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Blaupunkt Wi-Fi Power Plug with Energy Monitoring $19.99 @ Coles


Wi-Fi Remote Control through Blaupunkt Technology app, download from the Google Play Store or App Store
Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, control your devices with a voice command.
Set automations such as timers & schedules
Works with 2.4GHz Wireless, no need for a separate hub.

For those wanting Energy Monitoring

Deal states 2 per transaction - we bought 6

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  • I thought these guys made audio products. Good to see them adapt and branch out to various different products

    • I hope these are better than Ego Efergy ones that we currently have - only 2 of the 4 operate to monitor the energy and now they intermittently won't connect to the Network.

    • +11

      Sadly they don't make anything anymore after going bankrupt in 2015. The name was sold during liquidation, and is now just a branding company for generic Chinese products .

      • +3

        That f^+ing s#ts me when that happens and they churn out rubbish now… Here’s a few I can think of:
        • Dick Smith
        • MG
        • Blaupunkt

    • -1

      We had 6 to buy $5.00 savings each - 1 (and a bit) for free

      • I found the Gridconnect app the most useless piece of crap I've ever used. Never connects and support suggest the same useless solutions.

        • +1

          Never had a problem with it. Works perfectly, connects with Google assistant and home easily.

    • I like the KP115. very compact in size - didnt cover up the other port in a double socket outlet - works out of the box with home assistant - price is good too.

  • This or TP Link KP115? (^Beat me while I’m writing the comment.)

  • Tasmota work on these?

    • I couldn't get tuya-convert to work on these, however I have got via Tuya app to work. It may work if you crack it open and do it that way.

  • Can you setup these gadgets like ,if connected device work certain minutes or hours then cut the power. For example, I wanna connect it to my oven. I want It cuts off the power automatically after 2 hours, just in case someone forget food cooking and didn't setup timer.

    • +1

      I would NOT connect these to ovens - but for say a TV or something there is a power boards with an external digital timer you can push for On, 1Hr, 2 Hr, 3 Hr

    • How much current?

    • Aren't ovens three phase power … maybe I'm wrong.

      • Some, not all

      • Most aren't - most homes (IMO) are single phase.

        Most ovens (especially if including the range/hotplates) are, however, high current. It's why the isolation switch on the wall is (usually) a physically larger switch - it's got a bigger mechanism for switching a larger current (than your standard light switch). (well, at least mine is).

        Most smart plugs top out at 10 (maybe 15) amps. Your oven (+range) will (usually) be a decent bit more than that.

        As with most people's questions about plugging things into smart plugs - check the ratings: there'll be a rating plate on both the device you want to connect and the smart plug. May sure you amperage/wattage of the plug exceeds whatever you're plugging into it.

  • Can this keep stuff powered off until I wake it up? My PC has an issue where I choose hibernate but it keeps waking itself up. I've gone through all the software and disabled whatever it might be doing, but still doesn't work. I need a power solution.

    • Wake on LAN?

    • In your BIOS you might have the option of boot when power so these would be perfect in that situation.
      Failing that, don't use hibernate. Didn't even know that was still an option.

  • Do I need to be connected to the same wifi network? My sister always worries she's left her hair straightener on after going out, could you check without being at home?

    • +1

      If you set it up with the app can be anywhere with an internet connection as it goes through their cloud servers.

      • Thanks! I think I'll pick one up

  • Look very similar to the Brilliant branded ones Officeworks used to sell. Nice compact design.

  • Made by German electrical craftsmen in a Blaupunkt German workshop?

  • do these work with home assistant?

  • Now $14.99 at Coles Maroochydore. Dunno if all stores that price

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