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MSI Radeon RX 6900 XT GAMING Z TRIO 16GB Graphics Card $1999 + Shipping @ BPC Technology


Fairly "cheap". Same deal was posted last month, but went back up to $2500 pretty quickly.

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BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)
BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)

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    "save 1500"

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      there needs to be some kind of law about this, up the price all you like but the was price should always be MSRP changing it to whatever you want is massively misleading. The 6900xt was never that much from what i recall. only the 3090's where that much and more.

      Edit: wtf is with the negs explain how im wrong?

      • +3

        You do know this is ozbargain?.. asking to explain the negs, gets you more negs. 😂

      • I guess, people downvote because "where you can find cheaper"
        But come on guys, he is right!
        Stop to buy it above MSRP and prices will be cheap again…

        • That's not entirely true. Anyone mining will likely buy them because they'll turn a profit fairly quickly. Need eth to go pos already ¬¬

      • +1

        I agree, this is misleading.
        "Don't Pay $3,499.00" - nobody (profanity) would

      • you're not wrong just a very sensitive topic…..you did the right thing and speak up the truth. the ones that negs are probably from the retailers or miners or people paid at this price. :D

      • next time tell companies to stop going to one semiconductor manufacturer for all your chips

        • who should they go to champ?

      • What is the AU MSRP? Not following the prices since bought 5700xt before new gen graphic cards came out.

        • Nothing is at MSRP so it doesn't matter

      • -2

        You think your living in the garden of Eden. Stocks change. That's like saying Bitcoin should always be the price it started at; 10c. Sh*t happens and you can't keep saying "It should always be MSRP" because that just Aint viable with anything. For instance, winter clothing increases in price slightly in winter

        • -1

          Read my comment again, I literally said "up the price all you like"
          I guess you didn't read my comment at all and just want to argue.

          • -1

            @Axelstrife: There is no law stating that you can't raise the price of your own product

      • Sadly - under the Australian Consumer Law there's only a prohibition on setting minimum resale prices (i.e. conditions that say you can't sell below $X). Under consumer law, manufacturers and distributors can set maximum resale prices for goods (i.e. conditions that say you can't sell over $X), but I can't see NVIDIA or AMD agreeing to set such price limits for GPUs.

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    "Don't Pay $3,499.00" Thanks for the tip.

  • This is not bought by miners apparently hence relatively normal price

    • card can still be used for mining and wouldn't be surprised if it is bought for mining

      • +1

        I use mine for mining when I'm not gaming - it's nowhere near as fast at mining as an Nvidia card but that's not why I bought it so not really a problem for me.

        For someone who is wanting a card exclusively for mining, this is power hungry and relatively low hashrate compared to other cards making it a less than ideal option.

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    Geez. Back when I was into gaming a top end new release card was pushing $1k, but quickly dropped to $400-500 and became affordable.

  • +1

    6800xt is much better for gamers.

    • Why are 6800xt better?

      • -1

        $400-500 cheaper for 11% less gaming performance but same vram, same bandwidth, same clock speed….

      • +3

        An attainable price for a 6800xt is around ~$1700, so the 6900xt costs nearly 20% more, but delivers about 10% better performance out of the box

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      No it's better if you can't afford a 6900 xt…

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      Nah, the 6900xt is actually a card for gamers, as it basically has the same hash rate as the 6800xt. So despite the ~$600 AUD difference in MSRPs, the two are often only $200-300 apart, which is an historically small premium to purchase "the best" tier of performance, compared to say the 3080 vs 3090 or 2080 vs 2080 Ti.

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    Blows my mind people actually spend this much on a GPU

    • +14

      I know right? Better order before it's OOS.

    • +2

      so what about the people spending $3300 on a MBP and calling it a 'good deal'

      or those $2000 phone users

      • At least when you buy an apple product you buy it at the price apple announces at launch , you Can buy directly from them and you always get an ETA. GPU companies have a lot to learn

        • +1

          learn from what? Apple is literally one of the reasons the supply has been so short, dont talk about things you don’t understand.

          • @Freestyle: How to manage supply for your products and make sure your customers get them at the MSRP. Apple does this , Nvidia does not.

            • +1

              @piston3461: Nvidia does not set any prices genius, they design the boards and the chips thats it

              why are you comparing apples and oranges?

    • -6

      Hope we spend less time wasting our life on gaming.

      • +5

        Spend more time on OzBargain looking at deals not for us?

    • I upgraded my single 3070 to a 6900xt mining Eth. Blows my mind that my $950 card turned into a $2k card.

      • I'm in the same spot, debating the idea of getting a 6900xt after selling my FHR 3070. Will I be missing out of Nvidia's features much or care? Also, I have a g-sync monitor, unsure if that makes a difference.

        What are your experiences so far?

  • resellers line up

  • -1

    Is this one of those high-yield investment deals?

  • +5

    Is it a mini?

  • Wish I realised how long all these new GPUs were before building my new PC :(

  • Just FYI, this is a fair bit chunky card, especially in height. If you're about building an ITX be very careful about the size.

  • +4

    sold out. back to full price.

    • +7

      Good, saved me 2k

      • Same LOL

      • It's pretty silly to buy a top tier card so close to the release of the next gen, which have rumoured 80-100% performance jumps for both AMD and Nvidia. The GPU market is finally getting competitive, no more 20-30% generational jumps.

        • +3

          Isnt next gen a year away?

          • @Geoff-bargain: it is indeed. im pretty sure there are some rumours of a possible rdna 2 refresh but i wouldnt hold my breath

            • +1

              @lachlantula: There'll be the super cards and I think RDNA 2 on 6nm in the interim, but the biggest shake up will be ETH going POS and Intel's new discrete GPUs, the flagship of which is meant to be comparable to the 3070 to 3070 Ti.

          • @Geoff-bargain: Lovelace will be about that, RNDA 3 will be sooner, likely Q3 but many Q2.

        • At best it'd probably just be a spec bump like Nvidia's "super" series, maybe just some refined silicon from TSMC for slightly higher clocks. Then again they sell every card they make even down to the mediocre 6600 so they have no incentive to improve…

        • That rumour occurs every single generation.

          • @gakko: Nah, it was well known a long time before Ampere the 3080 would be a 30-40% jump over the 2080 Ti and RDNA 2 could match it. The leaks were very accurate.

      • what about $1?

    • didnt save me anything… had no intentions of buyin one.

  • pretty good value considering it beats a 3080 ti.

    • in 1080p and 1440p, yes

  • -1

    Does anyone know if I can use my current 16GB SD card to expand the GPU to 32 GB?
    My friend works in IT and told me I should ask you guys and ladies.

    • -1

      I am guessing your friend is ROTFLOL behind your back right at this very moment.

  • +1

    GPUs sell like hotcakes these days, at inflated prices. Current availability and prices at some popular AU PC retailers: https://thors-stuff.com/gpu-availability-australia-291021/

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