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Bladeless Fan W/ Air Purifier $130, DC Fan 40cm $69.99, Portable A/C Wifi 2.7kW $299 ($0 C&C/ in-Store Only) @ Supercheap Auto


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Germanica Bladeless Fan With Air Purifier $129

  • 35W motor cooling-only fan with air purifier and HEPA filter
  • Wi-Fi connectivity with app remote control
  • Oscillation function up to 80° rotation
  • Tilt adjustable up to 30°
  • 9 air speeds for fine control (cooling/sleep/strong modes)
  • Touch control digital display is easy to read
  • 8 hour timer for extended use and auto switch-off
  • Dimensions: W: 650mm x D: 265mm x H: 690mm
  • 12 month warranty

Prinetti Pedestal Fan DC 40cm $69.99

  • 15-speed DC motor for long, reliable performance
  • 40cm fan with 5pc durable blades
  • Oscillation mode to better circulate air
  • Round base design for stability
  • Remote control with 10hr timer for easy operation
  • 12 Month Warranty

Prinetti Portable A/C Wifi 2.7kW $299

  • Portable air conditioner with window kit for easy install
  • 2.7kW cooling power to suit rooms 15m2 – 20m2
  • 2 speed settings with de-humidifier function
  • Easy to use control panel with 24 hour programmable timer and remote control
  • Castor wheels for easy movement
  • R290 gas refrigerant
  • 12 month warranty

Prinetti Pedestal Fan 40cm $17.99

  • 240V. 3-speed, 35w copper motor for reliable performance
  • 40cm fan with durable plastic blades
  • Oscillation mode to better circulate air
  • Cross base provides stability
  • 12 month warranty

Prinetti Mini Handheld Fan Rechargeable $9.99

  • 3 speed, brushless, 5W copper motor for reliable performance
  • 4" plastic blades provide personal cooling
  • Li-Ion battery charges off 5V DC power supply via included 1.1m USB cable
  • Full charge time 4.5hrs

Please Note: Super Buys are limited time offers, available in store and online as click and collect only. Available only at Supercheap Auto from Thursday 4th November 2021, while stocks last. Due to limited quantities, this product is not available for online delivery or over the phone purchases. No holds, rainchecks or lay-bys. Supercheap Auto recommends visiting your local store or confirming your click and collect order as early as possible from sale date to secure your purchase. No further discounts apply.

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  • +1

    As cool (hah!) as it'd be, does anyone know where to buy the filters for that air purifier?

    • Just bought the air purifier fans. Also interested in this

    • https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/hepa-filter-kogan-smarterhome-b...

      If the model is similar to the kogan one. The filter I can confirm does LOOK identical ~$40

      • Thanks. I've bought two and they pair in the Kogan app (hah!), but for some reason Kogan doesn't seem to work with Google Assistant anymore. :/

        Ah well, using the Smart Home app they recommend for the fans themselves, and they're pretty good. Woke up not feeling too congested, which is great.

  • +1

    I have been waiting for a DC fan for ages - does anyone know if this one is any good?

    At that price I might just pull the trigger and find out.

  • Any ideas if the Bladeless Fan would be suitable for Homebridge integration? Manual seems to indicate it's using the Smart Life app, which seems promising, but if anyone has more of an idea, I'm all ears!

  • The airfilter one looks an awful lot like the Kogan one… (Kogan wont ship till January)

  • +1

    Anyone know what is normally quieter out of DC and bladeless fans?

    • Check out my comment beloe. I've found the bladeless one posted (bought 2) have been 50% quieter than previous bunnings pedestal fans owned.

  • Thanks OP, just found something to spend my $10 survey credit on.

  • +1

    Whats a generally well-received air purifier for people with Hayfever? Would this be suitable?

  • +2

    Thanks, OP picked up 2 of the Germanica Bladeless Fan With Air Purifier $129

    can report back once i set them up at home

    • +1

      Yeah keen to see how you go with it

    • +4

      OK after setup with the smart life app. (Not going to use the remotes) and linking to our Google home mini.
      They function and control well in a Wi-Fi sense.

      Fan speed on 3 (out of 9) is ideal for a small bedroom and quiet enough to sleep with.

      The passive hepa filter is a nice and very useful addition. Although may need to find a 3rd party supplier for these cheap and in bulk.

      Airflow (with oscillation) compared to a pedestal fan I'd say is about 70% of the power but with a noticeable quietness. The one I have in the living room struggles for long range air movement so about a 55% vs a pedestal.

      So overall if it's for a small room it's better than a pedestal for sleeping.

      **** note switching settings or on there is a noticeable beep sound so keep that in mind if you have a sleeping baby etc.

      So overall I can give this a 7/10 for fan functionality

      But the WiFi and passive air purification is definitely an extra point and a half.

      So solid 8.5/10 for a unit.

      • In the app it has a speaker button, I think you can mute it.

        • This is true for Adjustments, the Smart life app allows you to mute changes in speed etc. But it does NOT mute the ON and OFF beep.

      • Does the LED screen turn off at all?

        • +1

          yes i seem to dims after a while, I will test tonight and report back @clanton


          Tested and the LED does turn off after a few minutes.

  • +1

    bought the dc 40cm fan. It is Ok, not as stable as the Kogan DC ones but still quiet. Acceptable quality but not amazing.

  • I bought the bladeless one, but I found out why the remote control doesn't work. Does anyone have this product? Is it necessary to have advance action?

  • I just bought the Bladeless fan today. So far so good. Higher speeds are pretty loud, but otherwise very quiet. I'd equate speed 3 or 4 with about the same airflow as a pedestal fan on low, and quiet enough to sleep with on.
    Also, it can be added to Tuya App and to Home Assistant via LocalTuya.

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