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EGO 56V Select-Cut 52cm Mower + Blower + 7.5Ah Battery Combo Kit + Redeem 2.5Ah $1149 @ Sydney Tools, Trade Tools, Total Tools


This is the latest EGO twin blade mower.
Can find a lot of YouTube reviews, the same design as Honda MicroCut. Seems better for mulching with extra blade. Might not improve much for bagging.

Pick up from store to avoid shipping cost, can order to store via call sale.

Trade tools has listed for preorder.

Total tools special order call or in store

Free blower $249
2.5ah battery $200
Total $450 saving.

Redeem battery 2.5ah, spend $251 more, get 2*2.5 or 5ah. (Suggest 5ah for mower and blower as minimum)

I think the new line trimmer $245 with telescopic shaft and speed adjustment is nice.
Or $399 line trimmer kit with extra 2.5ah battery (hard to find, check your stores, I found 2 from Blackburn last week)

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  • Battery - $449
    Blower - $249
    Charger - $149
    TOTAL - $847 (in potential sales at full price…..)
    …..if you just want the mower (for $302….!!)

    • +1

      It would be too optimistic… especially during battery promotional period. Twice a year…
      2.5ah battery $150
      5.0ah $300
      Blower $200
      Charger $130

      • Even that is optimistic.
        Basic charger $50
        Rapid charger $80
        Blower $120-200 (this model $200)
        2.5aH $80-130 (used-new)

  • Looks like Total Tools have matched…..but aren’t offering free delivery :(

    • This is new listing this week, they are all waiting supply.
      Make a call to reserve if you wanted. I think the 7.5 battery and twin blade well worth $200 from previous combo $949 47cm model.

  • This is the latest EGO twin blade mower.

    No, this is the latest for Aus, we are always over a year behind in new Ego releases. Select Cut XP is the latest one, released at the start of the year in the US.

    I may have gone this deal if it was available a couple of weeks with the trade in deal instead of the 47cm model.

    • Yup, select cut xp has 10ah and more oomph, but even available here, will be 1300ish I guess, not that much upgrade over this select cut in my opinion. Only if you have very tough grass.

      Same as the new telescopic line trimmer, we don’t get 15 inch model….

    • Thanks for the heads up. I’ll wait for this to come here. My single blade Ego struggles with wet grass
      Independent US review:

      • You will be waiting for at least another year.

  • What's the chances my local Total Tools store matches the bonus attachment offer?

    • The Total Tools link for the same offer is in the OP. You'll have to call them to order it in anyway

      • sorry i meant to say Pole Saw Kit With Bonus Pole Hedge Trimmer Attachment

  • I picked up the 47cm recently. I'd considered the 52cm, but when I saw it in person, it was just way too big for my medium-sized yard. It would have been much harder to manoeuvre that thing around some of the spaces in our yard. I'm loving the Ego though, even compared to the easy-to-start 4 stroke Honda it replaced.

  • Ripper deal on a ripper but of kit. I've had the select cut about a year and it's a beast.

    Still hoping Ego will bring out a blower/vac, my 36v Ryobi is getting a little long in the tooth and the 2x18v ozito didn't get the job done.

  • +1

    Why can’t Ego just release a blower/vac?! I’ve got so many Ego batteries that I don’t want to buy another brand.

  • Black Friday is 3 weeks away, chances are at least 1 of sydney tools or TT will do their store credit promotion which which would get u $200 in store credit for spending over 1k, could b worth waiting

    • This was a good call! I missed the deal unfortunately..

  • Seems like a pretty good deal, now to convince myself I need a new ego mower 🤣

    Even better for those who can use this

  • -1

    I got BLOWN away with the price of this machine… I'm still using a $65 corded Ozito and this hurting my EGO.

  • Sold the blower on marketplace for $220 fyi. Got a few low ball offers then a few days later a guy offered listing price.
    Mower only accepts 5ah or higher so the 2.5 would be for your next Ego tool.

    • Mower only accepts 5ah or higher

      Huh? My 2.5Ah works in this mower just fine. As long as you dont try cut thick grass its fine for "emergencies". Its the older 2.5Ah pack though without the 5 segment button. Is the newer pack different?

    • My 47cm mower from recent deal works with 2.5ah battery no problem. I use the smaller battery to finish off if I run out of steam on the 5ah

      • Sorry, I was misinformed. Guy at the shop gave me the wrong info.

    • Good enough for slight slope lawn and less than 300m2(actual lawn not block size) I think, and only this is okish to accept 2.5ah according to ego brochure

      • It looks like it is supplied with the 5ah battery though right? Assuming that the mower should work with the 5.0ah battery? I'm pretty tempted by this deal and throw a line trimmer in to get a free 2.5ah battery too.

  • I have this mower since last year. Its great on our sloping quarter acre of thick kikuyu.

    I paid $1150 for it plus bought the mulching blade for it to bring it to $1200 for the prevoius redemtion 5Ah pack deal. The mulching blade is excellent I hihgly recommend it - much better battery life and it can still catch just fine.

    I'd rather have a 5Ah than a blower and 2.5Ah. The 2.5Ah cant really be used in the mower. Even the blower can make much better use of the bigger packs.

    PS I bought that blower 5Ah clearance kit from Blackwoods for $350. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/635281

  • +1

    should be able to stack it with the spend & get at TT Minchinbury which ST will match

  • +1

    Got a price match with Total Tools Windsor Gardens Adelaide.

  • Pro tip: if you want to visit the US site, just add ?preventredirect=true to the URL, e.g. https://egopowerplus.com/?preventredirect=true

  • Or pay ~$280 more for this one (assuming I can sell the blower for $180)? https://www.totaltools.com.au/118029-ego-power-56v-brushless...

  • Are these a once it's gone it's gone type deal? Waiting for new credit card to arrive while the stock dwindles!

  • They are, but you can still order it from Sydney tools

    • Cheers. Hope there are some left in a day or two when it arrives!

  • +1

    Just bought this from Total Tools and they knocked $50 off.

  • +1

    I saw Sydney Tools have $200 of instore points for $1k spend today. This pack is listed as being included. Seems to be nation wide.

    • correct spent 2k on ego kit today from sydney tools, got $400 worth of points so umming on what i want next. Also have a 7.5Ah battery on redemption coming

  • Picked up a line trimmer, carbon fibre shaft with 2 batteries and charger for $499 today. Pretty neat, too bad I didn't meet the battery redemption though.

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