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United Arab Emirates Direct from Melbourne $524 Return, Sydney $525 Return on Etihad @ I Want That Flight


These last minute fares are an absolute bargain! Flights are in November/21 and are direct to Abu Dhabi from Melbourne and Sydney. Etihad Airways flights include bags and meals.

"You don't need to quarantine in Abu Dhabi if you're vaccinated for COVID-19. You must verify your vaccination certificate before travelling. You'll still need to present a printed negative COVID-19 (PCR) test within 48 hours of departure for Abu Dhabi. You'll also be subject to COVID-19 testing on arrival."

$524 Return Melbourne to Abu Dhabi Flights.

Depart Return Price
18/Nov 25/Nov $524 View Flight
11/Nov 20/Nov $524 View Flight
16/Nov 25/Nov $524 View Flight
11/Nov 19/Nov $525 View Flight
11/Nov 26/Nov $525 View Flight
11/Nov 23/Nov $525 View Flight
11/Nov 25/Nov $525 View Flight
18/Nov 26/Nov $529 View Flight
16/Nov 26/Nov $529 View Flight

$525 Return Sydney to Abu Dhabi Flights.

Depart Return Price
11/Nov 26/Nov $525 View Flight
09/Nov 26/Nov $525 View Flight
10/Nov 26/Nov $530 View Flight
17/Nov 26/Nov $530 View Flight
17/Nov 24/Nov $530 View Flight
18/Nov 25/Nov $567 View Flight
10/Nov 18/Nov $567 View Flight
11/Nov 19/Nov $567 View Flight
17/Nov 25/Nov $567 View Flight
17/Nov 23/Nov $567 View Flight

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  • +9

    This takes you to Abu Dhabi. If you wish to go to Dubai you need to take a taxi or this https://www.etihad.com/en-au/book/airport-transfers/etihad-c...

    • Good advice as Dubai World Expo 2020 is on now

      • +4

        That's a long expo.

        • +2

          It's part of the let's not rename events postponed thing (ie Tokyo 2020)

      • Etihad gives a free one day pass to the expo as well.

  • +1

    Wow great price! Any flight deals to Toronto OP :)?

  • +1

    This is one of those deals whereby I'm shocked by how awesome the price is - yet I still wonder if even one of us will bite. It's so soon. I guess my life pre kids may have seen me living this level of awesome wrecklessness. Anyone going?

    • so soon? whats your concern?

      • +27

        Massive spike in numbers. New variant. Change in political conditions. Not allowed back in international flights cancelled on a whim. Vaccine passports not being recognized from certain places. Mandatory hotel quarantining for two whole weeks of your 4,732 weeks of an average life. High rate of covid propogation internationally and vaccine reduces symptoms, but doesn't absolve you from getting the virus and getting extremely ill potentially life threateningly so. Dubious health care systems internationally. Me? I would love to jump at this but work is too busy - but I can certainly empathise with people's fears

      • +2

        lol. Actually just meant I like a bit of lead time in normal times. Covid stuff was secondary but some excellent points made below.

  • Are these pre departure PCR tests free as in they are the same as the ones being done at these free walk in covid testing centres? Or are they different and need to be paid for separately? And how much are those if not free?

    • +1

      They are not free, unfortunately. You need to get them done at a private clinic, one which specialises in travel. The cost of the test is around $150.

    • +1

      They use the same test but as those are medicare funded they won’t give you the certificate you need for travel
      $100-$150 seems to be the going rate for the paid ones

    • Some ppl claim you can get your test done at a hospital (eg. NSW health or equivalent) and get a Q-code that links up to a printed copy for travel.

      Yet others claim it does not have a passport number and so is no good.

      It is mirky.

  • $150 per test

    • +1

      One way to save $150 & put it on the taxpayers dime is to go to a walk-in test site where they give you a paper with your details and some sort of test number which you then give to your GP after you receive your negative text and he/she should be able to email you an airline recognized PCR test. This worked for me anyway in a local hospital test site. Also, ask your GP if they’re willing and able to do it. $150 per a test is highway robbery.

      • Did the GP also include a QR code? I have heard that is a requirement although I am not sure

        • QR code is required as anyone can edit a PDF file, QR code links to the actual test.

          Can still be faked if you DIY your own QR code, buy a domain that could pass for your testing institutes url and upload your edited PDF.

          A lot of check in agents and immigration staff don’t even scan the QR code, I did have one scanned at BCN pre luggage collection.

      • What do you think it's costing the government?

        • +2

          Nothing, tax payers like you and me are paying for it.

      • interested to know the details please. How did that certificate look? thanks mate

  • Great pricing, just 2 days ago I booked flights to NYC for this Friday on Emirates via Dubai, would have preferred Eihad as I'm a VA Platinum. Just checked and now the NYC flights on Etihad via Abu Dhabi are around the same price that I paid for Emirates, oh well.

    • Might be worth cancelling and rebooking ?
      Free cancel/refund with EK minus service fees

      Rebook on EY and you get access to the F Class lounge in AUH + all the status miles/credits.
      If you have an Amex - you can have around 10% off on a one way or return booking via Etihad.
      Been flying with them 2x a year for 4y already - always great.

  • What about quarantine on return to Australia?

    I want to book Europe for next year, June etc

    • Depends which state you are returning to. From the safetraveller website: "Fully vaccinated travellers can arrive in and travel between NSW, ACT and Victoria without quarantining."


      • +3

        But if you test positive then what? Dilemmas in the country you're visiting and dilemmas back in Oz.

        • +1

          This is what puts me off. Etihad policy requires a negative test before flying, it can take weeks to test negative after catching COVID, even the entry requirements for Australia say you can get a doctors note saying you’ve had COVID and will test positive but are symptom free.

          Would be a nightmare to deal with.

          • @freefall101: Yea that's fair. Travel insurance can cover costs of COVID related medical treatment/extra accommodation/quarantine costs. It just seems like there will always be a risk to travelling overseas cause COVID isn't going away soon…

            • -1

              @irarelycomment: Travel insurance doesn’t cover covid in high risk/red zone.. etihad scheme covers u for like 30 days but could be basic cover. Dyor.

            • +1

              @irarelycomment: Yeah, mostly I don't want to factor in what happens if my holiday is extended by two weeks.

              Need to be careful on extra accommodation too. All the policies state you are covered if you're told to quarantine. However I haven't seen one that clarifies what happens once the quarantine is over but you're hanging out waiting to pass a clear test or meet the airlines requirements for when you can board a flight. It's usually capped too, a lot I've seen at $150 a day/$2k maximum. Granted, anyone flying at the moment who can't afford a few extra nights of hotels and some extra expenses are bonkers.

    • +1

      You'd think by then there'll be no restrictions if you're vaccinated.

  • -1

    Given the limited number of arrivals each day, how can anyone make it back is beyond my guess. I'd have another $3000 - 5000 ready just for the return airfare

    • +9

      Arrival cap limits were removed for VIC and NSW, providing you're doubled vaxxed and an Australian citizen.

    • +4

      These are return tickets…

  • +2

    This price is for 1 week, as you change to month goes back to what i paid for In October. I had to book it for December for 2 months.

    By the time you travel and kick off jetlag your 2 days are done, then only 4 days to holiday. No deal.

    Travel 14hrs flight for 1 week. Better goto Bali.

  • I was planning to go to new delhi. I was looking at etihad with 16hr stopover for $855 one way now that's $1300.

    If I use this to get to Abu Dhabhi and fly out the same day will I need the PCR?
    Also if I don't use the return leg do I get a refund?

    • You need a PCR regardless where you go outside Australia.

  • +1

    Seems you need PCR before travelling , and another one when you land there, and possibly one when you depart there.

    • +4

      Ouch so add $300-$450 on top.

      • Its always common person have to pay for all the disruption of airlines and loss to corporations occured during pandemic, plus this COVID is money making machine for many now. PCR tests.. like Vaccination is not enough, plus no one is allowed to travel unvaccinated anyway then who are we spreading it to.

  • Anyone have any recommendations for travel insurance that covers COVID-19 medical costs? I have no issue with losing out on an event or being delayed due to COVID but it would suck to catch it in a foreign country and have a 5-6 figure hospital cost to pay…

    • +3
    • +1

      Always look up the terms and conditions of policy, including for credit card insurance, but one of the issues before the reopening was the Australian government's 'Do not travel' advice. This change should make it less problematic, but it's probably good advice to get the word on what is covered.

    • +2

      I've paid for CoverMore (underwritten by Zurich) for my travel to Singapore at end of year. They seem well priced, and there is a 21 day cooling off period if you do change your mind or find better cover. Also note that most travel insurance will not cover you for cancellations/delays related to government mandated border closures. They are mainly for medical/quarantine costs if you catch COVID.

    • Haven't used it myself, but I have at times over the last year seen a number of people in the 'travel exemptions FB' group mention Heymondo - and that was largely when there was a 'do not travel' warning, yet a few people still made mention they offered cover and even had 'successful' claims. Overseas provider though, so now local companies are rolling out coverage again I'm still doing my research at this stage in terms of a shortlist of options

  • Great deal, but similar prices on their website Etihad.com

  • Are you required two PCR test for this trip? One going there and one coming back?

    • +1

      Yes, minimum, There's also local requirements to have a negative test before certain activities (I have no idea if this costs or not).

      • +2

        Yeah kinda defeats the purpose of these cheap flights when you have to do PCR test.

    • Plus one more when you land there. So 3 in total

  • does this work at all in reverse? AUH-MEL return?

    • I wish

  • -2

    Not my kind of place. Archaic laws and no historical culture (it’s just a man made city built on oil money). I went there once in the late 90’s on an extended stopover for a couple of days and made my decision early. Good value flight though.

    • +5

      LOL, it's hilarious you compare it with late 90's. It is a completely different place now to what you saw.

      • -1

        I have a tv and video. It’s entirely manmade with no nuanced culture from what I can see. If you like big buildings or duty free, it seems fine. If you’re travelling for an experience, it’s not my vibe, and that’s fine, not everywhere needs to attract everyone.

    • +2

      If you want cheap dirty hookers…go to Thailand or Bali. Besides being over priced, it’s a clean fun country. If you want history you need to go to “old Dubai”. A stopover isn’t going to give any country justice.

      • -1

        The cheap dirty hookers are in old Dubai. All the high class ones are in new Dubai

  • -1

    Can you do 18th to 10th Dec?

    • +3

      Only if you have a time machine….

  • This price is a bit jawdropping.

  • What is a PCR test?
    How is it different to a normal Covid test?
    How to time the test to ensure you have the result before departure but are still within 72 hours of transit country such as Singapore/Abu dhabi?
    Is there a cost involved with PCR test?

  • how much 1 way?

    Gotta be better than here atm.

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