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Samsung 500GB T7 Portable SSD (USB 3.2, Titan Grey or Red) $99 + Delivery or Pickup @ The Good Guys ($99 Shipped @ Amazon)


"A new norm when it comes to external storage, the Samsung T7 USB 3.2 500GB Portable SSD delivers fast data transfer speeds in it compact and lightweight footprint. With its USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface and embedded PCIe NVMe technology, the Samsung T7 facilitates sequential read/write speeds of 1050MB and 1000MB per second, respectively."

Metallic Red Version

Back order on Amazon. Estimated 1-2 Months

Repeat of a popular deal in September

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  • SSD of choice for Nintendo Switch. Just saying. Good deal, OP. Thank you.

    • New to using a switch here… soo ummm ….. /sarcasm ??

      • +3

        No sarcasm mate. If you have a jailbroken Switch (running SXOS, Atmosphere or similar) then you can load-up a USB-C SSD with backups of your games and play from there. Great for travel. Lose your Switch with (say) 30 game cards worth an average of $40ea and you're down $1600+. Lose Switch and a 500GB SSD then your exposure is less than $700.

        • +1

          Ahh wow, nice :) Cheers for the clarification.

  • +1

    Also on Amazon for the same price, prefer Amazon tbh

    • Thanks, looks like either stock is low or they are waiting on a shipment.

  • I've been holding out for the 1TB in the Touch version. But only seeing the 500GB version ever on sale. $139 at Amazon at the moment https://www.amazon.com.au/Samsung-Touch-Type-C-Aluminium-Por...

    • +2

      I've got one of each, and tbh, never used the touch feature. It sounded cool, but in reality you have to install this app on your computer, and it didn't work right… eww

      • For me it's really because I can't connect to any of my work computers unless encryption is enabled and others from work have said the Fingerprint thing made it a lot easier and faster for them.

  • How does this work as a boot device?

    • This thing itself - very well.

      Your machine booting from USB-C - no idea.

    • It's my boot device for my Linux installation. Works just like any other SSD, internal or external. I have it plugged into a USB C 3.1 port on my motherboard. No complaints whatsoever as long as you don't care about having an SSD sticking out the back of your PC case

    • +3

      OK, but bear in mind this is DRAMless and draws 1.5A power.

      I'd go with the T5 for a boot drive. It's DRAM / 0.8A, good for Raspberry Pi. Currently its $88, on special at Officeworks.

      • Wow, a new Samsung SSD in 2021 without a DRAM cache, it's a bit of a shame because I always hold Samsung in high regard and as the best in SSD's that the market has to offer, seems so petty to skip on something like this when they're not budget drives.

        • DRAM or no DRAM, T7 is crazy fast if that helps any dillema.

      • Today I learnt about DRAMless. Thank you!

  • -2

    This is WD My Passport SSD 500GB at $124.56. It looks better than T7. They both have USB3.2 Gen2. Nvme, 1000Mb/s read/write. but the WD one is shuckable. It has a WD blue SN550 M.2 2280 NVMe inside.

    • It looks better than T7

      huh?! a very-very subjective statement.
      T7 is objectively more compact though: 85mm of pure style vs 100mm of soap bar :)

    • +1

      If you want to shuckle it, why would you pay $124.56 for 500GB?

      So yeah, more expensive (objectively) and uglier (subjectively).

  • Holding out til Black Friday/ Cyber Monday to get a deal for the 1TB version. Made the mistake of buying 500gb thinking that was enough, will not be making that mistake again (regrettably bought the 500gb as it was on sale but not the 1tb sigh).

  • Thanks OP

    Red color still in stock on Amazon

    I ordered the Grey, happy to wait.

  • Deal expired? Shows up as $149 on my end.

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