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Double Credits on $50 or $100 Loads @ Timezone


Timezone is now back open in all states so double dollars is back.
Don't forget to download the new Timezone fun app and register an account with email + phone number to get an extra $5 free credits.

Anyone with a platinum power card can access this deal from now until the 13th.

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    time for more lasertag

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    Do i have to spend all bonus on 13/11 ?
    Can I buy credit and spend on another day?

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      You are only loading credit onto your card, so you can save it for another day.

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    yay mario kart time

  • Use Costco's Kingpin gift card for another 20% discount.

    • Thought those gift cards just get the stated values added, not any extra bonuses.

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        I think it should work for double dollars because it's just a gift card that can be spent on anything at timezone/kingpin/zone bowling. I bought one a few weeks back waiting for this promotion lol

        • Would it work on the app? or just instore

        • Can anyone else confirm it's for Kingpin and Zone bowling and laser tag and escape room and maybe strike as well?

          • @brisdaz: GC is for Kingpin and Zone Bowling. Works on anything at the place so yes to laser tag and escape room.

    • Is it still available? What's the best way to buy it if I don't have Costco membership?

      • Not sure if it's still available but I just bought mine a few weeks ago so should still be there. If you don't have a Costco membership you could wait for something like the 2000 bonus flybuys/everyday rewards points on $50 Ultimate Teens/Kids Gift Card which works at timezone+zone bowling

        • That's still running till next Tuesday 9th at Coles.

          • @brisdaz: That's only 1000 points which is $5. 2000 points was last month

  • Note the platinum deal is in store only during early access.

    • What's the platinum deal?

      • Early access to double dollars in store.

        • Can anyone get a platinum card? Do we just go in store or was this a deal that has since ended?

          • @Click_It: Spend $1000 cumulative and you get a platinum card

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    Can you use discover nsw voucher to double the value?

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  • I wonder if there's any way I can still get any of the benefits from my Powerclub card from 15 years ago at a Timezone location which no longer exists. The card did work overseas though. Can't remember what type of card it was (maybe Sapphire?) but it was the type which got 2 free games a day instead of the usual 1 on the Gold.

    • The new platinum card seems to have the same benefits as your card (2 free games per day) but if you haven't used the card after a year it expires so it might not work. Try checking your card by putting it into the timezone app and it'll show you what card type it is.

      • New challenge is finding the old card in my pile of stuff from high school days… it was a swipe card. Not sure if they've subsequently changed to NFC cards now!

        • +1

          NFC now but last time I checked, many places still accepted swipe cards.

    • Assuming you registered your details before, they can reissue you the card

      • I did register the card and still know the card number so have emailed them to see!

    • +3

      I went to timezone for the first time in 10 years the other week and he said do you have a card. I said "not unless you can pull up my old gold card" sure enough I had registered and he just gave me a new one

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    Can also use Timezone Fun App if you can't make it into a store

  • Time to check out whether the pinball games that have been sitting idle all this time are still in working order. Visual Pinball is great but nothing beats the physical feel of real steel balls dropping targets, flipping spinners, and hitting ramps.

    • My local has a couple of working pinball machines

  • +2

    12 mths expiry .
    And don't have any ideas of a cheap birthday party as these credits do not work for that :)

    • +1

      They expire 12 months after your last recharge/play so you could play 364 days later and it'd be good for another year

      • +1

        This is basically a gift card, should be 3 years

        • Same with all those prepaid mobile plan thingies right? Same thing right? Should be valid for 3 years!

  • Is there any limits on purchases ?

    • Don't think so

      • So it is OK to purchase 1 or more cards with each top of of $50 with $100 value … in readiness for xmas pressies

        • Most likely so but just watch out for the 1yr expiry if the card is inactive

    • +1

      no purchase limits

  • Are u sure this can’t be used to pay for birthday parties?

    • Yes

  • -1

    and tinder date sorted. How how do I get the card??

    • Just go in store and get one on the 13th.

      Platinum members can just access early but you need $1000 cumulative spend to reach that level. Everyone else has to wait for the 13th

      • Cool thanks

  • Can the credit be used for free play?

  • For those who TimeZone frequently … is it better to fund $100 on two separate TimeZone cards, or just load $200 onto one?
    Not sure if I should load a second card for the Mrs, or we just share the one card?

    • +1

      I just went there tonight to get a card so I can reload online for this deal. I asked the same thing and he told me there is a delay to stop the card being used multiple times accidentally, about 10 secs he said. So if you had one card and wanted to play together he said it should be ok.

      If you want to use the time pass deals for 2 people I think that's the only time you need 2 cards.

      I got 2 cards for my nephews and linked them to the same account in the app. As they are young, and I will be the one taking them, it's unlikely I'll need 2 cards once as I can only handle one kid at a time. I'm sure I'll be playing a few games with them so will report back if I have any issues using 1 card.

      Also…the reward points are not linked between the cards so I am thinking I will use one card for the main usage and have the second card just in case. To get the VIP prices I'll need to load a min of $50 on each card.

      • Thanks for the helpful info! And good point re reward points. I think I'll just load $200 onto one card then!

        • Another interesting thing I noticed, Timezone Clayton, Vic had someone standing at the door to make sure you check in via QR code and then physically checked my phone.

      • So we'll be able to buy $50 but have the bonus $50 loaded onto a different card? If so then makes excellent xmas gifts :)

        • +1

          The bonus is loaded onto the same card
          So it would make you look extra generous!

          • @wutang01: Thanks, went to pick up a card today and was told I could do $50 and have it split into $25 in separate cards but will only get bonus $5 in each instead of another $25. So just loaded $50 on one card :)

            • @Craze: I also ended up just loading credit onto one card. Played a few games with my nephew without any issues using one card.

        • No. The deal is "spend 50, get extra 50". Not "spend 50, get another 50 and later decide what card to load it on".

  • +1

    Loaded up via the app this morning, nice and easy.

  • I am new to this - i do not have a powercard - so I have to get one from timezone before I can load to the app right?

  • +2

    Time to gamble it all on the wizard of oz coin shooter.

    • +1

      Shit I didn't know professional gamblers were on this site !

      • +1

        Just call me the scarecrow because I don't have a brain while playing it yet still come out on top 😎

  • Does this card work at the kingpin arcade?

    • +1

      Yes works at timezone, zone bowling, and kingpin.

      • I believe zone bowling and kingpin have to be in the timezone centre for the powercard to work?

        • Nope

  • On the app my reload button is greyed out. Anyone know why and how to fix?

    • Need to link a card first?

      • Ah, I misread. I thought the deal allows you to link credit to your account and can get card later to link to account.

  • Cheers I got a text from them about this lol.. turns out another 100 Points and I'll be Bronze!

  • I didn't realize you need to get your a$$ to a TimeZone to get the card .
    I'm out because of it .

  • store assistant mentioned laser tag cannot be purchased with the card.

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