved.

    This 3070 was the same price as some of the 3060s I was initially looking at. Might as well future proof myself for a long time, and it's not like I wasn't ready to spend this sort of money anyway…

    • I also caved, I wanted to HODL more but with true RRP of 809, partner boards costing more like 950 - isn't that ridiculous anymore.
      Plus I would need a 1650 or something in the interim which costs 500 bucks…

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        I don't get who's raising the price and profiting off this. Is it NVIDIA, OEMs or the retailers. Other things that sell out everywhere like consoles or iphones face similar buying demand but still retain the price structure so why does this difference to RRP occur with graphics cards when there are shortages.

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          Based on this Nvidia is a major culprit. Totally agree, it's ludicrous. AMD would be affordable but they are too great for crypto… and useless at video editing (my use case).

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          For one thing, the RRP for graphics cards is pretty arbitrary. In this generation I hear that the RRP is all but impossible to achieve for board partners, and combined with the rarity and their ability to set their own prices, why wouldn't they go up?

          The RRP basically just serves to colour the discussion about "value" in the initial reviews more positively, other than that it's fake.

        • Pretty normal for things in shortage to attract a higher price, that's how the shortage is resolved as demand is lower at the higher price.

        • Shipping and silicon costs a bomb at the moment too.

    • Put it onto nice hash miner, it should make u about $120 a month after electricity, it will get to RRP in 4 to 5 months if u don't mind the wear and tear caused by constant running.

    • good luck future proofing yourself when you cant even play far cry 6 properly now

  • Some Gigabyte 3090 GPUs got fried during New World play, dont know if 3070 is faulty aswell or not.

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      New world got really bad reviews so maybe just don't play it

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    Hey how do I start mining with my rx 6600 xt?

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      Install nice hash miner, watch some video to under clock core and over clock memory, then if u want turn coin to cash, get sth like swyftx to sell coin to AUD

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    Is this really a decent price when it's only about 5-10% better than a 3060ti and they have just gone for <1k yesterday 🤔

    • The 3060Ti was better value for money, however, none of these GPUs are good value for money. Also, my brain was stuck on getting a 3070 as that pretty much maxes out my monitor on current games.

  • Is this Minesweeper compatible?

  • I couldn't HOLR…… and fired on a $1400 for a RTX3060Ti!

  • Will we ever see 3070 go down to under $1k …

  • Aaaand it's gone

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      Aaaand I got a message saying they don't know when stock will be in despite that I ordered early. So crapola, don't know how long they'll be holding onto my cash.

      • Did you pick the WA or VIC Warehouse? Vic had no ETA, but WA was 3/11/21

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          ETA was yesterday, 28/10, they said their supplier hasn't delivered so they don't know when they'll get them. Surely they can ask their supplier, so it maybe a nit of bullshit.

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          Just got email, no ETA or info from the supplier. Not very satisfactory.

          • @cookie9: I ordered on the first day too, so pretty frustrating I haven't received mine while others have.
            I paid with Paypal, would this be grounds to launch a dispute as they did not deliver the goods on time?

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              @cheaptech20: If you don't want to wait I certainly would ask for refund then go down the paypal route if they refuse..

            • @cheaptech20: I've messaged them a few times already for an ETA and they've said it's slow due to a supplier delay…Apparently stock is expected early this week. Probably end up messaging them again tomorrow for an update

              • @5100: Sorry that was meant to be a + and it won't let me undo… please do update us!

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                  @cheaptech20: 30/11 stock ETA! Damn, probably wouldn't have ordered if I had known

                  • @5100: yeah understand! I guess if something else comes up in the meantime can always ask for refund on this one.. Not much on offer from what I can find!

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                      @cookie9: I just requested a refund. I don't want to fund what I consider is unacceptable behaviour of not informing customers. Delays happen, keeping people's money and keeping them in the dark is not.

                      • @FabMan: I'm thinking of doing the same. I've had a couple of emails with them and there seems little interest in honoring the pre-order. Been getting the standard "We currently do not have ETA for your sales order "
                        I guess this is what it has devolved into with such limited stock. Happy for those that managed to get one..

                  • @5100: Received mine, last piece of my build! Hopefully you get yours soon

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