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Up to $500 Cashback on Selected Cameras, Lens and Accessories via Online Redemption @ Sony


Been waiting for this to buy some lenses that i have in my basket from previous price match.

For example:

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    Eligible Cashback items include;

    Model Cashback
    Sony a7R IV $500
    Sony A7R III $400
    Sony a7III $300
    Sony FE 16-35 2.8 GM $250
    Sony FE 24-70 2.8 GM $250
    Sony FE 70-200 2.8 GM $250
    Sony RX10 IV $250
    Sony RX100 VII $250
    Sony FE 100-400 GM $150
    Sony FE 200-600 f5.6-6.3 G $150
    Sony FE 24 1.4 GM $150
    Sony FE 85 1.4 GM $150
    Sony FE 12-24 2.8 GM $150
    Sony XLR-K3M Digital XLR $150
    Sony FE 24-105 f4 G $100
    Sony E PZ 18-105 f4 G $100
    Sony FE 90 2.8 G $100
    Sony RX100 III $100
    Sony HVL-F45RM Flash $100
    Sony FE 35 1.8 $50
    Sony FE 50 1.8 $50
    Sony FE 85 1.8 $50
    Sony FE 55 1.8 ZA $50
    Sony RX100 VI $50
    Sony Shotgun Microphone $50
    Sony VGC4EM Vertical Grip $50
    Sony VGC3EM Vertical Grip $50
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      Sorry i just got my post in before you but urs definitely better with this table!

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    Fyi, I just managed to price match a Sony a7 iii for $2293, plus cash rewards 10% cashback plus Sony cashback. Final price should be around $1,500 odd.

    Not bad if it all works out.

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      Price match from? Also 2293 - 10% - $300 cashback would down to $1700?

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        Camera pro or georges camera, I can't remember.
        It was more than a week ago as I was guessing a cashback would happen soon.
        I had the item sitting in my cart price matched for about 10 days and as soon as I saw the Sony CB plus CR CB I pulled the trigger.

        Apologies, my calc includes GST back as I am leaving Australia for good (unfortunately I cannot edit my post anymore)

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          thats an absolute steal, even for $1700 it is a great deal

          • @Bargainjustifier: It is closer to $1800 than $1700 because it is not actually 10% off due to the cashback (they take off the GST component).

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          Same here, i had 2 lenses sitting in cart for a while. Comes down to $2k for 24-70 + 85

    • How did you do that and get the cash rewards?

      A7iii is still a great camera with the a7 iv just announced

      • ask Sony to price match.
        Then log into your cashrewards account and pay :)

        • Ask Sony via live chat or email?

          Thanks in advance :)

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            @Ausdave: Via email. I wanted to go via chat but I could not find any links to the chat!

    • Fyi, I just managed to price match a Sony a7 iii for $2293

      $2280 at Video Pro

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    No A7c?

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    Had 24-70 GM lens at $1985 in my cart. 10% from cashback + $250 from Sony to make it around $1500.

    it is half price on Sony RRP $2999.

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    I want Xperia Pro-I

  • I got sony to price match a7riv so it's now $3999, would I still get the $500 back?

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      Should do since you still purchased it between the dates.
      I price matched my 200-600 during the last Christmas cashback and it claimed… eventually

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    Not suggesting anyone wait for its release, but there are rumours of the FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM II being announced later this year (so far only one half of the rumour - the FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM OSS II - has come true).

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    Is anyone else still waiting on their Sony cash back from the previous deal in June/July?

    • Traditional product maker focussed on sales in a niche area that is shrinking overall due to technical runaway.

    • I am still waiting for a Sony cash back since last November 2020. That was buying directly from them. Reminded them and they said escalated or have referred to promotions team. They have ghosted me last 6 months!

      • Same here :(

      • Same here. Claimed cash back in Feb 2021. Been chasing it every month till last week. Got contacted by a senior representative advising my claim is invalidated due to T&C. Wouldn't share reason. I did mention in my last correspondence if I don't hear back from them, I'll go and seek help from Fair Trading. Apparently, Sony doesn't care. The guy just replied me that claim is rejected and be free to report to govern body if you want to. Really disappointed with Sony's ZERO communication in the past 8 month and now just simply rejected my claim without letting me know the reason. This is the 2nd time I claim cash back from Sony. Last time it was in 2020 and took them 6 months to finally release money to my bank account, during which communication is basically none. Not sure how other people goes but my experience with Sony really SUCK!

        • My comment in another post

          That's the thing about Sony in Aust. If all's well, they are great products. But if you need after sale support (technical or cash back issue), Sony Australia is the worst in the country I have came across.

    • Yep I still am. My claim was validated at the end of August and I still haven't received my money or any further update. The website for tracking cashback claims also isn't working.

  • I'm hoping that there are some good Black Friday/Christmas deals on the A7iii. The A7iv launches later this month so hopefully some stores reduce the price of the A7iii.

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      I could be wrong but with the A7 IV being twice the price of the A7 III I wouldn't really expect A7 III pricing to be impacted significantly

      • I wouldn’t expect the A7iii to become significantly cheaper, but I do expect to see it sub $2k more often and possibly reach a new record low price, even if it is only marginally better lower than the old record low. I would also expect the A7iv to sell for under its $4k AUD RRP pretty quickly. The A7iii launched for $3.1k AUD in 2018 but didn’t stay that price for very long. If the A7iv is reduced in price, I expect the A7iii will follow suit.

        • Agree with you about the A7 III there.

          Not so sure about the A7 IV. Though they have been on sale, the A1/A7S III are still hard to actually get a hold of and it has been 6 months/1 year since those were released. If Sony sold discounted A7 IVs then yeah there would be downward pressure on the A7 III but if it was impossible to get a hold of one then not sure how that pressure would translate.

          By the way, the latest ETA from the Sony store for the Sony A7 IVs preorders in Australia is late January so not sure we'll actually see anything this year.

          • @eecan: Both of them seem to have a healthy amount of stock and the price of both of them has reduced since launch. The A1 launched at $10.5k AUD but can now be easily found at the $9k AUD price point. The A7S iii launched at $6k AUD but can be found for $5.3k AUD. I wouldn't be surprised if the A7 iv ends up reducing by a few hundred dollars soon after launch.

  • Does anyone have direct experience between a7c and a7iii? I’m really interested in autofocus. I know my way around a camera and prefer everything about the a7iii BUT touch to track and live eye AF in video mode looks insane on a7c. Especially since I have a toddler. Is it really as good as press play and just worry about composition? How does that compare to a7iii AF?

  • I placed an order monday and it's still sitting there as processing… has anyone placed any order monday as well and got it shipped?

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      Yep, mine did. Thought not processed through DHL yet.

  • A7 III is backordered 😢

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