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Casio G-SHOCK Wrist Watch Black and Red Stealth, DW5600HR-1A $77 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Black and red DW5600 with negative display, according to the camel site this is the lowest price it has been for at least a year. Currently $77 with free shipping delivered and sold by Amazon Au.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • g-square is hard enough to read without being negative

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    The classic Dw5600-1 is also the same price, picked one up

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      I nearly posted that one too but I think it has been less than $70 in the last 6 months.
      I’m hanging out for G5600E-1 to drop to <$100

      • i'm also waiting for g5600e to replace a lost one

    • I recently picked up the G-Shock DW9052 from pennypacker's post. Cool watch, been wearing it heaps.
      It's a similar price too.

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        I think this red and black one is also part of the Heritage Collection which some people are claiming will become collectors pieces, and has been discontinued?
        Then again, sometimes it seems like G-Shock fanbois claim every model is a collectors piece…

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    You can't go wrong at that price, the G-Shock are a great watch, practically indestructible. I'd get one, but I already have a dozen different models.

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    Just found this one cheap too DW9052GBX-1A4 $77.00. Camel.
    Doesn't look easy to read though. One review trashed it.

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    Great find @mapax. One with the positive display here (Dw5600-1, $77.63):


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      Just grabbed one, been on my watch list for ages but usually $137. Not really a fan of the negatives, hard to read which is pointless from a digital watch.

      Picked up two world time watches for $28 each, didn't need them and should offload at least one :).

      Edit: cancelled, just realised it's not the G5600E-1 G-Shock. Cheapest still $128 from eBay with $10 off

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    Apples and oranges I know but if you're contemplating one of these Squares, definitely check out the new GBD-200 before you pull the trigger (~$160 from TicTacArea, potentially cheaper elsewhere).
    I have two Squares myself (both negatives, a black and a red) and while cool and retro, they're both very hard to read indoors.
    The MIP display on the GBD, on the other hand, can be read effortlessly in a dark room with just a baby night light.
    They do wear a tad larger though and also have built-in step counter (not reliant on apps).

    • That’s a nice looking Squares.

    • Good they're starting to bring out more with the MIP display, it seems like it gets the form/function balance right.

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        MIP with Solar and basic Bluetooth for time syncing would be perfect.

    • Agreed! Looks nice. Easy to read for the first few days. Then you realize, that the watch should take a fraction of a second to read time easily without twisting moving your hand. However, still love em!

    • i'm waiting for GBX100!!

  • Be quick , only 5 left .

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    I had bought another one of Casio with negative display and it was very hard to read.

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    try to add in cart but cant, anyone having the same issue? is it OOS?

  • Price is back up.

    • yes , still 2 left , but price is 169.99 now

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    Only thing I don’t like about these watches is the date format!!

  • I owned this exact watch. I really liked the look, but flipped it because it was just too hard to read with the negative screen.

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