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40% off Select Burton Snowboard Bindings (e.g. Burton Cartel $239, Was $399) + $10 Delivery @ Balmoral Boards


Some good deals going across the site on various snowboarding products but the 40% off most mens and womens Burton Snowboard bindings stood out to me. Just watch sizes (yes bindings have sizing now) and if you want EST system or not (both available). $10 for shipping and they turned up promptly from NSW to WA for me.

2021 Burton Mission was $349, now $209
2021 Burton Cartel was $399, now $239
2021 Burton Cartel X was $429, now $258
2021 Burton Malavita was $479, now $289
2021 Burton Genesis was $529, now $317

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Balmoral Boards
Balmoral Boards

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  • I'm after a whole new set-up - board, bindings boots. Anyone have any recommended end of snow season sale websites?

    • Backcountry used to have a good end of season sale, but being in North America it was around April from memory.

      • You'll need a mail forwarding service. Backcountry doesn't ship to Australia.

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      I thought it was level nine sports, direct from the usa was the best priced but I haven't bought or know anything yet so i dont know

    • I find it depends mostly on where you can find stock first and foremost.

      Also what you're after, and how much you've ridden. Personally I like to ride a noodle rocker, that is directional but I could still ride switch, but still has good turn initiation.

      I basically took the above, went through thegoodride and a few other sites to find what I thought would work best, and then went around looking for it.

      A random example without knowing what you want or are like, would be a 2022 flight attendant for $530. A 159W is a good powder option, but it will have a hint of bathtub on anything groomed!


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      these guys have a huge sale on once a year: https://www.melbournesnowboard.com.au/
      just keep an eye on them.

      highly recommend a never summer board ;-)

    • boardworld.com.au

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    Too bad nothing step on in stock

    • saved me a click

    • I haven't used step ons for years. Are they nearly as solid as straps yet?

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    I'm regretting buying 2019 stuff that was on sale in 2020. Never got to use it with the Vic lockdowns and could have bought 2021 gear for the same sale prices. Didn't want to go start of this season when the snow was crap, overpriced and wreck my new gear on rocks.

    • That's what rental boards are for haha :)

      Seriously though, I hear you. I keep a couple of old boards for early season rock hopping.

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        I've kept my first snowboard (Custom) from many many years ago. But that has too much sentimental value to trash it haha. Every other board I've managed to sell off. The last one just before the lock downs last year which was lucky. Feel sorry for the people that bought all my gear. The new board (well not new any more) I actually used 3m vehicle wrap on it. Turned out amazing!

        • That's a really interesting idea!!

          Yeah, I bought some goggles in the lead up, but I'd be devo if I had a new board sitting there all season.

          Tell you what, if this next season is trashed there's a fair to medium chance I'll actually cry hahaha. Mostly do small Perisher trips with mates, but missing out on heading your way (Falls Creek) for our yearly family trip there was devastating. My boys are 3 & 5 / were really looking forward to it.

          Yes, I get how entitled this sounds. First world problems etc, etc.

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            @psnatch: Its not cheap but worth trying. 3m Scotchguard Pro. You will need a 2m length. Can get in gloss or matte. So you can change the look of the board completely giving it a matte finish. I had a mate go half and half. Its self healing too so will repair when some (profanity) skis over your board

    • A February trip to Hokkaido will hopefully be an option. That's if you like proper snow.

      • God I hope so

    • +3

      Honestly, I don't think there is much wrong with that. As long as you got a good deal, that's great. Age doesn't seem to change bindings much, only wear. Something from 19 will perform identically to 21 - unless you're a career boarder possibly.

    • Don't worry about it mate. Snowboarding gear plateaued a while ago, despite what marketing would have you believe (they've gotta make money right?!) The only difference now is the colourway. Compare the spec sheets if you don't believe me. The "tech" has remained constant 👍

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        It's true. I think the designs on the boards in 2019 were better than 2020. I never looked at this year's.

  • Ooh that's a good find! Some good deals - if I hadn't already splashed out for the Burton Step-on's, I'd be interested!

  • Not a bad set of bindings if you’re starting out. Good price

  • Awesome find. Got some Cartel X for next season for something a little more aggressive than my Genesis.

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