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Xiaomi Viomi A9 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner $169.95 ($149.95 New User) + Delivery @ Panmi Group Buying


Local stock,12-month local warranty, 60 days money-back guarantee

1️⃣ 23000Pa Suction
2️⃣ 4 Brush Heads,for Hard Floor, Carpet, Car, Pet
3️⃣ Removable Battery

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About Panmi
Panmi is the exclusive distributor of major tech brands in Australia including Xiaomi, Segway-Ninebot, Viomi, Unagi, Surron and many more. Panmi’s expertise is in micro-mobility and personal transport, Smart Home, Smartphone and various other categories.

Products/Features VIOMI A9 Dreame V9 Dreame V10 Xiaomi Mi G9 Kogan Max 10 Dyson V8 absolute
Discounted Price $149.95 (New User) $239.00 $239.00 $266.00 $159.00 $649.00
Suction 23KPa 20KPa 22KPa 21KPa -
Inhalation (Suction) Power 120AW(Max) 120AW(Max) 140AW(Max) 120AW 115AW(Max)
Rated Power 400W 400W 450W 400W 250W 350W
Battery 2500mAh 2500mAh 2500mAh 2500mAh 2000mAh 2800mAh
Battery Duration 10 mins(Max) 33mins(Standard) 60mins(Eco) 9 mins(Max) 30mins(Standard) 60mins(Eco) 10 mins(Max) 30mins(Standard) 60mins(Eco) 8 mins(Max) 27mins(Standard) 60mins(Eco) up to 40 minutes Up to 40 Mins
Dust Cup Capacity 400ml 500ml 500ml 600ml 800ml 540ml
Product Weight 1.5 kg 1.5 kg 1.5 kg 1.5 kg 2.1kg 2.63 kg
Motor RPM max 100k rpm max 100k rpm max 100k rpm max 110k rpm
Filter HEPA , Washable HEPA , Washable HEPA , Washable HEPA , Washable HEPA , Washable HEPA , Washable
Simplified Trash One Button to release One Button to release One Button to release One Button to release One Button to release No-touch bin emptying
Nozzle 4 4 5 4 1 4
Cyclone Multi cyclonic Multi cyclonic Multi cyclonic Multi cyclonic Multi cyclonic

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  • Anyone recommend?

    Our DC44(!) finally died yesterday…

    • I bought from these guys a few months ago. It's working great.

    • My Dyson v6 died and we have replaced it with Dreame v10. IMO the Dyson was slightly better and definitely better on carpet.

      Just based on specs I'd probably get something with as much or more power than V9.

    • Don't know about this one but I just replaced our V6 with the V7 my wife says it's a lot better,I believe they are being cleared out and they're currently $399 down from $599

    • +2

      I have the A9.

      It's my first portable upright, but I've been very impressed with it.

      It only lasts for 10-15 mins on the highest setting, but thats usually enough to get the most important parts of the house.

      The front light is very handy, and the head seems to work well on both tiles and carpet.

      Sometimes some hair gets caught in the two mini rollers on the head and it can be tricky to remove (once those rollers stick, it doesnt roll very well), but aside from that the maintenance is fairly minimal.

      I haven't had the need to replace the battery yet, but the replaceable battery should be handy when it happens.

      Would definitely recommend for this price.

      • Thanks for info - got one thinking at this price point deffo worth a punt. Can handle the manual socket thing, will see how we go on the carpets……

    • +1

      It comes with floor head. It gets stuck on carpet with any high ridges . It's not possible to push it forward, you have to drag it back. That is the main negative I have found with it. Also it doesn't have the metal prongs that mate with wall mount to charge, You have to manally plug charging cable into it. Positive I guess is the battery comes out and is replaceable , but I dont' think there are batteries to buy for it, so the idea of using 2 batteries for an extra big job sounds good, except for not being able to buy the 2nd battery, I also fear if you can get the battery it will be as expensive as vacuum

  • one of the images says "wet water and dust" …. i wonder if this means it's a wet dry unit ? mmm

    i know the barrel is small so wouldn't hold much, but i'm going to guess it's to do with small water droplets moreso than large amounts of water ???

  • Any chance of a Xiaomi Mi G10 deal?

  • Hey rep will you be getting Roborock dyad

  • Hi Rep. can you please do a deal on F9 robot vac?

  • I'm not able to get the new user discount or $20 off coupon. Any help?

    • Was a pain, clicked earn credits, and then create account and also subscribe to newsletters. Not especially intuitive for a site that wants to sell stuff…

      • Not especially intuitive for a site that wants to sell stuff…

        Yeah for sure!

        I finally found it, it's a really small little orange rectangle at the very bottom left of the page. Sneaky!

        • I can't seem to use any email, just continues to say This email address is already associated with an account. If this account is yours, you can reset your password.

          Tried 3 different emails anyone had any luck?

  • +2

    Well, I tried to sign up

    "email already taken".

    Ok, send me my password

    "account doesn't exist"

    No sale for you

    Update: Said email was taken but also sent me an email welcoming me? Odd.

    Maybe a sale for you

  • Does this version needs to press the button all the time?

    • No. It has an on/off press button. Press once to turn on, press again to turn off.

  • At $150, just bought!

  • even the Viomi S9 UV was listed in stock as well. I placed the order on 25/10 still waiting for it to be dispatched. Rep @HanaZhang please look into it.

  • +1

    Any one bought from this business before? Feedback on their dispatch time, customer service and warranty would be good.

    • Purchased the S9 over a month ago, did not work upon arrival, they have promised to send a replacement but now are ignoring emails. Been pretty horrible and I will not be shopping with them again.

  • Thanks! I just bought it since my Dyson V6 has died.

  • Although my S9 isn't shipped after 1 week, I bought this one with the hope of both will be sent soon.

    • Hi Mily the Stock are all in Sydney . Can you please let me know your order ID then I could check internally? Usually, it takes 1-2 business days to dispatch, it could have some delays due to high order volume recently

  • Don't expect any support from these guys after purchase - my S9 is still not functioning and they are ignoring my emails.

    • Can you please reply to my private message sent on 02/11 to let me know your order ID ?

  • @HanaZhang: What is ETA for delivery to Melbourne?

  • Can the dreame v9 parts (specifically carpet head) be used with this? Mine packed up yesterday but would be great to still be able to use the carpet head

  • Ordered, seems like a pretty decent deal!

  • Ordered on 27/10. Still waiting for it. The tracking number provided is dead. So unprofessional.

  • Placed an order for the Viomi S9 from their previous deal on the 25th October and chose Aus Post delivery.
    Received a confirmation email on the 27th with a Couriers please tracking number which is still not working.
    Panmi support are unable to tell me if the order has been shipped.
    Last email from them says to wait till the 12th and if there is still no update they will ship out a new unit :s

    @Panmi Can someone please tell me if my order has been shipped or not?

    • Sorry to hear that your order was delayed for such a long time. We will send a new one if there was still no update as promised. Please contact us via [email protected]

      Free shipping products are shipped by system default couriers (system selects couriers based on delivery address)

      We noted orders placed between 25/10-30/10 and shipped by Courier Please have problems with the shipping status update. Apologize for the inconvenience caused.

      We have stopped using Courier Please in case it happen again in the future.

      • Yes avoid "Couriers Please", bad reputation.

  • Did anyone here finally receive it???

    • Yeah took a while but very happy for price point. Bin is smaller than I realised but it all works well…

  • @HanaZhang The new signup option for 2000 points does not exist! Make up an email and it advises this account already exists… what a crock.

    • Hi Can you please send me your email address to check via private message ? thanks

    • I take it back, the "Earn Rewards" button doesn't work on MS Edge Browser, so MS Edge is a crock… Panmi, so far so good. Thanks HanaZhang

  • So i signed up since this didn't say that this deal had expired. Did the earn rewards thing yet when i got to my rewards section i see
    "Create an account and Subscribe Newsletter 1000 Approved"

    The other annoyance is this one of those websites that doesn't provided the shipping cost or even an estimate of it till after you fill in all the details. How hard is it to provide an estimate by asking for the postcode?

    • pm the thread starter. i just did as i had the same issue as yours

    • Shipping on A9 from Panmi was free.

  • +1

    Purchased this back in October it’s now been more than a month and the item hasn’t arrived. I’ve had to file complaints with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, WA department of fair trade and the Postal Industry Ombudsman. My experience with Panmi has been far from great with excuses after excuses. I will urge you to STRONGLY avoid any purchase with Panmi and simply choose somewhere like Amazon which is far more reliable and trustworthy. AVOID them.

    • Thanks @selloz for the your experience, I was waiting for a response from Panmi on my question above - and whilst i was ready to buy yesterday this with my with my previous question has taken be back to a 'won't buy' status.

    • Hi, Sorry to hear about your experience. We have noted some orders sent out by end of Oct have severe delays. We promised to all customers for all order delays for more than one month we either fully refund or send a new one.

      For this product, the couriers include AU Post, Courier Please (Now stop using it), and Aramex. Please understand the delivery lead time is out of our control. What we can help with is sending a new one to you or refunding you when the delivery delays for too long.

      Can you please send me a private message on your order ID to check internally on this case?

  • Hi Hana,

    I've previously purchased the Viomi S9 and have been very happy with it. I've just signed up and subscribed to the newsletter but didn't get the 2000 points which I was looking to use for purchasing the Viomi A9 vacuum. Could you kindly look into it for me?


    • Hi ,

      We update new user points to 1000 points

      please check your private message.

      • Thanks Hana - I've ordered the Viomi A9 vacuum last week and received the product within 3-4 days !
        Excellent product and super quick delivery.

  • Similar to @selloz's post above - I ordered an A9 from Panmi on 4/11 but have yet to receive the item. Haven't had the chance to vacuum my new place since moving in last month because of this. I suspect that the item won't be arriving any time soon.

    • Can you please private message me your order ID to check internally?

  • I'm no longer seeing the $150 price tag. It is now $179 with the 1000 sign up bonus. Will you mark this deal as expired or is this still ongoing?

    • Thanks for reminds. The deal has been marked as expired.

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