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Pay Only $1 in Selling Fees on The Next 5 Items You List & Sell @ eBay


Hi guys, another month and another 5 Free listings with $1 final value fee!

EDIT: Looks like it starts from the 03/11/2021 12AM

I wasn't sent this, but clicking on the previous deal allowed me to get another 5 free listings.

Here is the RSVP link if it doesn't work.


What is the Promotion?
Pay a maximum of $1 in Final Value Fees for FIVE items you list and make available for purchase in a single category during the Promotion Period (see exclusions below).
Final Value Fees are the selling fees charged on sale of an item, calculated as a percentage of your total sale price.

The promotion does not apply to fees for optional features or upgrades or any other fees that may be applicable. Learn more about eBay fees. The promotional offer is available until the date specified in the confirmation notification you receive when you register for the offer by clicking ‘Take Up Offer/Get Offer’ (“Confirmation Notification”) either via:

The “Promotional Offers” tab in the Selling section of your My eBay account (“Option 1”); or
An email from eBay inviting you to participate in the offer (“Option 2”); or
Clicking on the eBay onsite marketing banner advertising the offer ("Option 3").

Once you have accepted the offer, the promotion will be automatically assigned to your account and will be visible within My eBay .
eBay reserves the right to cancel or change the offer at any time.

Items must be listed and available for purchase within the Promotion Period in order to qualify for the promotion.

** Some tricks I have found **

  • Make sure you list between the time period
  • You can only list 1 item of the same item at a time (can't use multi quantity listings)
  • Must accept deal first before listing
  • Do not re-list previous listings - create either a new listing or choose sell similar

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  • +4

    Targeted. Not eligible.

    • Sorry man - I updated the title - I added the RSVP link directly - does this work for you?

      • +1

        Unfortunately not

    • Likewise. Didn't expect any different (haven't been targeted for ages)

    • Worked on my relatively inactive account - only 8 transactions so far

  • Says by invitation only

    • Sorry guys, I am not sure why then - I clicked it and seemed to work. I have updated the title.

    • +4

      Didn't receive any email invite but I could accept the offer

    • Didn't work for me, not sure why.

  • +1

    Didn't get targeted or any notification but seems to work clicking the link

    • can you check if the offer is activated in your account?I accpeted the offer,but can't see it in my account.

      • starts 3/11

        • Sweet, thanks for letting me know man - I updated it. That was close - just listed something….

  • It probably only works for people who got the offer last month?

  • I was accepted. That's 2 months in a row.

    LPT: Make sure you get a screen capture of the accepted offer.

    • Same I have accepted for the last few months, pretty much every month.

      But yes take a screen capture so you can show ebay support if anything comes up.

  • Thanks OP - my wife's account has this. Perfect, we needed it

  • Unfortunately, you can no longer sign up for this promotional offer because it has expired

    • Did you try the link on ozbargin or the rsvp link I posted in the post?

      • Yes I’ve tired both but got that message. I think it’s a bug of eBay. I got an email from eBay offered me 5 items free listings last month. When I clicked the link it says expired whereas my another account is fine.

        • Getting the same message, sadly… I think I got the same message last time too.

    • Worked for me just then.

  • +1

    Wasn't showing in my account but the RSVP link worked, thanks.

    Note: Mine says a promotion start date of 3/11, so be careful of the start date in your account before listing.

    • Updated, thanks for the heads up about promo start date.

  • Hoping this will stay for another month. Unlikely to see this running in Jan..

  • +6

    I've not been targeted for one of these in about 18 months, setup wife account and got it on that first month, hopefully same this month.

    Needed this since the Gumtree promotion works about 50% of the time, and going through a 2 month wait dealing with their awful customer service when it doesn't work is killing my soul

    • Yeah man, that Gumtree promo rarely works for me and most of the time I have to chase up eBay to get the fees removed manually which takes months. I'm still waiting for them to reverse the final value fees for items I sold back in August!

  • Thanks, the RSVP link worked for me.

  • Unfortunately, this promotional offer is by invitation only.

  • Woo worked for me. Thanks!

    • Woo 👍

  • Clicking the link worked for me too.

  • Is selling on eBay actually better and by how much? Facebook Market and Gumtree would suffice..

    • +1

      Probably more traffic footprint?

    • eBay is better for tracking payment and delivery so good for higher value items

    • I find it can be a bit easier in terms of there being less messaging back and forth with buyers. If you describe things well then its really just all managed by eBay, winner pays, eBay tells you who to send it to and its all done. The problem I've encountered is that there are a decent number of buyers who win an auction and never pay which can waste a lot of time…

      • a decent amount is probably helped me decide that I won't go for ebay haha. I don't know what audience of buyers would pick second hand products on ebay rather than gumtree or FB market cause personally I've only gone to things that's not preowned.

        • eBay has an extremely large user base. The biggest con is the fee, but their marketing and size means your item may sell for much higher than you would get anywhere else.

          Marketplace is okay, but most people don’t look outside of their own area and they don’t allow nation wide search (so behind on the times, surprised no one expedited this in a pandemic)

          • @okbianca: Yes…but that means it'll be sensible to list only valued items on eBay, not trivial items like what you see on Marketplace if you know what I mean. And instead of the convenience of meeting in person deliveries of heavier items would be inconvenient for the seller

    • +1

      You might get a higher price but otherwise the eBay platform favors buyers more.

    • +3

      I find ebay way more convenient. Don't have to get messed around trying to meet potential buyers, have them show up and try to haggle you down further, or deal with whatever other annoyances the dregs of gumtree bring.

      With ebay you just list it and post it once it's sold. So much less hassle…

    • eBay gets you an international audience,
      where there's a very, very well established reputational platform
      and there's a trusted way to send/receive payments.

      FB MarketPlace and Gumtree are on par with each other,
      and they each have their own strengths & weaknesses.

      eBay now, relies less on Paypal, and as an eBay seller,
      eBay must need your real name (checked against government ID),
      to transfer money to you after a sale.

  • -1

    Make sure you check that they apply it after you click "take the offer."

    Currently looking at "5 Available" after listing fives items meaning they aren't applying it.

    • +3
      1. Listings from 3/11 so shouldn't have started
      2. Use of promo usually is observable when an item actually sells.
    • As per bluedufflecoat, it only tracks now after the item is sold and paid for.

  • +1

    unfortunately I didn't get it - are people getting it if they aren't eBay Plus members? (I'm not)

    • Worked on both my accounts. 1 is ebay plus, the other one isn't.

  • +3

    Boo. "Unfortunately, this promotional offer is by invitation only."

    • Boo 👎

  • Awesome, thanks for sharing, been waiting for one of these

  • how does ebay selling works? do you list the item and once it is sold, take it to the post office to post it or does it gets picked up from your place by a local courier?

    • Once the item is sold and paid for, you can take to post office to post, or arrange a courier to pick up. Sendle is another option in eBay in which you can drop it off or have it be picked up. None of these options are free ofc.

    • If you use eBay's system completely, you could generate a label, package the item and take it to the post office. Or, you can arrange the postage completely yourself. If this is the first time you sell an item on eBay, be aware that there are buyers who will bid on items and not pay (so if you opted for auction style, there is a higher risk). Even if you go for immediate payment required, eBay doesn't trust new and casual sellers so eBay would withhold the funds for a while.

    • You never send anything to anyone, before you have some sort of confirmation that the buyer has made the payment.

      How you decide to send the item to your buyer, depends on you :

      • pick up ?
        negotiate a time & place with the buyer,
        but sometimes buyer's can be a bit 'scammy',
        ie. they pay before with Paypal / eBay,
        and then after picking up from you, they claim to eBay that they never received the item
        and ask for a refund from eBay (so, you lose the money AND you lose the item )

      • take it to post office ?
        ( you don't have to weigh items anymore at the Post Office, to figure out the postage.
        if you already have an AusPost satchel at home, then any AusPost satchel has a weight-limit of 5kg )

      • have a courier pick-up ?
        ( Sendle.com can come & collect the item from you,
        you must have pre-paid for that postage and you must print out the postage label at home,
        and stick it on the package, ready to send.
        Sendle.com can, at times, be cheaper and faster than AusPost )

  • +2

    I dont have much luck with eBay these day's Marketplace is free and quick

    • FB is 'free',
      but they are collecting data on ALL transactions,
      and working out how much people are making anyway.

      So, that if/when Digital ID gets implemented,
      Tax Office may actually come for tax from FB Marketplace sellers.

      • Simple, Sell and Delete as didn't sold

        • Agree, but then it is hard to collect those 'feedback' stars … :-D

  • And another month I'm not Targeted as usual

  • +1

    Activated by above ink but not showing in account …. ???

    • +2

      Doesn't start until the 3rd of November

  • Worked fine clicked accept

  • worked for me thanks

  • +2

    Great - the only time it's worthwhile selling high value items on eBay is these deals.

    Stuff eBay taking $150+ in fees from the sale of a phone.

  • Worked for me. Cheers

  • not targeted but worked! thanks
    wish it worked for multi quantity listings.

  • Thanks OP! Works for me.

  • Unfortunately, you can no longer sign up for this promotional offer because it has expired.

  • The last time I took full advantage of this and sold an extra graphics card. Was good to not pay a significant chunk in fees. Of course ebay also needs support and Ive been doing that with ebay plus and fees for sales through out the year.

    • +2

      I think the bulk sellers are supporting ebay - when we make an occasional once of sale fee free is good

  • +1

    Clicked on the link and applied to my account.
    Sweet, I have heaps of stuff to sell so the timing is perfect.
    I miss the days when these were more often.

  • +1

    Worked for me. Might end my higher priced items and relist them on the 3rd.

    • In the OP he says : "Do not re-list previous listings - create either a new listing or choose sell similar"

  • Don't really sell too much on ebay but when I did it took over two days for the funds to appear. Do u normally wait till the money in your account b4 sending the item?

    • Ebay tells you that payment has been received, you manage all postage through ebay, then when ebay detects the package has been delivered, they will release the funds to you

  • Yeah think the system has some problems, remember times when the money hasn't hit my account and ebay has already flagged my postage as already overdue.

    Its like the system expects me to already ship the item before the payment is in my account.

  • I think I have activated the offer but it also looks like there is no way to confirm it?

    eg after clicking the link I see a green tick and then the message:

    You've accepted the offer … start date end date etc.

    Can't see any mention of the offer I clicked on in the app? :-( Looks like there is no way to really check until you sell things?

    • +1

      Wait until the 3rd and then list an item. It will then appear.

  • If I list an item on the last day of the promotion, and sell few days later.Does it still qualify? Anyone have similar experience?

    • It does, up until it ends or automatically re-lists. Check the terms, it should be in there.

      • Thanks!

  • i was able to accept it.

  • Worked. Thank you OP 😇

  • Promotional offer

    Unfortunately, this promotional offer is by invitation only.

    Pretty sure it’s pissing ‘ regular ‘ ebay users off , to be constantly excluded from this deal .

  • Worked for me on an old rarely-used account. It didn't work on my "everyday" eBay account.
    I would suggest creating a new account and see how you go

  • I listed an item today (a PS2 console) under 'Sell Similar' but it's still showing I have 5 remaining items - does this mean it didn't apply to that item? Or it only applies once sold?

    • Having the same issue.

    • +2

      Only drops once it's sold because the promo only applies if a item sells.

      • Thanks tezza!

    • +1

      Yep, when you make one sale it will say Used/Left: 1 / 4

      The key to maximising the benefit of this promo is to list a load of your most expensive items and hope you can sell 5 of those before it expires.

      • Yep I've sold one and it's gone down to 4.

        I removed all my small listings too just to maximise savings.

      • When I get these the used/left countdown doesn't work but they still only charge $1.

        Make sure to screen grab everything just in case.

  • Does it automatically apply on existing listings you have live or do you need to pull them first and then relist?

    • +1

      It's got to be listed within the date range. It won't apply to already existing listings. Definitely, end and relist.

  • Thanks, wasn't targeted but was able to get the offer via the RSVP link on both my account.

  • Can someone advise how this works in the scenarios below…

    • If I add say 100 listings during the offer period, if any 5 of those items sell they will only charge $1 (ie. it's 5 sales not 5 listings)?

    • If I add a listing say halfway through the offer period and it sells shortly after the offer period ends do they charge $1? (ie. the item was listed during the offer period but sold after)

    The terms don't really clarify this.

  • +1

    Yes first five items and I believe the $1 applies until it’s automatically relisted (for good till cancelled listing)

    • Thanks tezza.

      • Point 1 confirmed … you can list more than 5 and the first five items sold will be $1 in fees.
      • Point 2 not confirmed but I hope that's the case as I'll leave the listings up until just before they relist
  • Anyone have new link for Dec?

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