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eufy Cam 2c Pro 2K Security Kit 2 Cam Pack $357 Delivered (RRP $429) @ Amazon AU


RRP is $429, lowest price according to Camelcamelcamel. Note this is the Pro model.

I only need two cameras but if you need more, you can add additional cameras and still works out cheaper than the 3 ($556) or 4 camera kits ($755)!

If you want 4 cams, buy the 2 cam kit twice. Works out cheaper again ($714), plus you will have a spare Homebase 2 that you could sell off.

2 Cam kit - T8861CD1 - $357
Single Cam - T8142TD1 - $199

3 Cam kit - T8862CD1 - $599
4 Cam kit - T8863CD1 - $799

Amazon Description:
eufyCam 2C Pro 2-Cam Kit, Wireless Home Security System with 2K Resolution, 180-Day Battery Life, HomeKit Compatibility, IP67, Night Vision, and No Monthly Fee.

Smart Image Enhancement: Get a clearer, brighter view of the people in-shot. Built-in AI technology identifies and focuses on humans.

Turn Night into Day: The built-in spotlight illuminates the surrounding area and allows you to see the whole picture in colour clarity, even in low-light. Infrared setting also available.

The Alerts that Matter: Human detection reduces the number of false alerts you receive. eufyCam 2C intelligently differentiates humans from objects.

Smart Detection Zones: Customize the areas in which the camera will detect motion. Set the zone to suit your home so you only receive the alerts you care about.

Storage You Can Trust: Securely store up to 3 months of recordings via the 16GB eMMC.

Military-Grade Encryption: AES-128 data encryption ensures your footage is kept private on transmission and storage.

Real-Time Response: Speak directly to anyone who approaches your home via two-way audio.

Smart Integration: Connect your devices to Amazon Alexa for complete control over your surveillance.

What’s Included: eufyCam 2C Pro Camera (2), HomeBase 2, Mount, Micro USB Charging Cable, AC Power Adapter, Ethernet Cable, User Manual.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Nice little savings
    I just recently bought the wireless doorbell so this will add-in nicely

    • +2

      Would highly recommend reolink argus 3 pro, better feature with human and vehicle detection. Such a brilliant camera, recently bought and couldn't recommend enough.

      • I have the non pro version and just checked it has human but not vehicle detection modes.

        I changed my whole system from Arlo pro 2 and am very happy with it, the main downside is I have a delay when chatting through doorbell.

        • Yeah I find that with my eufy door bell too

      • Do you have a camera doorbell and which one?

  • I just bought it from jbhifi two days ago and already installed it. Any chance to get the difference refunded?

    • +16

      Buy from Amazon and return to JB Hifi lol

      • Oh dear. I would tell them so lol

    • +24

      Pricematch a new set at JB. Then return it with the old receipt.

      • +14

        This is pure old school ozbargaining. The new breed are too afraid to even ask for a price match. They’re too busy buying a ps5 for rrp.

        • +3

          Above RRP***

        • That's additional time and effort. Depends on the saving and how much you value your time.

          • @42: For sure but my wider point is that ozbargaining is an extension of street smarts. Getting a good deal, negotiating etc still requires some people skills and/or willingness to ask.

      • +5

        JB has a two week price guarantee no need to do any of that anymore.. source I worked there for 5 years and did that all the time for customers buying TVs etc

    • +3

      Dont do any of the suggestion just go in with the receipt and say the salesman said he would refund the difference if it went on sale in the next two weeks

    • +1

      Just bring the receipt and empty box (for barcode) instore and ask them to pricematch it. I've done it before without even bringing the item in.

      • The SKU is on the receipt, so you don't actually need to bring in the box..

  • +9

    GG Commercial

    eufy 2C Pro 2K Security System & Homebase (3 Camera)


    — slightly cheaper —-

  • Cheers, looking to upgrade my original Arlo system. What's the difference between the 2c Pro 2K and the Pro 2K which is substantially more expensive on the JB site?

    • 2 has longer battery life and alarm
      2C has spotlight


    • 2C has floodlight and 180 day battery life.
      2 has no floodlight and 365 day battery life and alarm.

      Personally I prefer to have the floodlight for better image quality at night.

      • +1

        Can't you mix 2C and 2 within the same system?

        • Would like to know this too

        • +1

          Yes you can. I have both and just also installed the solocam s40 (with inbuilt solar panel and significantly better flood light). All working fine with each other.

    • +2

      My problem with the Arlo is the long log in time, basically when you log in after receiving the notification, by the time it is connected to the camera the person has left.

  • +2
    • Thanks. Good find.

      Or buy two of these and sell the Homebase 2? Hehe.

  • Just need to find eufy homebase 2 battery add on…
    seems out of stock…

    • Haven’t heard of that. Assumed they would have spammed me ads through the app. How long has it been on sale / out of stock?

  • does this require a subscription

    • +1

      No the homebase has built in storage and is free to access using apps (even when away from home).

    • +11

      The only thing u need to subscribe to is read in description

    • +1

      Limited storage. Usb can not be used as extra storage

      • Limited storage isn’t an issue in real world use. Handles a few months worths of data generated from my 5 cameras.

  • +17

    I found this link on the Eufy forums. Pretty concerning and something to consider if purchasing their gear. Anyone with the technical know how care to comment on the link?

    • +1

      Wow I was about to pull the trigger on this, but that's pretty concerning. Thanks for sharing. Pretty poor response from Eufy as well.

    • +2

      I'm never touching their stuff then. Stupid "smart" tech.

    • +2

      Wow. Quick read and still not fixed, not likely to. So all the bad guys have to do is press the sync button for 10 seconds and it wipes the device and all recordings.

      They also must of adhered to EU GDPR and now delete all recordings over 3 months according to this.

      Might stay with my older arlos for a bit longer then.

    • I was going to quote the same thing. Pretty pathetic.
      I've only got the doorbell and was looking at their new LED Eufy Pro floodlight 2 but will now avoid it.
      Going to go back to a self managed NVR/Hikvision system.

    • This needs to be somehow pinned or included in the main post.

      Potential buyers need to be aware of this terrible security flaw. anyone who has physical access to the exterior cameras can erase all video recordings stored in the internal base unit. This completely destroys their use a security devices.

      A thief can walk up to your cameras, press the sync button for 10 seconds and erase all records of themselves and prevent future recordings. The thief can do whatever they like on your property, steal or damage, and your Eufy security camera system will have no recordings of them.

      The only utility they provide is if you can locate them in a location that is either physically impossible for the thief to access or hidden so the thief doesn't know it is there.

    • Why still is " #eufyflawed " after so many months?

    • wow thank you so much for this info. NO ONE SHOULD EVER BUY THIS POS. :(

  • +1

    Got the 4 pack for this price from SCA or maybe that wasn't pro.

    • Check invoice or packaging

    • Not certain and happy to be proved wrong. but I think the Pro models are kind of fake. everything appears identical, except suddenly they're 1440p, and not 1080p, It's quite possible everything hardware wise is the same, and they're just upscaling 1080p to 1440P, the reason being to 'refresh the lineup' and have *NEW MODEL in advertising to help increase sales of a old but successful product

    • I just got a 2 pack + 1 from SCA and they're definitely the non-Pro versions. 20% off their eufy range, so I paid $319.20 + $151.99 = $471.19 for them. Was more keen on current available stock than finding a good deal with the Pro versions. And, as bobvegas said, from the spec sheets between the Pro and non-Pro versions, it just seems like it's 1440p vs 1080p without any further improvements.

  • If you want 4 cameras, devicedeal.com is cheaper and jb hi-fi price matched me so no waiting for delivery.

    • Which JB store bud?

      • JB Hi-Fi Gepps cross in Adelaide but when I got it devicedeal was selling for 699.

    • Link refers to ‘would be thieves can press the sync button for 10s to erase data from home base’

      • Idk what link you clicked mate it must be the one before my comment.

  • I bought 4 packs with a home-base for the price. Price match at Cheap Auto. Very happy with it, no subscription fee, battery last for at least 2 months, recharge, and easy to install. I put one near garage, side door, front door and inside house/hall. You certainly need more than two

  • +1

    I am thinking I need 4 sets of cameras to cover, is it worth spending ~$70 more to get a second set of homebase for connectivity?

    • +1

      Depends on the size of your property, but most likely not worth spending extra.

      • +1

        Property is relatively small, 400m2 from front to back. Leaning towards just pocketing the $70 and buy a spare home base later if required. That can get me a spare Eufy solar panel.

        • Get 4 definitely

          • @bola2000: Yeah definitely getting 4 cameras and have already brought 2 of the floodlight to have at front and back as well.
            Was tossing up whether to buy the 2 of the 2 camera set or 1 of the 4 camera set.

    • Why do you need a second homebase to connect the 4 cameras? Isn't it determined by your wifi connectivity and not the homebase?

  • Better buy ARLO

    • +1

      Agree. Had this and returned it. Bad connectivity. Limited storage.

  • +2

    Eufy support is quite terrible. I have a eufy 2c (not the pro) system and the 1080p video is no good, compression makes it unusable. You can barely see the faces and video is way too blocky. Requested eufy update firmware or software to allow compression/bitrate adjustment, they said no go as there's a software limitation. The select area detection in the app doesnt work either. The initially promised extension to record to usb drives on the homebase, that's been floating around for ages. Seems it will never happen (Over 1.5yrs and no progress).

    Buyer beware, support doesnt listen to users. Look at the security 'feature' with the delete feature mentioned above.

    • +5

      As a software developer, a feature request like this is not gonna be implemented with a few requests,the product management team has to agree there is a significant demand and won't affect current performance.

      • +4

        Reading through forums, seems Eufy are far more interested in new products than existing product improvement… pretty sad really.

        These cam’s have both scheduling and geofencing, but you can’t have both. So basically you can’t set it to have an alarm when home only at night, for example. Hundreds of comments on their forums - no response from eufy in 18 months (even though they said they’d implement by Q1 2021.

      • lol, but the performance isnt there and it's not really a feature request. Defeats the whole purpose of a security system when you cant even see the video clearly and it's heavily pixelated.

        p.s. i'm a software engineer, but yeah so what. who cares.

    • +1

      With the USB storage, I remember seeing not long ago that it had been scrapped and will be implemented on the home base 3. Theory was the chip inside the home base 2 wasn’t capable of encrypting videos to external storage. Just a theory though. Another is they want you to ‘upgrade’ and pay more for home base 3 products.

  • +1

    How does this affix to the wall? I see "wall mount", but do the cameras require wall drilling or is it like a 3M sticking thing?

    • +1

      Drilling required.

      • +1

        I mean you could use a 3m sticky instead of screws, but they’re pretty heavy - you’d want to screw

    • +1

      If it's brick wall, there are few options:

      • Brick clips, non destructive, but you have to figure out a way to mount to the clip.
      • Masonry screws, no pre-drilling or plugs required, just drive it in.
      • Screw into mortar, debatable, but should be fine for this sort of application.

      Would avoid tape, unless it is undercover, it is unlikely to withstand the elements.

      You can also cable tie the mount to a post or some other objects. Or screw it to a block of timber and put it up high.

      • Thanks, this is useful.

        I'm completely to this, is there a set of tools you would recommend getting from Bunnings to self-install the camera? Eg, portable drill model, Masonry screws links. Ta

  • kinda new to these cams and was looking to getting a set for the in laws place. Besides the longer battery life and 2k, are there any major differences compared to the eufy cam?

    • Did U meant to compare the 2C with eufycam pro?

      I spent sometime research and it would appear the main difference is the spotlight for nighttime recording, but a smaller battery. Obviously different shape and size (2c is smaller)

    • kinda new to these cams and was looking to getting a set for the in laws place

      Great idea, you can check when they leave their house and are about to come over to yours!

  • I am not sure what is the difference between CD1 and CD 3 but the CD 3 (T8831CD3) similar modal at super cheap around $320+ $5 delivery.

    • This isn’t the “pro” with 2k unfortunately

  • I always hesitate at local storage by the thought the robber just steals the camera/base station? Or does HomeKit give you cloud storage as well?

    • Local storage is held on the Homebase, but you can choose to subscribe to a cloud plan where the home base then uploads all recorded data to a cloud account.

  • +3

    Got these recently from GG with 10% off and latitude pay $50 credit, paid $397!

    Happy with them so far.
    • Lag to record is minimal,
    • Easy setup,
    • Battery life seems fine (been running for about 3 weeks, 91% battery remaining for front door and 84% in back yard, triggers more due to kids playing).
    • footage quality is pretty good, but face recording is a bit fuzzy, weird for 2K
    • Light isn’t as bright as I hoped for, but still allows for a good image to be recorded
    • worked out pretty early on to not record my dog which was cool! Haha

    My main gripes are that you can’t set both geofencing and schedules (would like alarms to sound when not home and motion detected, but not when I am home, except at night! Unfortunately can’t set). Also no facial recognition in newer models, does give you a snapshot of the detected face, but it’s not great image really. Lastly, eufy more interested in new products for profit than improving their existing lineup! Check forums, haven’t seen any feature request get implemented…

  • Internet says that Google home integration is in beta for these. Anyone tried ? Keen but need full home integration.

  • +5

    Any one looking to buy make sure you read the issue about data being wiped by 10s pressing the sync button on the camera before purchasing. really concerning


  • Anyone able to share a screenshot of the 3 camera deal from Goodguys Commercial please?

    Want to get it pricematched at SCA.

    I've just requested access to GGC via sunsuper but it takes a few days!

    Thank you

  • I got the Arlo Pro 2, how would this compare?

    • Not worth upgrading.

    • Do you still get 7 days free cloud storage? I upgraded from Pro 2 to Pro 3 but no cloud storage anymore, it’s all subscription

      • Pro2 has cloud storage, that’s why I didn’t upgrade…

  • +2

    Guy this camera does the job for me. It detects human/animal movement and alerted to your phone. So if I expected a delivery and someone one in front of the door and I am outside at work I can actually view live, you can actually send voice but isn’t very clear… also it records movement every times. I can check check whole day activities as it recorded. Check what time kids back home the next days, check who came to your house if you are not home etc. If you have a home content insurance this is a great add on.

  • What I've found it all comes to the way you hang them, it detects better the more light it can pick up. Saw alot about how crap Blink was on detection at night, hung it differently and wham works better, leave it on a flat surface does not pick up picture leaves it blurred.

    So anyone have problems with Eufy, Blink or Arlo suggest changing your position, see the differences.

  • Does anybody know if you can wire these at all with a power cable? If not is there any wired solution you could suggest that's similar?

    • Only the eufy solar panel, reports of other brands lead to premature death of camera due to voltage regulation.

  • Is this 24x7 recording or just on motion detection?

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