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Barista Bros Iced Chocolate, Espresso, Double Espresso Milk 500ml $1 @ Coles


Update 3/11: seems to have only been a weekly special, now showing $2.65

Stock will vary between stores. These were found in the fridges near the checkouts and likely will be restocked with other drink brands once sold out

Just walked in to Coles to see these in the fridges, looked online and it's $1 on special everywhere it seems.

Apparently got a new taste I'm tempted to try out because the last tasted like shit. For $1 it's worth a punt.

Yummy cold UHT milk with additives.

Edit: seems 2 are now gone from online, but should still be $1 in store

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      One step ahead of you, already in description XD

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        I read that pp

        Just a reminder what crap tastes like
        so I don't accidentally buy it 🤣

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          Honestly, used refrigerated UHT milk in coffee/tea in lockdown and wasn't appalled. Not sure how I'll go with 75% but hey worst case scenario it's a $1 bowel cleanse.

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            @pennypincher98: The thing with UHT milk is that the flavour is consistent all year around. Go buy your milk from a carton or plastic bottle and you'll find it tastes different throughout the year.

            • @Clear: Yes depends on what the cow has just eaten. You don’t pick it up in UHT because of the way the heat treatment impacts flavour.

              • @entropysbane: I drink milk straight like nothing else and sometimes it just gets a flavour that isn't right. Not sure what they're actually eating to make it taste that way. It's like it's almost off.

            • @Clear: Consistently rubbish though

        • I've had the misfortune of ingesting a blast of crap.

          I'll take UHT any day.

    • Excellent!

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    The "new epic taste" is the reason it's $1. It's abhorrent.

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      Sure I've put worse things in my mouth 🤣

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        Especially for $1

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          I'd Buy That For a Dollar

      • What kind of worse things are we talking about?

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          username checks out

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      It's way better than the old one.

      The old one was way too sweet…

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        No way. When they changed their recipe, there was outcry…and rightfully so! Just look at every post on their FB page since the change.


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          When they changed their recipe, there was outcry…

          Yep, saw the protests on TV…

        • The old one was shite. Are you sure the outcry wasn't just that CCA was STILL insisting on occupying fridge space to block competing products that might actually taste good?

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            @justtoreply: It was actually pretty damn popular.

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              @joshabroad: My partner worked at CCA and was a food impurity taster for major food companies. No worries what you think but I'll go with (our) opinion, thanks

              • @justtoreply: Well, if your partner has anything to do with the new Fanta, Sprite, Lift, Barista Bros recipes…then I don't trust their opinion or yours! Yuck!

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                  @joshabroad: Nah, she quit, lol

                  Coke is pursuing a sugar reduction strategy. Probably only original coke will remain untouched.

                  I'm guessing they're probably going to reduce sugar incrementally, to adjust people's tastes bit by bit.

                  I don't touch anything except full sugar coke/vanilla coke now. The rest isn't worth drinking after the sugar reduction.

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          Wait, so UHT instead of sugar for the preservative? The sugar taste is why I stopped drinking mass market iced coffee, this might be right up my alley.

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            @Jimbuscus: No, UHT so it can be transported and stored hot before you buy it from the fridge. Sugar isn’t going to preserve fresh milk…

        • People on internet outraged about something and jump on bandwagon.

          More in our 6pm news bulletin.

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        Yeah, because the old one, they used Condensed Milk to sweeten it. The new recipe probably has less amount in it.

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          The new recipe has Splenda instead of sugar.

    • Meh least it quench your thirst

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      This one has way less calories but tastes way worse than the original.

      I hope these are on clearance because theyre changing their recipe back.

    • I actually like the new taste, way better.

    • Yeah, nah. It's pretty damn good.

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    New taste is terrible

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      I agree. I don't buy it anymore.

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        Used to be my go to. Switched back to Dare.

      • Thank you for your service.

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      Haven't tried it yet. But all iced coffee is pretty much milk sugar coffee powder. They advertise as no added sugar, so checked the ingrediants from their website:

      Barista Bros - Milk (from milk solids) 75%, Water, Coffee Powder (1.07%), Stabilisers (466, 460, 471, 407), Flavour, Food Acid (339), Sweetener (955).

      Compared to Breaka Iced Coffee (QLD) - Reduced fat milk, sugar, milk solids, coffee (0.5%)

      Yeah looked like the added water and using sweetener screws with the taste. Don't know why they don't just rip the bandaid off and just have milk and coffee with no sweeteners.

      • This is why I like ice break best (well Regular and Extra Shot varieties) - reduced fat milk, sugar, coffee and that's it.

        • Why would you buy it when you can make it yourself with milk and instant coffee?

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            @spaceflight: Tried it, didn't taste anywhere near as good so I'm happy to pay $5 for 2L considering milk is already 50% of that cost

            Same with sushi, happy to pay an absolute premium on that because I can't make it for shit

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          Try the Hunt and Brew iced coffees if you ever see them. Sometimes they're in Coles/Woolies if it's a big enough store. Ingredients are full cream milk, cold brewed coffee (30% total), and that's it. Most iced coffees are way too sweet for me so these are perfect since there's just enough natural sweetness from the milk.

          • @Bowna: Dare Cold Pressed Iced Coffee is my go to, I can't find the the no added sugar variety around anymore though.
            But the ingredients are simply Milk, Cofee, Sugar…that's it.

            • @tritorius: They don't sell that on my state so I've opted for Hunt and Brew. The sugar content is very low.

    • You are wrong.

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    The old one has a crap ton of sugar, one 500ml bottle is equivalent to eating a whole chocolate bar
    But if it has no added sugar then it probably taste terrible. 🤣

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      one 500ml bottle is equivalent to eating a whole chocolate bar

      pretty sure it was way more sugar than that…

      I had to dilute it 50% with plain milk before I could drink it.

      • If you were doing that why not add instant coffee powder to milk and make it yourself

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          I do…

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      Wonder if they did this just for the 4.5-5 star health rating lol

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      I don't think people drink flavoured milk for the health kick.

      • Yeah and considering it’s a Coca-Cola product, I never knew their focus was on health lol

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      They used sweeteners, Dare did the same with less sugar but the sweeteners just ruin the coffee. Prefer if they just left it out completely Milk + Coffee only. These are like adult coffee milkshakes.

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    Good for fatness

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      Quite the opposite really, other iced coffees have full fat milk and tons of sugar. But thanks for playing.

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        Yeah fat makes you fat lol

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    The "new taste" is awful. They took the sugar out and replaced it with sweetener and it's absolutely disgusting. They may as well just discontinue them.

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      They may as well just discontinue them.

      Nah, for $1, I'll buy them.

      • Guess everybody's got their price.

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          If you don't, you shouldn't be on OzBargain…

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            everybody's got their price

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      I can't stand artificial sweetener in coffee. I don't even finish it, I just throw it out. Wasting food is extremely rare for me but this stuff I can takes no more.

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    I do like the taste of uht milk over fresh milk. I hope I'm not the only one.

    • Me too honestly, I still buy fresh milk 90% of the time anyway, but still grab a few cartons of UHT to store for when I need it/feel like drinking it.

      • Good for an emergency when you forget the milk and you really don't wanna go to the shops for breakfast. But I can only stomach one of the rare NZ ones, Anchor I believe?

        • Never had that one, I just grab the ALDI one, seems to taste nice. A bit pricey I assume?

  • Thanks for posting, OP. Just ducked down from my office and grabbed one. Can't complain for $1!
    Actually think it tastes better than majority of iced coffees (but not as good as BOSS).
    If you're a fan of Nippy's, you're probably gonna like this one as it tastes quite similar.

    • -1

      If you're a fan of Nippy's

      Haven't they changed their name yet, like Coon, Redskins, Fags, Chicos etc…

      • +6

        Not really aware of any racial connotations to Nippy's.
        Though fill me in if there is one.

        • -5

          Possibly the Japanese racial slur?
          A bit of a stretch but you never know what SJW's will take offense to

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    I tried this yesterday, first time ever trying one of these new fangled Barista Bros drinks. I enjoyed it, but I really don't know anything about coffee.

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    Still a dollar too much.

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    The taste has always been quite underwhelming, hard to call it coffee/coffee flavoured.

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    Wouldn’t even pay $1 for the “new taste”.
    I give it 6 months and they change it back.

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    Coca Cola needs to stick to soft drinks.

    • They can't even do that.

      Everything that has been sugar reduced I won't touch anymore. It tastes crap. I'd rather drink water.

      It makes me sad that they ruined Kole Beer. It used to be sensational.

    • Nah this is why they are successful.

      Use UHT low fat milk because it's cheaper than water, then cover up how bland it is with artificial thickeners and sweeteners.

      All the savings get invested in marketing, and this is the only product you find in vending machines.

      They even get to call it 'healthy' because the health star ratings still cling to 1970's science where fat = bad.

      If you remember the original Mother, it tasted like grass clippings. Then they added more sweetener and sponsored every redneck sport they could think of until it sold.

  • Can anyone give me insight as to how these are a 4.5 health start rating? I’m baffled

    • +1

      It's basically this plus water + coffee + artificial sweetener

      Problem with the health star rating is there's such an emphasis on sugar so without it, it's considered "healthy"

    • Because they have no sugar added to them.

      Star ratings are for similar products.

      This is just milk, water, coffee, sweetener.
      It is probably no worse than drinking a glass of milk.

      Other milk drinks have lots of sugar added so they will have low stars

  • -2

    These are so bad for you. The amount of sugar in these things :|

    • +3

      You've said this on literally one of the only things that don't have any included sugar 😂

      • +1

        wow hahaha yeh I'm sorry I thought they all the same!

  • I just prefer Aldi Espressi cold coffee! Not sure who manufacturers it but it is very unique in its taste!

  • +4

    The new epic taste is an epic failure! I used to buy a lot of this but not any more. 🤦‍♂️

  • As much as I see a lot of complaints about the new flavour, the old one was truly awful? If they’ve somehow made it worse, they have managed the impossible.

    • +1

      Yep the old one was almost vomit inducing so I’m too scared to try the new one.

  • Went to Coles just for this none in store NOT even have price tag,but checked online before I go plenty in stock

    • You can't check stock at Coles online before you go in store. It's likely that in the 3.5 hours stock simply ran out or they discontinued the line at your local earlier.

      • Thats why I said not even have price tag,no stock just my bad luck but no price tag means it never on the shelf,but like you said maybe they have took the tag off

        • So you downvoted because 1 out of 807 stores didn't have stock?

          • +2

            @pennypincher98: bigger question, why not buy online with click and collect to guarantee no disappointments?

    • At time of commenting, there is plenty of stock at East Village (Zetland, NSW) and Danks Street (Waterloo, NSW).

      I'm going to see if i can buy a carton or two.

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