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ANZ Frequent Flyer Black VISA: Bonus 100,000 (+30,000 in 12 Mths) Qantas Points, $255 Back ($3,000 Spend in 3 Months, $425 Fee)


Seems like a slight variant to their typical card.

Need to keep for 12 months to get the last 30k points though.

Offer available to new and approved applicants who apply for an ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card account. This is a limited time only offer which may be withdrawn or changed at any time without notice. Not available in conjunction with other offers, packages or promotions or when transferring from an existing ANZ credit card. Offer not available where you currently hold an ANZ Frequent Flyer, ANZ Frequent Flyer Gold, ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum or ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card, or have closed, or qualified for bonus Qantas Points or a credit back on, any of those ANZ Frequent Flyer credit cards within the previous 12 months. Your application must be approved and you must activate the card and make $3,000 worth of eligible purchases within three months of approval to receive the 100,000 bonus Qantas Points and have the $255 credited to your credit card account. Eligible purchase means purchases which are eligible to earn Points. Purchases which are not eligible to earn Points are described in the ANZ Frequent Flyer Reward Terms and Conditions (PDF 1.67MB), for example fees, cash advances, cash equivalent transactions, balance transfers, and transactions for gambling or gaming purposes will not earn Points. The 100,000 bonus Qantas Points will be credited to your Qantas account and the $255 will be credited to your credit card account within three months of the eligible spend criteria being met. The $255 credit will be applied to the purchases balance and does not constitute a payment under your contract with ANZ. The 30,000 bonus Qantas Points for retaining the card for over 12 months will be credited to your Qantas Points balance within 3 months from the first anniversary of card approval and the annual fee being charged. If you transfer or cancel your new ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card account before the $255 credit and 100,000 bonus Qantas Points or the extra 30,000 bonus Qantas Points are processed to your account, you may become ineligible for this offer. If any repayments are overdue before the $255 credit and 100,000 bonus Qantas Points or the extra 30,000 bonus Qantas Points are processed to your account, you will be ineligible for this offer until any overdue Minimum Monthly Repayment and amounts shown on your statement as being immediately payable have been paid. You will become ineligible for the 30,000 bonus Qantas Points if the annual fee is not paid. ANZ will not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever resulting from a delay in the process of receiving and/or approving an application or activating the card. Applications for credit are subject to ANZ’s credit approval criteria. This offer is limited to one credit card application per Qantas Frequent Flyer member.

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  • What's the annual fee?

  • +6

    terrible bank, terrible customer service, the phone interactions will drive you insane

    • +5

      Yeah, they have really dropped the ball in 2021. Hopefully just a product of many working from home and will go back to normal. My last application was a real shit show.

      • +1

        Agree, my application was also a real shit show.
        Really not sure why they make it so hard, people will just click to bnpl if they keep this up.

        Id would not recommend based on my latest dealings with their application

        • I might be lucky. I got declined previously when I applied but this time I got a call from an Australian assessor on day 3 or 4 and it got approved almost immediately.

    • +1

      Lol I just pick them for the bonus points.

    • it’s voted bank of year for many years. ANZ should reflect.

  • How does this deal compare with this? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/656282

    • +2

      You can have both, Frequent Flyer is separate from their rewards points.

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    ANZ… never again.

  • +3

    i've personally found them pretty easy to sign up with easy to cancel after you get the points too

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    so basically $170 for 100k points, whereas previously it was $225 for 120k points. Nobody is going to keep the card open for more than 12 months and pay $425 for 30k points. I value the old deals more since it was only $55 for an extra 20k points.

    I’m fortunate that I've never had any issues with ANZ and approval has always been super quick. Citi on the other hand… can never get approved ever.

    • What is your income? debating if I should close my kogan credit card first to prevent a rejection

      • You should declare all your CRedit cards. They will have the full list - non-declaration is perhaps the reason why it takes time

        • yea i was wondering if i should close my kogan card first before applying

          • @iwantaphone: Give yourself some time after closure or until you get a letter of closure.

  • +11

    ANZ CC application>>>nightmare

  • +1

    Also had a terrible experience with recent application, never again

  • Lots of complaints…. But what was the issue? Genuinely curious to known why the application process was such a bad process.

    • +7

      Their offshore processing centre in India are unable to understand even the simplest of scenarios and will have you call repeatedly and send endless documents before calling too hard and rejecting the app.

      I called about 6 times on my last application. I dont have that much free time

      • Thank u! That does sound terrible.

      • Correct about the same for me as well.

        When I started leaving public comments on their Facebook page about my experience, that's when I got text messages the day after saying I'd been approved.

        Funny that.

  • +1

    Recent application was tedious - the upload portal is annoying though I did have them call me often with next steps.

    Ill say never again though with a dangle of a QF points in front of me for the right annual fee…. Ill be back! and so will you all lol (The predator evil laugh)

  • +3

    I’ve had a home loan with them for years, high five figure amount in the offset and high income earner and was denied the last two applications.

    Not to mention the quality of staff at my local branch.

    They’re rubbish.

  • +3

    Stay away from this terrible bank for your own mental health

    • +1

      Username checks out.

  • +1

    Just closed my ANZ FF yesterday after earning the 120k on the previous deal (which was better).
    Had no issues getting approved, will apply again next year.

  • +2

    I have a couple of mortgages and a credit card with the bank and will never recommend ANZ based on the past five years of experience.

  • +1

    I got this one here in March but now cancelled after receiving my gift card.


    Will I be eligible for this deal??

    • It’s 2 different cards (rewards and frequent flyer). I still have the rewards card and been approved for the QFF card as well.

      And agrees with many comments here the application process was a nightmare (3 months worth of payslip and few calls). But lucky for the second card I don’t have to do any of that, got approval email.

      • 3 months of payslips?? Wtf

  • same as many comments above … terrible application process / terrible cancelation process
    phone support is … (you guessed it) terrible

    biggest plus: they still have physical stores to go to if you have issues

    never again

    • terrible cancelation process


      Cancel online in the portal; done it many times.

      • card got reopened "automatically" one month later when there was $3 refund made on the card from one of the purchases. story continues …. they charged me fees for the next year! because card reactivated

        and over the phone they argued that its a standard process to reopen cards when there is a refund on them…

        • that does sound very crap indeed and I would be very mad.

  • +1

    Agree, with the negative comments, it can take a lot of time and multiple document uploads to get approved. Make sure your just PAYG. Don’t even attempt if you salary sacrifice, it’s all too hard to explain. Mind you, was just as bad at Citibank this time around.

    • i think it's a case with anz (and most other banks) if the system doesn't spit out an automatic approval then dealing with an actual human can be arduous

      • Agree as well. But geez, the going round in circles is crazy. The only thing I didn’t give Citibank was my PIN number for all my cards on the last card lot of phone calls, they got everything else.

        Ya gotta do it but, doesn’t actually worry me, it’s when you apply for the other half or the kids and they have to go thru it…with guidance of course.

  • Anyone get part of the annual fee refund (pro-rata) after closed the CC within few months?

    • yes, but i have a home loan with anz.

      • Did you have to ask them or they credit back automatically?

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