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Tontine T9019 Sherpa Electric Blanket, Queen Bed $37 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


I was looking for an electric blanket and found this very good deal. please note that the double bed electric blanket is selling for $113.95 but the queen size electric blanket is just for $37.

this has some good reviews too. I think its a good deal if anyone needs it. cheers.

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    The price is shocking..

  • +11

    Good deal coming into winter.

    • -5

      But we just left winter not long ago. Still a crackling deal though.

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      Winter is coming

  • +1

    I have an Aldi one which has electronic controls which I find annoying and no good to use with a smart outlet. Trusting the Amazon comments that this has manual controls and buying this instead.

    • Is it because the electronic one resets to the default setting each time you the smart plug cuts off power from it?

      • +2

        Im guessing its because the default is 'off', like a Dyson tower fan, or most kettles, they're always defaulting to the off position.

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    • Does this one use 2 outlets or just a single power outlet?

  • Got one thanks OP

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Great price.

  • -3

    I mean who really needs this for summer? 🤣

    • +63

      people who have more than 6 months left to live

    • 2 years warranty.

    • +1

      People who can recognise a good deal, knowing it will be useful in 7 months time?

  • thanks, i hope it won't break for the first 2 years.

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    Worth noting that this requires two power outlets and they advise against using powerboards and extension cords.

    • That's because it's for a queen bed which can sleep 2 people

      • -1

        I know that, but many don't require two separate mains for each control and are literally told not to use extension cords or powerboards. It's something people might want to know before purchasing rather than finding out afterwards.

        • -1

          I know that, but many don't require two separate mains for each control

          And as I said it's for queen bed which can sleep 2 people. That means there is a controller for each half of the bed. Each controller requires a power point. That's how electric blankets work.

          told not to use extension cords or powerboards. It's something people might want to know before purchasing rather than finding out afterwards.

          I don't think I said anything about extension cords out power boards.

          But because you did it's there as a liability thing because some people won't see an issue using an old or damaged or poor quality extension cord.
          Or they won't see an issue using an old power board that doesn't have an over current switch, or maybe the one where the over current switch is broken.
          It's funny that they don't advise against using double adaptors.

    • +3

      they advise against using powerboards and extension cords.

      this is the same as recommendations on the side of a bleach container recommending not to drink it

      Kind of liability but not really a big deal

      thanks for pointing it out though

      • +2

        I would think recommending not drinking bleach is a pretty big deal.

      • Your comparison doesn't relate.

        Perhaps if the warning for the blanket said "WARNING: Do not use during high temperatures, may cause dehydration or heat-stroke."

  • Need an electric COOLING blanket for the dear summer.

    • …or be cooler by not using a blanket.

  • I made the mistake before of buying an electric blanket with no timer, like this one!

    • Totally agree a timer is essential. I'm going to cross my fingers and hope it works with one of the many TP-Link Smart plugs I have floating around.

      • No need to cross it, as there's no single reason that simple plug wouldn't work with a socket.

        • +3

          I have plenty of devices that if turned off at the wall will not automatically turn on when power is resumed.

        • Because if the electric blanket are soft controls (buttons) you need to press one to make it turn on.

      • The comments say it has manual controls which would be compatible with a smart plug.

  • +3

    This is the BEST electric blanket we have had, and had around 5. We went down the path of multi zones and 9 heat settings, but all of this makes for an annoying turn on and adjusting experience, some take10 button presses just to turn on high, and have to look at the controller to make any adjustments. Also a lot don't cover the bed properly, and leave a gap in the middle and have a bulky controller attached to the sheet, whereas this covers the bed properly and doesn't have a bulky controller. And this also has a good warmth, which believe it or not, some don't. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

    • How quickly does it heat up? Got a kmart one and it takes forever to get hot compared to the sunbeam ones we used to have.They were fast heating, but they kept dying after a few years.

  • +1

    This is a terrific price. I recently bought one like this and it cost $87. Also compare to the double and king sized bed price!

  • -2


  • We only have king and single king size matress……….

    • This will warm most of a king bed

      It will warm the sides of the king single, maybe some of the underneath too

    • down with the patriarchy!

  • So this electric "blanket" is intended to be on the mattress (as it has "40cm fitted skirt keeps blanket in place on the mattress"), while there's a blanket without the skirt for $28 (delivered with Club Catch, otherwise +$7.95?) and there's also a "2-in-1 Microfibre Heated Mattress Topper" ($49 via Club Catch) which is thicker and "fitted with corner straps to secure the topper to the mattress".

    I guess all of them kill your mattress breathability, especially the one in this deal, as it's thick fleece.

  • With no timer, you'd want to enjoy being hot for most of the night, perhaps OK if you're in Tas or rural Vic.

    • i ordered this specifically to use with a smart plug since my sleeping hours vary (shiftwork). alternatively if it's not super cold you could just turn it off when you go to bed. also why do you need a heated blanket if it's not cold?

  • +2

    It could be a tactic used to sell one over the other by making look like a relative bargain. Sometimes Amazon prices are hiked up in crazy ways, often when the product is difficult to find elsewhere but also for no apparent reason. You can find pretty good deals on electric blankets all over the place these days and as someone alluded to earlier, we're coming into summer. Queen is a more common size too. According to 3Camels the double version usually sells below $60.00 and the lowest price was $29.50, just last month. Don't worry I'm also a sucker for comparative bargains and "was one million, now only five hundred for a pencil sharpener" price reductions. Just thought I'd paint the broader picture for fellow hoarders.

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