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[Refurb] Apple Watch SE GPS + Cellular, 40mm $419 Delivered @ Apple


Looks like this product and a few others were added to the Apple refurb store tonight.

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    Yeah, nah.
    These prices aren't that good.
    I see the base 40mm SE GPS is only $359
    If you really need one now, then fine, get it if that's the model you want.
    I bought a S5 44mm GPS +Cellular from JB Hifi earlier this year for only $536, and Apple want $549 for the same thing now (and that's after the S7 has been released).

    Keep an eye out on specials and you'll get brand new for a better price.

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      I got a 44mm Apple Watch series 5 with cellular on Facebook marketplace for $200. A couple weeks later it would sometimes heat up more than usual on the charger. I sent it off to apple and they replaced it for free under warranty. Now using it as I speak. Might be worth keeping an eye out on second hand marketplaces too.

      • How is something sold on FB marketplace still under Apple warranty?

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          warranty transfers with the sale
          Plus a lot of companies are extra cautious with battery/charger issues.

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          Because some people sell their stuff before the warranty runs out. Apple doesn’t care much about receipts, they can see when it was produced and when it was first activated.

        • If you sell a second hand product that is still under warranty you increase the resell value a bit as well as the chances of selling quick. People buy it with a lot more confidence

      • did they replace or repair

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          They replaced it. It was still under its 2 year ACL warranty. And at the time I bought it a couple of months ago all of the Apple Watch series 5 models were under 2 years old so I knew this one has warranty leftover

    • Exactly what I had planned but deals have been scarce to say the least. had been hoping to snap up a couple discounted SE's or stock clearance on the Series 6s, to my chagrin S6 has all but disappeared from inventories and I've not come across any reasonable sales.

      • Always-on display is a big thing for me, it just makes the watch look less nerdy. That rules out the SE for me, a S5 at this price would have been perfect.

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