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Free 3 Months Amazon Prime or $15 Amazon Gift Card for CommBank Ultimate/Diamond Awards, World Debit Cards @ MasterCard


Found this in my commbank app “For You” Section (looks like a star at the bottom right corner in iOS app) .
Get 3 months free Amazon prime for new members or $15 gift card for existing prime members by linking your CBA MasterCard as payment method. The link has a check eligibility button. Enter your details to check if you are eligible.

Offer is available to eligible CommBank Ultimate Awards credit card, Diamond Awards credit card and World Debit Mastercard cardholders signing up to Amazon Prime Australia or existing Amazon Prime Australia customers only.

As always, enjoy!

Offer subject to change. Terms and conditions apply. Offer is available to eligible CommBank Ultimate Awards credit card, Diamond Awards credit card and World Debit Mastercard cardholders signing up to Amazon Prime Australia or existing Amazon Prime Australia customers only. The offer is only valid for redemption until 31.10.23. Eligible Customers will receive 3 months (90 days) Amazon Prime membership courtesy of Mastercard when they sign up for a new Amazon Prime account or existing Amazon Prime customers will receive a $15 AUD amazon.com.au Gift Card. Eligible customers will need to save their eligible CBA card to their Amazon membership to receive the offer. After the 90-day promotional period, you authorise Amazon to charge $6.99 AUD/month for Amazon Prime service. Cancel anytime by visiting ‘Manage Prime Membership’ in ‘Your Account’ on Amazon.com.au and adjust your membership settings. Amazon.com and its affiliates are not sponsors of this promotion. Amazon, Amazon Prime and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Mastercard and the circles designs are registered trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated.

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  • +8

    I didn't get this one :'(
    I seem to miss most of the offers I'd actually use and get all the ones I'm not interested in. Fingers X'd it'll pop up within a few days.

    • +2

      agreed. Apparently I get 10% off pillows 🙄

    • +5

      Just to be clear, this wasn’t really in my rewards section. There seems to be a “For You” section in the app (looks like a star in right bottom corner in iOS) which has a link to the rewards page - I found this there. Regardless, check your eligibility on the page and hope you get it. This looks targetted if you have one of the cards mentioned in the disclaimer.

      • I'm in the same boat as Clarky77 - this one isn't in 'rewards' or 'for you'.
        Annoying that you have to track and activate these offers. I found one this morning "$10 back on $100 spend at Myer", I spent $200 at Myer yesterday but because I've got better things to do than dive 6 clicks into the CBA app and hit activate, I missed out.

  • thanks - $15 credit, nice

  • Thanks, got the $15 too.

  • Thanks OP. Got $15

  • +8

    Also, for those of you with Optus who haven't had a prime sub in the past, you can ​get 12 months free through sub-hub (the optus offers thing) in case some optus customers weren't aware and wanted prime.

    • With Optus and no idea what sub hub is. But will look into it. Cheers.

    • Also free with AGL for an year

      • Gah…I'm with AGL and Optus and had no idea.

        That being said, how do you get it? can you access the AGL rewards portal?

        I just get an image of a dog chewing a power chord and it says "something went wrong". I called AGL, they gave me a rewards contact number. Rang that and this old lady ripped into me as apparently she has told AGL 1000x…this isn't their rewards portal contact number!

        Called AGL back and they said maybe they don't have a rewards program anymore..

  • Great - got $15!

  • Thanks OP. Got $15.

  • Thanks OP! Got $15

  • Nice, cheers!

  • Nice find, OP. Got the $15

  • +3

    Offer is available to eligible CommBank Ultimate Awards credit card, Diamond Awards credit card and World Debit Mastercard cardholders

    • Thanks- Updated the post - it was in the disclaimer but now added it to the main body.

  • Thanks OP! Got $15

  • +1

    Son of a ……

    Nothing for me. Probably because I linked it earlier this week, sigh.

  • Rip thats a good one

  • +1

    Check the for you section, not rewards.

    • Thanks- Updated the post

  • +1

    Didn't amazon offer $15 credit to new prime users not too long ago?

  • I got this one but not sure about taking it up - I currently pay the annual Prime subscription ($59), which is cheaper than $6.99/month. Has anyone else saved their card as the payment method and has been able to leave the premium as annual or does it change over to monthly?

    • +1

      They will charge annual fee as they have charged annual fee at the end of the year. I was successful to add month credit making it 13 months via their chat service.

    • +2

      I already have a prime subscription - went to the link in the deal entered my credit card details, and they gave me a $15 Amazon Gift Card instead, because I'm not eligible for the monthly prime deal.

      • Thanks for that - so you still saved your card as the payment method for Prime? I just don't want it to suddenly change over to charging me monthly, as annual sub is much cheaper!

      • +1

        Ditto. Same for me. I also didn't have the offer in my app and clicked on the link provided directly.

  • Been with these guys for over 30 years and haven’t had any rewards in months!!

  • +1

    I got a whole year prime for free with Optus…

  • Thanks for the $15!

  • Silly question, if I signed up for this Credit Card, took the 3 month Amazon Prime or $15 Amazon Credit and then closed the Credit Card would that affect my Credit Score?

    • +1

      It most probably would - Plus, you need to be targeted after you apply for those cards. IMHO - Too much risk for too little gain.

    • +1

      As soon as you open the cc, it will affect your score. Don't do it.

  • Thanks, OP! Got the $15 credit!

  • +6

    It was not in my commbank app for you section but tried the check eligibility link and it worked! Thanks for the $15 Amazon gc.

  • Also you can get - 1 year free with AGL or Optus subhub

  • Thanks got the $15 credit as I have the annual prime subscription. My world debit card was eligible.

  • awesome find OP! got my $15 voucher :)

  • "The offer is only valid for redemption until 31.10.23"
    That's a long time..

  • Got it in 2 minutes - $15 has no expire date!

  • sweet, got the 3 months prime.

  • +1

    Thanks. Showed my card was eligible for 3-months free offer and I activated it. However, when I check the 'memberships and subscriptions' page, it shows the end date in a month. Is there a way to verify if the 3months was applied on my account?

    • Did you find out about this?
      I just subscribed too and mine says up to 17th December.

      • Can also confirm that mine did the same thing - Due to expire in a months time. Also cannot cancel subscription through the Amazon website > My Account portal

  • +1

    Title should say "Targeted "

  • thanks got the $15 credit to go with my free amazon Prime via Optus

  • +2

    Works with BIN 552350 and CC generator, eg. https://www.vccgenerator.org/

    Thanks to doweyy

  • Only got one month and looks like no way to cancel it on Amazon?

    Have just sent this to [email protected]


    In regards to this promotion…
    Elevate - product (mastercard.com)

    I've only been given 1 month and I cannot cancel the subscription. Very disappointing!

    Under your FAQ:
    Q: I want to make a change to/cancel my benefit. How do I do that?
    A: To make any changes or cancellations for your Amazon Benefit, you will need visit the merchant site or mobile app to access your account. All account changes are to be made directly through the merchant website or mobile app.

    Yet on Amazon it says to contacted Mastercard.

    Could you please advise how to cancel this subscription.

    • Can also confirm that mine did the same thing - Due to expire in a months time. Also cannot cancel subscription through the Amazon website > My Account portal

      • I also got onto Amazon chat and were useless.
        Just went in circles.

        I say I've one month showing, they say you have 3 months
        I say I can't unsubscribe, they say go to Mastercard, I say Mastercard say to cancel thru Amazon

        …and repeats and I hang up in disgust.

        • If there is no email reply within a day or two….

          Mastercard Contact Us

          Will try to cancel through that number

          • +1

            @Amazingly: Chatting with Amazon, I was told I need to contact Mastercard regarding the membership/subscription. This led me to the same email address you'd used @amazingly - [email protected]

            I ended up ringing Mastercard who then directed me to my own bank (CBA) who then investigated it for me this morning. They weren't aware of this promo at all but have since cancelled/reset my digital wallet which should resolve the problem and stop Amazon from billing me again in future - this also meant that I needed to re-add my credit card back into my phones wallet app, which is no big deal. Basically it reset the virtualised credit card number that I had previously been issued and was using.

            CBA also recommended getting a transcript/email chain from Amazon showing that I had requested that my Amazon Prime membership be cancelled after the promo period (December 17th in my case). Reason for this, CBA can deny future charges on the grounds that the customer had asked for the service/s to be terminated.

            Hope that helps!

            • @NickelandDime: Yes thanks.

              I'll call that number thanks for that.

              Although I suspect if I leave it, once the month expires I'll be billed by Amazon and only then able to cancel it..

              • +2

                @Amazingly: I just activated mine and it only show one month subscription. chatted to amazon chat to enquire and was told its a monthly plan however come next month Mastercard will take care the renewal for the next two.

                • @Stonx: See what happens as I got onto chat too and asked to have it cancelled at the end of the one month subscription and they said ok. Mine is up on the 17th but may be extended - who knows :)

                  • @Amazingly: I'll try to ring Elevate on Monday, emailed them twice however no reply yet

                    • @Stonx: Mine wasn't cancelled on 17th but extended another month to 17th January. Looks like it will go the full 3 months, then billed. Seems that some peoples subscription shows the 3 month straight up but ours is month by month.

                      • @Amazingly: Anyone managed to figure out how to cancel this? My membership has not end date at all, just signed up a while ago with my Ultimate Awards CBA card.

                        • +1

                          @firestint: Not yet. I have removed my payment methods from my account. Hopefully once 3 month expiry, it wont autorenew

                        • @firestint: Amazon has changed it to "Contact Amazon" instead of "Contact Mastercard"

                          This is shown in my account:
                          End Membership
                          Your Prime membership is activated through Mastercard. For any membership billing questions, contact Amazon

  • it works with citi premier

    • citi premier is visa though?

  • targeted? because it doesnt who in my rewards page ether

  • Must have a
    Ultimate Awards credit card, Diamond Awards credit card or World Debit Mastercard.

    Cant use any other Combank CC or DC :( sucks

  • Have Ultimate Awards card, this offer didnt show up in my app but the link from OP worked.

  • Messaged Amazon, they said I need to contact Mastercard. Going to Mastercard website it says contact the CC provider. Anyone managed to cancel?

  • Looks like when you get into your 3rd month you get more options under your account (instead of it only saying partner billed) and can cancel or change to a yearly membership.

  • Sick. $15.

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