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Samsung T7 500GB Portable SSD T7 - Titan Gray $99 + Delivery @ Good Guys, Bing Lee


Edit 11/9/2021

Good Guys is doing the same deal with C&C option



Best price in history? lol

Light and pocket-sized, the Portable SSD T7 both delivers fast speeds and safeguards data for an easy way to store and transfer large files. Experience everyday high performance in your work and play with the T7

Transfer massive files within seconds with the incredible speed of USB 3.2 Gen 2 on the T7. The embedded PCIe NVMe technology facilitates sequential read/write speeds of up to 1,050/1,000 MB/s, respectively, making the T7 almost twice as fast as the previous T5 model

SSD stands for Solid State Drive, which means it's built with no moving parts. The hardware can be secured with an AES 256-bit encrypted password and is encased in a sturdy metal body that keeps data intact from falls of up to 2 meters. The T7 is confidently backed by a 3-year limited warranty

Use T7 without worrying about overheating. The T7's advanced thermal solution uses ePCM technology and the Dynamic Thermal Guard to withstand and control heat, so the compact SSD stays at an optimal temperature even at fast speeds.

Pocket-sized and slim, the lightweight body comes standard on the T7. Roughly the size of a credit card and weighing in at 58 grams, the solid aluminum unibody construction fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Access your files anytime, anywhere. The T7 is compatible with PC, Mac, Android devices, gaming consoles, and more. Included in the box are USB Type C-to-C and Type C-to-A cables for added convenience.

The T7 comes embedded with upgraded software for PCs and Macs to help you set up a password and get the latest firmware updates. You can also download the mobile app for Android smartphones and tablets.

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    If you purchase via Bing Lee ebay store and use the Afterpay $10 off voucher AFTERPAY10 it’s $95 delivered.

    • Thanks for that…

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      thank man, ordered one

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      Thanks also bought one

  • Good price! lol

  • Good for PlayStation?

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      Depends. You wont be able to play off it on PS5 unless it's on PS4 titles. It only works to free up space on the internal SSD. The only advantage to this over a bigger HDD for the same price (or cheaper if you go 1 or 2tb) would be the transfer process would be a decent bit quicker.
      On PS4 or for PS4 games on PS5, sure, it'd be way better than a HDD, go nuts.

      • +1

        thank you so much for the info. I still have a ps4 so I am going to get this then

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    Waiting for 1TB to be on sale

  • Can it be shucked??😇

  • Bought one. Cheers op

  • BTW has anyone tried connecting this kind of drive to a smart phone with usb c to c cable? Would be a nice external drive for a smart phone.

    • +1

      Works on my iPad Pro, don’t see why it wouldn’t work on other smartphones.

      • pretz, can you plz just confirm that it’d work as a fancy flash drive for my iPad Pro, given I’m technologically incompetent (so just plug & transfer/back up)???

        • @hen. Don't know about Apple. But with Android you need to connect SSD to device (phone) then format it. Then connect SSD to PC/mac copy a file to it ie MP3.
          Reconnect back to Android, now using File Explorer app (eg My Files). This will let access the SSD.
          Hope this helps?🤞

    • +3

      I have a T5 and it works with my android phone and tablet.

    • Have a t5 500gb, have it partition roughly in half. One partition is fat32, read/write by Android, the other is nfts read only by Android, but can hold files over 4gb.

      Of course windows can read write on both. And Mac can use fat32 just fine.

      However I find that in general that any drive will drop after a few hours, might need a powered hub.

    • yes, it does. i have used it with pixel 3 xl, s21, galaxy tab s6.

  • -2

    Wouldn’t I be better off getting a 512 GB USB stick?

    • +4

      faster write speeds yolo

    • This is way faster. I use it as an additional hard drive for software and video editing on my Mac. Performs the same as the internal SSD hard drive with no lag or drop in performance. Very fast transfer speeds for larger video files. But if you just want something to store smaller files on then sure, go with the USB thumb drive.

    • no, except only for portability. this outdoes a usb stick for everything else ( time saved, endurance, use case versatility). IMHO even the portability factor of a USB stick is outdone from the time you would save with file transfer USB . use this and you will likely never go back to a USB stick

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    I bought this last year when it was $99 (also from Bing Lee). It has served me well as a secondary SSD for the PlayStation 5.

    Deal for reference here (it was a Samsung T7 Touch): https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/561573

    • Me too. Has worked flawlessly and is very fast.

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    Needs more TBs and less GBs

    • +19

      it's 0.5TB if you prefer that metric

  • Noob question: can this be used in anyway to improve an Xbox Series S?

    • Improve in storage you mean? You can put backwards compatible games on it free up some of the local storage.. Xbox S/X native games need to be on internal…

      • Ok brilliant, thanks for the reply.

        Moving on to the internal drive, is it upgradeable? If so, would you be able to advise on what is the best bang-for-buck way to do it?

        • +2

          If you mean can you replace it? no but you can add to it, unfortunately MS has gone down the proprietary route unlike PS5 (which you can add any brand nvme as long as they meet the specifications). For 1TB it will set you back about $300 when on sale (sometimes cheaper).. see the below deal as an example… only plus side to this is you just plug it in and off you go, on this you can put any sort of game..

          biggest mistake MS made was to make the S only 500gig and its digital only, i have the X and the internal drive is already full as is my 500gig external ssd lol… game pass is a killer …


          • @scud70: You're a legend, thanks for taking the time to explain and put up the link.

    • I added a 1tb samsung ssd drive in an external case I had to my series s and have been happy with it. Games load really fast and have also moved across a couple of xs games I wasn't playing to free up some space on the internal drive and haven't found the internal drive insufficient in size.

      • Ok, just to clarify: you put non-Xbox S/X compatible games on your 1tb Samsung SSD? And these type of games load really fast?

        And when your internal gets too full and you want to move a couple of big games across to the external SSD, is that quick and easy to transfer then backwards and forwards as required?

        Cheers for your feedback

  • Hummmmm… pull the trigger on 500GB for $99 or 1 TB for $229 - $31 bucks difference if you buy 2 x 500GB, not a GOOOD deal, but more thinking about the advantage of carrying one case, instead of two.

    • +2

      1 TB with offers like this costs around 180.

      • Yeah mate, I still thinking about it.. $180 is not so bad as well.

  • Is USB 3.2 officially thunderbolt 3? I'm considering moving bootcamp to an external drive using the Thunderbolt 1 port of an iMac late 2013. The internal hard disk is too slow for Windows 10. I have allocated the SSD portion of the Fusion drive to run a patched Big Sur.

    • +3

      No thunderbolt 3 is basically an external PCIe connection with other tricks like display modes. USB 3.2 gen 2 is just USB 3.0 with higher data rates per lane.
      I'm fairly sure the USB and thunderbolt modes of thunderbolt ports are separate so even though TB1 is 10gbps, if the USB mode of that port tops out at 5gbps, you're probably out of luck.
      USB4 is supposed to combine the 2, but who knows when that's coming. And it's not going to help older products other than being forward compatible with more stuff.

      • Thanks for the reply. Will continue to look for official Thunderbolt external drives that are backward compatible to Thunderbolt 1(10gbps). It will be way faster than the internal drive running at 5400rpm.

        • +1

          This thing should still run in 5gbps mode, which is around 400MB/sec.
          It'll be a lot be faster than that HDD, especially in IOPS.

          • +1

            @Lief1250: This ^

            I use a Samsung T5 to run Boot Camp on my old iMac and even though you’re stuck at USB 3 speeds it’s MUCH faster than the internal fusion drive. Can’t see why the T7 would be any different!

            With that said, this is completely overkill. Your iMac will never take advantage of the speeds this SSD offers. May as well just get a cheapie :)

            PS - be prepared for a painful process getting Boot Camp to boot and run from an external drive! Have you considered partitioning the SSD portion in 2 for Windows and Mac OS, and then using the HDD portion of the drive as storage?

            • @jackary: I’m already running Bootcamp in a unfused fusion drive. I have to allocate the SSD portion (128gig) to Big Sur so it will ran decently in a late 2013 iMac (officially unsupported but can be patched). My initial plan is to carbon clone bootcamp to the external drive which I’ve done before. Just looking for a bargain Thunderbolt drive.

              • @xorprime: I think you’re missing what I’m saying. What you’re suggesting won’t work, but good luck to you. Both cloning boot camp and finding a bargain thunderbolt drive, lol.

  • +1

    Patiently waiting for a similar deal on the 1TB :)

  • +2

    Great price. Bought.
    These are beautifully built and love that they come with both a USB-C to USB-C and a USB-A to USB-C cable.
    Fast enough to use as boot drive.

  • Good deal! Still waiting for a ‘best price ever’ on the T5 though :p

  • is this ideal for a 2019 MacBook Pro (to store RAW video files for editing)? tia

    • I'd say yes. Sounds like the best scenario to take advantage of this drive as your files are large, and drive is not constantly written to, so it has time to recover and deliver full speed most times.

      With the T7 you'll have full 1050mbps until cache is exhausted, then 300mbps until the cache gets flushed out. The cache is ~20gb for the 500gb model.

      Conversely, the 4K speed on T7 is a downgrade from T5. As a system drive T5 is arguably better.

  • They've also got the 1TB model with a discount. I've been looking for this drive in 1TB and the price is not bad at $229; https://www.binglee.com.au/samsung-mu-pc1t0r-1tb-t7-touch-po...
    Red in stock, Grey available to order.

  • Major differences between the T7 and T5?

    OP points out that the T5 is an arguably better system: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10981774/redir

    Hmm… Decisions.

  • So my question is, I have a laptop with small storage 256 ssd- can I download games on this Samsung’s ssd and play games of it ?

    • +2

      I have two of these and use one for games and one for video editing. I run Ark Survival off this with no lag issues but it is connected to my iMac via a Thunderbolt 3 USB C. I have a dual boot set up and boot into Windows when running the games if that makes any difference. I just set the install path for the games as the external hard drive instead of the default Program Files folder on my internal drive. Has worked well for over 18 months…

      • Thanks will buy one and give it a go then

  • anyone received theirs yet? ordered on 1/9, order hasn't been shipped yet??

    • I contacted them on Thursday and they confirmed mine was in transit from another warehouse. The package appeared on my AusPost app this morning… so it is happening, slowly but surely.

  • +1

    Just here to remind people to pull the plug straight-out from the drive once you safely remove the drive from the OS. Don't transport with cables connected as ports can be broken in transit.

  • Hi, does anyone know whether the AFTERPAY10 code for this deal on Bing Lee ebay store is still working or not? thanks

  • Bought one. I'm not sure why I need this..