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[PC] Free - Gears 5 (Xbox Play Anywhere) @ Xbox App


This works only if you're NOT subscribed to Xbox Game Pass! Apparently not an issue judging by the comments

Follow the instruction on GG.Deals to activate the game in the Windows Xbox App.
You'll need to install: Xbox app and Xbox Insiders Hub.
Please let me know when it expires!


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    space required for installation = 126GB!

    • +8

      nothing's free…..

    • i don't think it's that big. the download was like 56gb for me and then you choose what to install once you launch it

      unless i'm completely cooked. I didn't really pay much attention.

    • It's actually 41.3gb when you start downloading.

      • My D: drive have 60GB free but it won't let me install on it.

        • Yeah that's irritating

      • Once I started the install the download size seems to be 41.3gb. Not sure it that will decompress to 126gb later…

  • +8

    "This works only if you're NOT subscribed to Xbox Game Pass!"

    Bugger…. I just signed up to the $1 for 3 months deal posted a couple of days ago.

    • Same 😪

    • +1

      Log out of the Xbox app and relog in again. It showed up for me as owned only after i logged out and back in again.

  • Anyone knows if it has crossplay between xbox and PC?

    • It does, just installed it on my PC.

  • I don't have my xbox connected but I downloaded the app a while ago and just downloaded insider. Can't see it in app

    • Took quite a while for the game to show up in my library in the Xbox app, but had no problems installing it.

    • Yeah, Mine took maybe 5-15mins to pop up in the Xbox app

      • Hmm it's been half an hour and still no sign

  • Think this is part of the Microsoft accessibility program.

    "Microsoft is expanding its accessibility efforts with a new program for evaluating Xbox and PC games. Today, its gaming accessibility team announced that developers can send their games to be evaluated for accessibility and tested by players with disabilities."

    source thanks to dealbot @ HotUKDeals

  • Thanks. Have a hard copy already, but a digital copy is nice. Maybe I'll play it one day..

  • Wow another free game.

  • Do I need to download the game to own it? I can't find it in my owned app library though.

  • Thank you I wanted to play this :)

  • I am going to be changing my computer soon, can I keep this for later?

    • IF it correctly links to your account, then it'll work on any PC you sign in with (including if you reinstall Windows).

  • +2


    Has been on gwg before 😉

    • Game with gold is not the same, you can't play without Gold.

  • Nice, that was easy.

  • wow it worked. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    i have game pass and gave it a go anyway, it now says You own this instead of Included with game pass so i'm assuming it worked

    • +1

      Same now said you own this, was included with game pass after I finished the instruction, I think need sometime for it to refresh.

      Which game pass you?

      • I have game pass ultimate and it also worked for me. Gears 5 now shows as owned in the MS store, it didn't say that before i tried this.

        • Worked for me too. Waited a bit and it updated to "You own this".

  • I've got it showing You can play Gears 5 or buy it to own.
    It lets me Install but isn't tied to my account.

    • it worked for me.

      mine says 'owned' even though i haven't installed it yet.

      • Mine was saying "owned" in the Xbox app. But when i go to the Xbox AU store it's saying that it's not owned. Weird.

        • It says I own it on the PC Xbox app and the android Xbox app

          I booted up my Xbox and it says I own it there too. Downloading it to Xbox now.

    • Logout and log back in

  • It didn't work for me but i have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on the account.

    • It didn't work for me

      I have the Xbox game pass PC, now it said you own this after 10 mins.

      Wait a bit longer check it agian.

      • Game Pass for PC is a bit different than Game Pass Ultimate.

      • Actually i just logged out and relogged back into the Xbox app and now it's saying that i own Gears 5. It worked even for Game Pass Ultimate.

        Edit: and now it's showing back to just "included with Gold". Not showing owned now.

        • App or store?

          App said own it, PC store said not.

          • @superforever: Xbox app said owned. But both the Windows Store and Xbox AU store itself said not owned.

  • Its one of the best coop games out there. Amazing visuals too

  • How come when i go to the Gears 5 store page through the Xbox AU store through the desktop browser it's saying that i don't own the game. Same thing through the Microsoft store. And the Windows Store on Windows 10 says it's not owned. Yet through the Xbox app it's saying that it's owned.

    I'm starting to believe if it's just a glitch in the Xbox app. And the game is not even really owned at all.

  • Have confirmed with the above commenters. Even with an Xbox Game pass, you can go through the process to claim the game, it just will not immediately show that you own it.

  • +1

    Let's be honest this will never not be on game pass

  • I feel like a fool but I see no search bar in the Xbox Insider app? I'm stuck at step 5.

    • +2

      It will show up in Previews again.

      • Ah got you, when it said search I didn't think it meant with my eyes - thanks!

      • +1

        Thank you! I spent 5 mins to find it until I saw your comment.

    • +1

      That is not a search bar, should on the list

      • Thanks Superforever!

  • Worked as a charm, thanks OP

  • Worked. Thanks!

  • It worked initially showing i have owned the game but after closing xbox app and came back 30mins later it no longer shows that i own the game like it did earlier in the xbox app. But MS Store shows that i own the game but clicking it on, it tells me i can play with game pass or buy it to own.
    Currently game pass sub.

    • Me app still showing I own the game, I have game pass PC.

  • Looks like it has expired, says maximum capacity has been reached, no more spots available.

    • Same here… There was an issue with your last registration change. This content has reached its maximum capacity and there are no more spots available at this time.


      • same here. it says it reached maximum capacity

  • One of the boss fights on this (frozen lake) took me 6 hours of attempts to kill him even when I knew what to do.

    • Were you playing at the highest difficulty? The entire game took me 6 hours to run through.

    • That shit was hard… but 6 hours really?

      • I died a few times, but took me maybe 45-60 min.

  • Been playing this for a couple days. Loving it, some of the best visuals I’ve seen. With Dolby vision on my oled it’s a sight to behold

  • So this won't work on an actual xbox?

    • It should, this is play anywhere.

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