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AMD 5600G RTX 3080ti Desktop Gaming PC $2999.00 Delivered @ MSY


G’day mate MSY here, to celebrate the Melbourne lockdown's end at long last we've come up with a super high value RTX 3080Ti system for $2999.00 delivered nationwide!
Limited units and delivery only so better be quick. Simply place order online and get yourself ready for Christmas ;)

System features:
AMD RYZEN 5 5600G up to 4.4GHz
B550 Chipset Motherboard
Gigabyte 3080 Ti Gaming OC 12GB
Thermaltake H-ONB DDR4 16GB 3600Mhz
Kingston 500GB M.2 NVME SSD
Armaggeddon TESSARAXX Core 3 (Black) RGB Strip Tempered Glass ATX Gaming Case
3 x 120mm RGB fan with remote
Thermaltake SMART BM2 750W Semi modular 80plus Bronze Power Supply
AC1200 Wifi

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  • +12

    Cracking price!

    • Absolutely! Only thing you can fault here is probably the case and what seems like single channel RAM

      • +6

        Thermaltake H-ONB DDR4 16GB 3600 (8Gx2)

  • +28

    Not a wise build since 5600g has its own GPU, and the performance is also inferior to 5600x.

    • -1

      Might be good if you want to hook up the integrated GPU to an external monitor.

      • +2


        • +16

          as opposed to an internal monitor - gosh!

          • +2

            @ThatYodaGuy: How else will I see my CPU and GPU temps and clock speeds on the fly?

        • +4

          The video card has

          DisplayPort 1.4a *3
          HDMI 2.1 *2

          If you wanted to run 6 screens for some bizzare reason you could use the onboard graphics ports as this processor has graphics support. Not sure why you would want to run that many but each to their own I guess?

          The upside is you could take out the 3080ti and try to flip the system, since it has onboard graphics you don't need to supply a video card with it.

          • +2

            @Agret: not sure if the 3080ti is much different, but on the 3070 you can only have 4 monitors on at once (i can run a 5th but it needs to duplicate one of the other 4, cant be independent)

            this is rarely an issue for most people, but it's a limitation that definitely exists :)

      • +3

        Don’t understand the down votes but gpus are expensive and if it breaks, you have a backup that lets you still use your pc to browse the web if you don’t have an old gpu lying around

    • +5

      Think of the unused GPU as an inbuilt heat spreader, doesn't generate heat if disabled, but can help spread the heat to a larger area.

      • +4

        All the while providing inferior CPU performance

    • +2

      Saw the 5600G had replaced the 3600 in BPC's 6700XT build too, so I'm wondering if it's cheaper than the 5600X for system builders, and they have noticed people shopping around are seeing the old gen 3600 and assuming no good.

      Unfortunate for consumers because as you point out, the 5600X is a better match with discrete graphics. Can't imagine 5600G would perform worse than 3600 though

      • +1

        Probably the suppliers have more stock of 5600G available since it is a much less desirable part than the 5600X as most people building higher end PCs are using a graphics card. Good way to offload them in these prebuilds.

      • +3

        5600G is in-between 3600 and 5600X

    • +25

      Wrong. You're buying a 3080Ti and getting a separate system for free.

      Ordering this for the 3080Ti and taking that out for myself, and leaving the rest of the PC hooked up to the TV for media use.

      Build is working perfectly as intended.

      • +4

        Logic checks out lol.
        Crazy times.

      • +1

        Or even resell the GFX and use this as a near free upgrade for your out of date CPU/MOBO/RAM etc.

    • Who cares about performance. All I want is good resale value ;)

    • +3

      Someone said the same thing about my old i7-2600K which had it's own GPU… best CPU I've owned.

      • +1

        100% agree.. My 2600k system has been passed down the line a couple of times to family members and is still being used.

      • What CPU was the 2600k compared to around the same price but with better performance and no iGPU? Majority of Intel CPUs have iGPU.

        • e3 1230, or e3 1230v2(ivy bridge) same 1155 socket, same 4c8t.

  • +14

    Remember if you ever have to RMA MSY won't help you out!

    Personally I had a radiator pump in an AIO fail after 8 months and they refused to RMA

    • -1

      Actually they really cleaned up their act after this.

    • +14

      I had a monitor I bought a few years ago that developed a dead pixel in the first week, contacted the manufacturer (zero dead pixel policy return) got confirmation with RMA went back to MSY and they refused to accept the return as i threw out the packaging.

      • +14

        That is such bullshit, this 'recent' obligation to keep packaging as a prerequisite to getting a warranty honoured is horrendous.

        I had the same from Metabox, bought a laptop, they insisted I keep the box or my warranty would be 'void'.

      • +3

        You know I thought that was just a US-thing. In Australia, you don't need the packaging when exercising your right to a remedy under Australian Consumer Guarantees.

        A few years back I purchased a $500 OEM HDD from B & H, and although it copied data fine, the data was all corrupted. I found out the next day and because I threw out cheap OEM packaging, B & H refused ANY return or replacement and I had to send it back to Vietnam… It was returned from Vietnam 3 times by Aus Post… I then did a chargeback for B & H….

    • -7

      2017 lol stop living in the past

      • These guys never replaced my faulty mic headset and kept my $90, but that was back in 2017. This article was also back in 2017. I would buy from them today though.

    • They tested and swapped a faulty gaming headset on the spot for me.

      • I had a Phoenix 1080 GLH fail and also got a exchange + difference paid for a 1080ti on the spot, I did probably retain the packaging

    • I had an OCZ SSD die, went through OCZ and confirmed that they would accept the RMA on it.
      Took that email and the SSD to MSY and they were happy to exchange it. But I asked for a store credit and they obliged, I got a Samsung SSD instead.

      • +1

        had ocz ssd SATA2 top range product called vortex or something, 60GB died 10 years ago, bought it from Newegg. contacted OCZ, and have to return it to Taiwan and pay the postage by myself.
        the bright side is,I got a free upgraded 90 GB SATA3 product, which still runs ok. Think the dead one was SLC, but controller was dead. not sure about the returned one possibly MLC.

    • +1

      Last time I got a broken razer headset.
      The guy checked it, refunded me.
      Easy as that.

    • My 3080TI GPU fried after launching New World and they sent it off to Gigabyte and I received it back 2 weeks later

    • a year ago i purchased a gaming laptop from them. took over a year to finish the RMA process and at some point after the bs between acer and msy they just gave me a refund.

    • +18

      The efficiency rating of a PSU isn't indicative of its quality…

      • +1

        Either way this is way more than enough to power this system. Total power usage here would be around 500W tops.

      • +1

        For sure there are some good bronze PSU's but this is not one of them. Just a quick google will find you plenty of neg issues.

        • Not so good transient response
        • Low hold-up time
        • Noisy under high loads
        • High inrush current with 230V input
        • Both EPS connectors on the same cable
  • +2

    yeah the 5600g will be your bottleneck, you won't get the full performance of that graphics card on that CPU. you need at least a 5800x I would be getting this and upgrading the CPU to get the best out of the graphics card.

    • +2

      High rez gaming, yes you will.

      1080p, no

      • +10

        Isn't it the other way around? You are more cpu dependent at lower resolutions due to the higher frames you will be pushing out, but at higher resolutions like 4K, you are far less cpu dependent.

        • +7

          Uh yeah i wrote that badly

          I was thinking "yes you will" "get the full performance" "at high res"

          • +1

            @justtoreply: Ah my bad, I thought you were saying "yes you will" be bottlenecked. Thanks for clarifying!

          • @justtoreply: It was clear for me, because I thought exactly the same thing lol

      • +2

        really? people would get a 3080 ti for 1080p? then that graphics card is overkill because its a 1440p graphics card.

        • Seems like a waste unless you really want 200+fps at 1080p

          • @StaticzAvenger: i think you would get like 300fps on 1080p with this card depending on the game

        • It's stupid to buy something like this for 1080p. The 30 series scale better with resolution, you're better off saving money and buying a 3070 or 2080 Ti for 1080p. A 3070 is only 25% slower than a 3080 Ti at 1080p, but at 4k it's 50% slower.

    • +1

      Typical lack of understanding how bottleneck works. What resolution? What refresh rate? What detail settings? What games? Anyone who says this CPU bottlenecks this GPU without elaborating has no idea what they're talking about. e.g. playing at 4K 60Hz or above this CPU won't be a bottleneck at all. Even going higher refresh rate at 4K you're likely to encounter a GPU bottleneck depending on your detail settings.

  • +1

    The question is: how much you can sell for this build after removing the graphic card? The graphic card and the other components are on different levels.

    • +6

      I'd estimate $650-700 given they'll be second hand. So that brings the GPU price to around what you can find it for anyway.

  • +7

    just like everyone already said, the 5600g is a massive bottleneck here, its sounds close to a 5600x but in reality its the laptop 5600h moved to desktop form factor, with the similiar lack of support for pcie4.0 drives and with only 16MB L3cache compared to 32MB on the 5600x. Sure, technically its 65w tdp instead of 45w, that its unlocked for overclocking and have much better cooling. But since the base is still the same, this thing doesnt get to pair with a laptop 3080 let alone a desktop 3080ti.

  • +3

    Be aware that the 5600G doesn't support PCIE4.0, in case you want to make any upgrades to your system that uses or requires faster PCIE.

    But you shouldn't have an issue plucking the 5600G out from it and flipping it off on eBay then upgrading it with a non-G processor.

  • +2

    It's a good deal but it really is the wrong cpu.

    That's the cpu that you might only want if you can't find a 3080 in stock!

  • +5

    would have paid more for a 5600x

  • +5

    Is the gigabite 3080 a mini….? Asking for a friend.

    • lol :) I posted the same thing :)

    • +3

      this is getting old

      • +1

        But i'm just getting in on it now :(

        • +2

          You missed the boat by this much. Only because it was shorter than expected.

      • Do gpu shrink with age?

      • +2

        I think it might become a permanent ozbargain meme like bikies, fone is fine and 80k high yield investment vehicles

  • Not clear if the GFX is LHR or not but assume it is if it's Gigabyte.

    • +1

      All Ti cards are LHR

      • +5

        the early 3060ti were NOT LHR…

        all 3070ti and 3080ti are LHR

      • +1

        Right. Thanks.

  • +3

    @Store Rep - Since the systems are built to order what are the chances of changing a few parts before the build ???

  • 5600G? isnt that having only half the lanes to the pci express compared to 5600X? may bottleneck 3080TI?

    • +3

      Msy might be targetting those looking to sell 3080ti to reduce cost

  • How much if I buy all the parts separately?

    • GPU is around $2500, CPU is around $360, RAM would be $120. You can probably piece that together.

  • +1

    Nice price but this thing is either made to remove the GPU or replace the CPU. I have no idea why they would go the 5600g route and not just charge slightly more for a 5600x. If you were building a pc and need one for the kids remove the GPU and put it in your rig and the kids will have a cheap little pc with some decent integrated gfx.

    • +3

      I'm guessing retailers have a supply of these CPUs at a good margin, 100% a guess but seems to be a trend of late

    • +1

      5600G is cheaper and not as popular as the X. I'm sure it doesn't fly off the shelves and has surplus

      • Which is strange because it's a perfectly reasonable CPU to get you through the current crisis if you don't already have something decent, allowing you to upgrade to better AM4 down the line, and way better value than the 5700G

    • I have no idea why they would go the 5600g route

      I'd have thought that was easy to work out

  • +2

    Looks like recent shipment from distributors has had lower prices on GPUs - retailers looking to mask this by bundling with leftovers and maintain illusion of gpu scarcity??

  • +7

    Hi Ozbargain!

    MSY here. Just buy our shit and we'll keep ignoring RMAs and other customer service issues like we usually do.

    Also, don't come to our stores. We'll still treat you like a leper if you don't know what you want and you're dumb enough to ask us for advice.

    • I've dealt with msy a few times over the years and totally agree with you

    • Ive seen the same, and think I may understand it having actually visited SEA "Computer Hardware" shopping centres - also saw Steve go to the same thing in whatever province in mainland ch, basically there is ZERO passion ZERO understanding ZERO excitement and consequently ZERO in-depth knowledge behind MSY - The last time I spent a dime there was over 3 years ago when the gave me the "warranty run around" I have not ever since and found it a little hard , but nothing PLE or PCCCG couldnt solve

    • -4

      Downvoter(s) is the MSY Store Rep!

      Seriously downvoter(s), justify your use of the downvote button or do you just like voluntarily spending money at a company that views you like complete scum before, during and after their sales process?

      I can only imagine you must have nothing to look forward to in life since MSY no longer create their crappy little parts list PDFs and upload it to their once equally shitty website.

      • -3

        2 downvoting losers

      • They most certainly do update the parts list with the same design it's had since the 90s.


        They don't give advice as they are a warehouse style sales place, they put low margin because of how they operate.

        I agree they are useless at RMA and shit all over your rights though, there's a reason they have been fined multiple times by fair trade.

  • +9

    Celebrate coming out of lockdown by buying a device that lets you celebrate indoors!

    • +1

      That's the logic.

      • +1

        or you can leave in indoors to make money and you can celebrate outdoors

  • Not bad all things considered. Seems to be better than the recent TechFast deal

  • +1

    Holy crap. Isnt this one of the better deals this past month?

  • The surcharge is uncomfortable, no way to avoid it?

  • What’s a good store to go to who will give you sound advice for building a PC on this budget? I don’t know much about current CPUs etc as I don’t have the time I used to for this stuff.

    I used to shop msy but I have to know what I want there. I did get some good help on basics like HDDs and stuff when I asked.

    Ps I’m in sydney

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