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Skull Shaver Beast Clipper $47 (60% off, Normally $117) + $7.95 Delivery ($0 with $50 Spend/ C&C) @ Shaver Shop


I think this is an all-time low - previous deal was $59.
Was going to wait until Black Friday sales, but thinking of pulling the pin here, but unsure on this versus the pitbull styles, or against the Remington counterparts? Curious in people's opinions.

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    looked tempting but after watching this I think I'll pass and stick with the "good old" version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NbSHPr-bxU

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      The skull shaver Pitbull is much much better. I have one myself

      • I am more a 3-6mm person.

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    BTW also on Ebay. Did let me apply 'SHO50FF' and ended up with $52.60 delivered
    (however didn't complete check out after watching the review, as stated above)


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    I'm gonna modify this so I can shave my own back in the shower and no longer have to ask the mother-in-law to do it for me using my Gillette blade.

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      Let us know if the mod works with the sack and crack as well. My mother-in-law just isn't doing a good job as she used to.

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        She does it well on mine. weird….

        • She keeps complaining about arthritis. Sounds like it's really RSI…….that figures.

      • The mod to the Beast didn't work at all on my sack and crack. And the mother-in-law got really upset thinking her regular Wednesday visit to "see the grand-kids" was about to end, so to keep her happy, next visit I'm letting her use some Veet.

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          Just make sure she doesn't mix up the Veet with the Dencorub. Ouch!

  • I would like to up vote this the most hilarious posting ever. FYI my mother in law had nothing to influence my opinion.

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