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Lenovo Thinkbook 16p Gen2 (R7-5800H, 3060, 16/512GB, QHD) $2033.10 Delivered @ Lenovo Education (Membership Required)


Has been cheaper before but still a solid deal for a high spec laptop (RRP $3699). Potentially long wait, no 5900HX available.

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    who comes up with these RRPs lmao

    • RRP aka what we'd sell it for if we didn't care if people would actually buy it 😂

  • What is TDP of the GPU in this system? I'm assuming 90w?

  • https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/education/laptops/legion-laptop...

    if you aren't bent on Ryzen 7, and can do with 5 5600H, this is a better gaming option. With EDUCOMM, 2 years on site warranty and guaranteed battery replacement, $2051 (cheaper if you go with simpler warranty and forget about battery). 130W 3060 is much much better. Panel looks even better with 500 nits and 165Hz

    also 8 week wait

  • Does anyone know a good deal for a high spec laptop with 32GB RAM, good CPU, and 1-2 TB SSD? I'm looking for a laptop to use as a desktop replacement.

    • This might be up your alley.

      • That's a pretty good deal. The only thing is it has a 14 inch screen whereas I don't mind a 15.6 inch screen as it will be at my desk all day. And I'm also looking for a slightly larger SDD.

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          Better to get the laptop you want and then put your own SSD into it, especially if you want 2TB C:\ drive.
          Samsung 980 Pro on sale is going to be infinitely better than anything you get from an OEM.

          • @coxymla: Do any of these laptops support PCIe gen4?

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              @albert0pia: I'm not 100% sure but I think the Intel 11th Gen ones do.

  • Is there a code for it?

    edit: NVM, cant read

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