Best/Fave Asian Candies?

What are your favourite Asian lollies?

First to mind was this..
Tamarind candy.


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    I was going to say sugus… big part of my childhood at asian markets. Just looked up wiki and Imagine my surprise it’s history is actually Swiss…

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      Wow.. mind blown!

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      Sugus is definitely a childhood classic.

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      Yes Sugus! Wait they're Swiss?!?! o.o…………..

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        They are owned by wrigley company now but yes it originally is swiss

    • Asian starbursts, haven't had it since I was a kid.

    • I used to buy packs of Sugus during every ski trip to Switzerland, much nicer than the ones found at grocery shops here.

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        swiss ski trips..damn, whats it like to be in ozbargains top 1%?

        • OzB’s top 1% is Whirlpool’s bottom 1%!

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    The legendary White Rabbit.

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      The one where you eat the wrapper…actually melt the wrapper in the mouth

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        yes that one, i think it's rice paper

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      Was this the one that had the melamine scare a while ago?

    • Came here to say this, am glad to have been beaten. Enjoyed the ‘paper’, too.

  • I don’t think I’ve had any Asian lollies, except for mentos that has English and Asian text on it from a Thai restaurant.

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      I think Mentos are Dutch, or at least European, not Asian.

      I have had some Japanese lollies but can't recall the name of them. Some soft fruit chew thing.

      • I didn’t realise mentos are possibly Dutch I thought they were British for some unknown reason, but it was a joke about them being Asian because of the text.

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        That's like to be Hi-Chew

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    • Unfortunate name though.

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        Nothing wrong with eating Haw…

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          I eat haw every day for breakfast.

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      Me and my siblings used to do communion with each other with these.

      The Body of Christ

      • We have a Filipina working at the Chinese store. Every time I ask her for the "Body of Christ". She feels bad about me saying that!

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      Came to check this was listed. Was introduced to Haw Flakes in primary school by a friend with Asian heritage. Every time I have a opportunity to buy some I can't resist. Yummy!

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    Kopiko coffee candy.

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      ^This. The Kopiko cappucino one was also quite good

    • These are a staple in our house. So bloody good

    • So this explains my caffeine addiction now…

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    Lemon Himalayan salt candy

    Was fond of Sarsi candy as a kid

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    Grew up eating a lot of Yupi Gummy Burger and Hi-Chew.

    Lately I've been enjoying Kasugai Gummy Candy and Melty Kiss Chocolates

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      +1 for Yupi, the Trolli ones look so much worse than the Yupi ones.

      For me, the Yupi Pizza and the Yupi Burger were the best ones.

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    • Oh, I think those are the ones I was thinking of above.

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      Bless you!

      The lemon one with the crispy bits are the best!

    • They're so addictive!

  • Lion Noisy 8-flavor Soda Hard Candy & Hi-Chew (Japan Version)

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      That’s a biscuit

      • Eh, it has chocolate on it, I guess it counts as confectionery.

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    Yan Yan, Hello Panda, Yupi and Kopiko Coffee Candy. In order.

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    The kasugai Japanese fruit gummies

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    At a Korean restaurant, I picked one out that the waitress translated as "rice stuck to the bottom of the bowl" flavour.

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    What about Asian chips/junk food? I was in Hanaro Mart the other day and I picked up some chips that were made of corn. It was pretty yummy. I can't read a word of Korean, so I can never find that packet again.

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    Not really (hard) candy or lolly, but this was something I could look forward to any day.

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    Super Lemon

    would always die after the first 3 seconds of the sourness

    • Haha, yes! A mate of mine that lived in Japan introduced these to me. They're awesome. I still buy the occasional packet when I see them in speciality Asian stores.

    • these are yum, just bought a packet.

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    Mitsuya Cider Candy.
    I have been trying to get them in Australia (for a reasonable price) I look in every Japanese/Asian store I find with no luck

    • I have bought these from various Asian grocers Melbourne CBD. They are quite good.

      • Ahh lucky! I love the fizz.

    • Can see this in the Asian stores here

      • Oh man I am jealous.

        • You can try asking if they'd deliver to you? Don't think I saw it on their online shopping website, but can't hurt to ask I guess

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      bless you!

  • That coffee one.

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    Not candy, but Japanese Wasabeef potato chips are to die for.

    Gyutan (ox tongue) flavored Umaibou is a close second.

  • korean anytime mint….like a milky butter menthol

  • Too many to name.

  • Beng beng and Kopiko!

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    Hi-Chew… mic drop

  • Want Want QQ

  • white sugar cubes at cafes

  • Dried salted plums.

  • Speaking of tamarind, you should try tamarind soft drinks.

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    White rabbit

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    Zappos! They've been a staple in Aussie supermarkets for so long most people don't realise it but it's Korean! (새콤달콤)

    Dalgona/Bbopgi is great childhood memory for me, and everybody knows about it now too thanks to a certain
    TV series which is kinda cool hahaha

    • thanks to a certain TV series


      • squid games

    • There is a version of this made from sesame seeds. You should try it. You can find it in most Indian stores.

  • Tamarind to me is quite offensive. Defs a love it or hate it thing.

    Its not really a candy but I am a fan of the three colour drink in Vietnamese restaurants.

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    I like Asian savoury junk food rather than sweets, like migoreng Chicato chips & Nong shim onion rings.

  • Not golf related.

  • Sakeru Gummy Long Long Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Sina Ginger Candy - Indonesian ginger so strong it's almost like chili

    Only for ginger fans

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    I remember growing up in Malaysia and buying these Hacks Candy from sweet shops:

    I think they used to go for 3 for 10 cents and I only remember the dark ones with the orange wrapper.

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    Don't know if they're asian specific or a lolly but jelly straws/ jelly cups

  • Tamarind candy

    Tamarind toffees are yummy, I used to eat ripen tamarind as well. Young tamarind + salt is also good.

  • Blueberry gummy (forgot the name) from Daiso.

  • Not a candy but chocolate + secret toy. Ding Dang and Tora

    If purely candy only it would have to be "Hacks". Orange or Purple.

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    I bought the tamarind candies mentioned in the op. What a waste. Tamarind fruits have a completely different taste. Raw fruit has a different taste. As soon as you bite, your brain freezes and the sour taste hits every nerve. The ripe fruit is chewy, sour and sweet. This has none of it. Straight to the bin.

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