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Free $5 eBay Gift Card (Compensation for Seller Promotion) @ eBay Australia


I recently sold something using the $1 final fee promo and everything went as expected.

However today I saw a message in my eBay messages offering me a $5 gift card for my recent sale which didn't work as expected?

So if you sold something using that promo you may also have that in your messages despite nothing going wrong.

It came to our attention that one of our previous selling promotions that you participated in didn't work. We completely understand how frustrating this can be, which is why we're focused on improving the experience for all eBay sellers.

Our team has been listening carefully to our seller community about what needs to change and we’re working hard to make improvements.

In an effort to make it up to you, we're offering you a $5* eBay Gift Card.

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  • +3

    I got this. Something did go wrong for me though, they fixed it.

    • Same

    • Same, I had to ask them to fix it which they did (refund the charges they made)

  • +4

    Got it too, dont know what the issue was.

  • +1

    i havent sold on ebay for a year and got it too

  • They fixed my problem too.
    Happy to get $5 voucher though.

  • Got it too

  • +6

    Thanks, I got this too. Totally makes up for the 8 weeks they took to refund me $150+

  • thanks for the heads up, checked my email and received it also

  • Got one too, thanks for the heads up!

  • +3

    Got one. Finally some compensation for using their shitty chat function to get fee issue sorted

  • +3

    A few months ago I had the $1 seller promo but the seller fee was charged at full. Had to to lots of online eBay chat to get the promos manually applied. The hassle was definitely worth more than $5 but still I am just glad they are acknowledging there was a problem. Seems to have taken a long time though, from memory I had this issue around July/August.

    • +1

      Yeah, early days of their new payment system was crazy.

  • +1

    Mine actually didn't go through for $1, luckily it was only a cheap item and this covers the fees lol

  • Is the $1 final fee promo still available? I took advantage of it with no issues a few months ago. And now I have something worth $500+ to sell.

  • Did anyone get their $30 or something voucher after ebay plus renewal this year?

    • It's $40 for me.

      • How long did you had to wait after renewal?

        • I think I cancelled around a month back.

    • I canceled 2 days prior my renewal, and they offered me $30 before I clicked end subscription.

      They then offered me $40 voucher 3-4 weeks after I canceled my subscription (there was a small banner on top of the my search results showing it).

      I was okay without ebay plus during that period because my gf had it.

  • same here

  • May be their new MD is making an entrance. 05/11/21 's announcement:

    By now, you may have seen our very exciting news. We are celebrating Dave Ramadge as our new Managing Director of eBay Australia & New Zealand!
    Some of you may know Dave. He’s been at eBay for close to 10 years cumulatively and is most recently responsible for the changes to our seller protections. He’s an authentic leader and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for us all.
    Tim MacKinnon is off to do something new and has been incredible at eBay. Over his 10 years, he’s led on some critical initiatives to maintain eBay’s market leading position. We thank Tim for his four years of unwavering commitment and leadership…

    • +1

      So 6 years he made bad decisions and was lazy?

      That explains why ebay is still a mess

  • +1

    Glad to see a eBay‘s advertising to be listening.
    As eBay expanded, seems ai algorithms rather than people are driving on friendly policies and practices.
    They do need to listen to their customers. Robotic companies tend to lose touch with the client
    Personally, I think they have very unfriendly private seller policies. Seller fees are through the roof, and their vouchers expire earlier then advertised. Industry standard retail vouchers expire at midnight of the expiry date for a eBay expire midnight the previous day, that’s not good.
    Another pet hate is if you buy anything with voucher and then get a refund you lose that voucher, You cannot get a refund on the voucher.

    • +1

      and their vouchers expire earlier then advertised. Industry standard retail vouchers expire at midnight of the expiry date for a eBay expire midnight the previous day, that’s not good.

      Yeah this happened with one of my $50 vouchers from the 10% back promo earlier this year. Took lots of chat convos and calls to get another voucher, which they ended giving one worth $150.

      Anyway, also got this $5 GC. Still keep getting hit with fees for the Gumtree $0 FVF promo though, which I have to keep chasing refunds for well after the 15 days they say to wait (I have a template to copy and paste in the chat every time, and just edit the order/item ID when needed).

  • Same here.

  • Got this too. Recently sold an item that should have had zero fees and was charged $1. Happy to get $5 back!

  • That's annoying, I had a $10 off voucher with no min spend I didn't use.

    Didn't get this

  • +1

    I got it too.. I suspect its for thr Harris technology $15 off promo

  • I've had multiple Gumtree no FVF promos not work lately, almost every month. Still not targeted for this. Pretty sure eBay hates me…

  • These are gift cards with a three year expiry. I wonder if they are tied to the account issued?

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