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BlitzWolf BW-MS2 Monitor Stand with Pneumatic Arm US$27.99 (~A$37.95) Delivered (+ Delivery to NT) @ Banggood AU


Ship from banggood AU warehouse,one week delivery,free shipping and GST incl.

Model: BW-MS2

Size:567mm: 310mm

Net Weight: 3.5kg

Rotation: 360° Rotation, -85°~+90°Tilt, 180°Swivel

Head Type: Quick Release Design

Screen Size: 15" to 32"

Load: 2-8kg

VESA Standard: 75x75mm, 100x100mm

Mount Ways: Clamp Mount

Mounts Desks with a Thickness: 10-99mm

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  • +4

    Note, this arm seems to have issues


    • +2

      Seems fine if you use the vesa plate for leverage.
      Can only see one person reporting it so can't be that widespread.

      • encountered the same issue. it's not an issue, just need more grip strength/leverage. Holds the s3422DWG well

    • +2

      I ordered one of these in september and looked exactly like that. You literally just spin it back to being straight. Bit stiff but nothing unfixable.

      Overall happy with it so far. Seems very strong, i dont move my monitor at all though. It survived the earthquake in vic. I do wish it was a bit taller, couldnt get it tall enough to have a 22inch monitor to above my 27inch, but I used some books as extra height on the desk clamp.

      Shipping took 10 days iirc, but i imagine it'd take longer now.

      • +1

        I just received mine few days ago, received the arm with the mount point in same position show in video, it is quite stiff to turn, but able to turn it with some force, I reckon if you mount the plate on it, it should be easier to turn (physics, force and pivot point distance).

        Complaints that I have will be more about shipping of Banggood, it said "free standard shipping", but during checkout, there is no such option, I ended up need to pay extra $10 for the express shipping.

    • +1

      It looks like there are screws to adjust the friction. I would assume if the screw was turned to the minus symbol it would be easier to turn.
      Or add the VESA plate so there is more leverage.

      If you can move it with your hand very easily it means it will be lose when you add a monitor.

    • I've got 3 of them, all of them were too stiff to move on their own initially, but if you bolt the vesa mount onto it and use the vesa mount to twist its fine. Once the vesa mounts attached you can pull the metal tab out so you can attach the vesa mount back onto the actual monitor to use.

    • +1

      yeah I went through the struggle but realised that you need something for leverage. I've commented on the video too.

    • The knuckle on the end of my unit was also out and it didn't look like it was going to be easy to straighten it out - like was said - you can use the Vesa mount for extra leverage - prob best to take it off the monitor though it you have already put the Vesa mount on the back of the monitor. With the mount clipped in the knuckle joint twisted round so the release tab faced upwards as it should and then the monitor, with the Vesa mount attached, slides onto it fine. I had to tighten down the main arm quite tight before it stopped slumping under the weight of the monitor but all good now. Just wish I had bought more than 1 at this price ;)

  • Oos

  • Is this available for Mobile phone on the bed?

    Seriously I need a hands-free stand arm.

    I got one for mobile phone but impotence. :(

    • I too suffer from the pandemic of phone face slap every night

  • anyone using these on a standing desk? I have 2x 28" monitors at the moment and they wobble too much to comfortably use them when the desk is raised so need something else.

    • I have the BW-MS4 on a standing desk and have no problem at all. The mounting bracket holds well. Very happy with the product. Besides it is cheaper than OW.

  • Noob question. If the back of the monitor doesn’t have the holes, then how does one attach the arm to the back of the monitor?

    • +2

      you would have to take off the stand and see if the current stand is occupying the VESA holes

      If no holes then no work sadly

    • +1

      what monitor?

        • +9

          lol sorry for trying to help

    • +1

      Suptek Non-VESA Adapter Monitor Arm Bracket Kit for 13-27 inch Screen Vesa Fits 75×75mm 100×100mm WK002 https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08TM98NRP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_g...

      • Thanks. Do you know if this works with curved monitor screens?

        • +1

          As long as there are VESA holes at the back of the monitor, it will work.

        • +1

          I’m going to say no chance with out modifying it. And I don’t know how you would do it.


      • -2

        That is the very old version which has already phase out.

    • +1

      You can look up the model of your monitor and see whether there are any VESA bracket adaptors for your monitor. It's pretty expensive though ~$50 each.

  • Comes to $67 with code? Shipping $17?

    • Choose AU warehouse.

      • Even selecting AU warehouse, with the code it comes to AU $56

        $17 shipping


      • Even AU store comes same.

      • I bought mine from last flash deal, same issue, it force to use express shipping, but looks like buy multiple is same price (I bought 2), same shipping cost as 1.

      • Still having the same issue. If I use the coupon code, it increases the price of the product.

        How do you get the free shipping?

    • Are you from New Zealand? New Zealand cannot be free shipping

      • Australia, Melbourne

      • Tried again comes to 56$ i give up.

        • Works fine here…

          Order Total
          Coupon Discount
          Total Payment

  • anyone know what I can get another post. I have a kogan gas spring from 2016, 2 monitors coming off 1 post but need more adjustability/move them apart.

  • I wanted to wait and see if Kogan decreased their RBG mount prices but (profanity) it! Got two for myself and 1 for my waifu.

    Cheers OP

    • $50 more for built in usb 3 hub and rgb base.. Although you do get a laptop holder which you can't use at the same time if a monitor is attached lol

      • Yeahhh gotta get that sweet sweet RGB nectar 😅

  • Just bought 2, Thanks OP

  • Did I miss it? Says Restocking

    • Doesn't seem to be any from the AU warehouse anymore :(

      • They're back. Any idea how to get free shipping?

  • OP unable to ship to NT?

    • Banggood can ship to NT with an additional delivery fee. Make sure the state and suburb name were correctly entered, and for postcode select "Other" and make sure the leading zero was not stripped.

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