This was posted 6 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Sunlu 3D Printer Filament Drying Box ~A$49.20 Delivered @ Aliexpress


I have been watching these for a while and this may be a price error given that the 11.11 sale price is about $12 more. Cheapest on EBay is $63 and they are around $80 in Bricks and Mortar stores. To test if it was an error I have ordered one and have just got the shipping notification so it looks like it will be fulfilled. Comes with AU plug.

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    I've been looking at these boxes, I have a food dehydrator that I use to dry the filament I have in storage and thought these were way too expensive at their usual prices, but one of these would be very convenient to make sure I don't get any annoying breakages (Aurarum factory seconds filament FTW!)

    There's also a store coupon that showed up for me, for an additional 4.11 AUD off. Ended up paying $44.65 inc postage and GST.

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      I bought one recently, and I would be less salty if I have received and used it instead of having it stuck in auspost

  • Does this one have a fan inside?

  • +2

    No, it has a heating element only, but it is quiet

  • I've had mine for about a year I think, works well for me.

    Originally it was on kickstarter.

    Good price for sure.

    Heaps of reviews from 3d printer reputable YouTubers, all say it's good.

    Just an FYI, I set my PLA to 50 degrees for 4-6 hours to dry it out.

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      It was selling before the kickstater even shipped to its backers first. The KS was basically a ad and now they have the s2 which has a top element but again no fan

      • Thanks for clarifying.

        I paid about $70 as a "Super Early Bird" backer on KS back then lol

  • I'm seeing $63.85

    • Likewise. I'd be interested at the deal price. Can find cheaper options on Ali but shipping kills them all.

      • Glad I'm not the only one. I already have one but at this price I was toying with the idea of another. Probably good I save my money.

    • I'm guessing China stock was the cheap one but not selectable any more

      • +2

        Australia stock was the cheap one. When I ordered it said there were 9 left.

  • Thanks OP, at that price took the plunge. Was $50.16.

  • I have one and really like it. Works great on old filament

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    I've this. I use it for drying petg (it's practically unusable with mosture in it). I haven't used it with PLA it just prints perfect regardless.

    • +6

      Desiccant alone won't draw the moisture out of filament, it only draws moisture out of the ambient air. You need to heat the filament up to dry it. Only then you put it in a sealed bag with desiccant, to prevent it from capturing moisture from the air during storage.

      That box would be handy if you're doing a multi-day print and want to preserve the dryness of the plastic (and you add rubber washers to all the penetrations so it's properly sealed, which seem to be missing from that design), but it's not going to solve the problem this heater box does.

      • +1

        thank you for this!

  • +1

    $49.19 for me. Thanks OP!

    • I'm seeing $57.19

      Subtotal AU$57.48
      - AU $1.37 seller Discount
      - AU $4.12 Store Coupons

      Shipping AU $0.00
      VAT AU $5.21

      Total AU $57.19

      • So random… I got 51.09 + 4.97 = 54.69AUD

        • BINGO!

  • How much power do these use?

    Are you meant to keep your filament in them all the time?

    • No, just dry before printing.

    • They draw 48 watts and you should only need to dry out each roll for about 6 hours before use. You can store your filament in air tight bags after drying it so it is ready to go when you need to use it next.

  • I don't own a 3D printer, are the prices for these filament always so expensive?
    Reminds me of the printer manufacturers "scamming" us with those ultra-expensive inkjet printer ink cartridges.

    • +2

      No, a spool of PLA is dirt cheap.

      Resin 3D printing, which uses a bath of liquid resin (no filament) has expensive consumables.

    • -2

      Nah this is a good deal, generally when you need to replace the filament cartridge in your 3d printer you spend about $65 for 1 filament which lasts about a month before it dries out.

    • +1

      Cheap PLA, ABS and PETG can be had for about $15-20/kg. The better brands run $20-30/kg. Speciality filaments can be $60-200/kg but they free unique properties.

      This deal is for a drying box, if your filament is old or improperly stored and picked up too much moisture.

  • I have one, no longer need to stuff filament into sealed desiccated cartons. Comfy quiet thing that primes the follow-up roll a day before you run out or change.

  • -1

    has anyone tried the engraver on an ender 3? thoughts? tempted to get this

  • +3

    Could be cheap due to Sunlu releasing there new filadryer S2 on the 15th

  • Has anybody brought back a roll of pla from snapping every 5cm to usable using one of these?

    • +1

      I had a roll that bad after awhile, but instead of using a filadryer, I put it in the oven on lowest (40degC). After about 2 hrs at that it worked fine. Until about 2mths later had the same brittleness, I put it back and figured I would try 50degC for 1hr. Bad idea as clearly oven wasnt accurate at this temp. It deformed the reel outer ring. Was still usable until the end of reel but had to cut parts of deformed reel off so it didnt push itself off the printer.

      If I were to use oven id use lowest setting and keep an eye on it closely. But having said that, I just gave in as part of this deal and hope its atleast as good as my oven at 40*C was.

      Note: I store my filaments in airtight containers. This one white reel was really susceptible to moisture / brittleness.

      • Thanks for the insight.

  • This has got to be literally the most random thing I've ever seen on ozbargain, almost as random as the stuff in the Aldi catalogs. Always thought you just keep filament in the bag it came in with the little silica gel bag.

    • If you're doing long prints, or forget to remove it from the printer for too long after printing, the filament can pick up moisture. Keeping it in a bag won't pull out much moisture compared to heating it up.

    • I've been waiting for a deal since this was on Kickstarter, so thank you OP.

  • Can anyone recommend a cabinet to store the filaments?

  • I'm seeing US$40.92 + 10% GST?
    How to get $49.2 AUD?

    • -1

      Try selecting
      Ship to = Australia
      Language = English
      Currency = AUD
      and then make the selection of:
      Ships from = Australia
      Colour = filament-dry-box-AU (middle icon)

      I have just tested that and it seems to work for me

  • $61.73 …

    • Hi, just tested in a different browser and can confirm I'm still getting $44.71 AUD (ex GST) ($49.19 inc)

      • why is everyone getting different prices?

        what browser, seems im getting all different prices, how can i get $49

  • +1

    I am getting $54.69 AUD shipped . I wonder if using Paypay or card makes a difference ?

    • I paid $49.19 with PayPal.
      I chose "Ships from Australia" and "AU Plug".

      The listed price is $44.71. At checkout, $4.48 GST is added making it $49.19.
      If I buy 2 with the seller's coupon, it's $84.36 ($42.18 each).

    • +1

      I got the same $54.69, couldn't achieve the suggested price with CC or PayPal. Lost a little OzB XP…

    • +1

      $20 shipping of me

  • I paid 48.96 and forgot Cashback, doh!

  • +5

    PSSDS20 - 20% off $46.39
    PSSDS22 - 22% off(eBay plus member) $45.23

    • Unfortunately won't ship to WA

  • Mine just arrived. Looks good.

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