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$5 Impossible Burgers (up to 4 Per Relish Membership) @ Grill’d


Stupidly ordered one today and they told me the promo starts tomorrow (I assume after Meat Free Mondays).

Limit of 5 per member.

That’s all I know.

Edit: it’s in the app now. And limit is 4 per member.

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      • I get you, but it's an irrelevant comparison.

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      Hot debate. Up to you, many do consider it Vegan. It was a requirement from the FDA for them to sell it in the US to test it, either the product wouldn't exist, or the testing had to be done - the existence would have already saved thousands of cows from meat-eaters trying this over their usual who might not have tried an alternative otherwise.

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        Hi Algy,

        Thanks for your comment.

        It is clearly hotly debated by individuals, however no authority considers it vegan, and from what I understand, the company itself does not claim it to be vegan.

        It is a new product which has added to the already many plant based products. They chose to proceed with animal testing. Many would claim that they did not need to create this product as there are already a number of vegan burger products out there.

        Just food for thought. I'm not telling anyone what to eat. The few vegans out there would surely appreciate the heads up.

        Have a good day.

      • Apparently, they went out of their way to test it on animals when they didn't have to.

        They never claimed to be vegan. They stated that they would not stop testing on animals and plan to do more testing. Impossible burgers seem to be aimed towards environmental consciousness and health minded non-vegans. It's a shame they do not extend these good intentions to animal welfare.

        The definition of veganism is to "a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose".

        By definition, these burgers are not vegan.

        • That's interesting, I've not heard that before, only that they had to test just the initial time and haven't since - I agree that would change things if that is the case. Where did you see this?

          • @algy: This video: https://youtu.be/hFb9XrjX32Q

            It's an interesting debate… Impossible killed 180 rats initially for their testing. Would have saved a lot more than 180 cows. You could easily argue that the end justifies the means… Which I think is the same argument made for the Covid vaccines and other vaccines that were tested on animals. Covid vaccines are considered vegan because just a few animals were tested on and killed in order to save millions of human lives. They say that even if the vaccines were for rats, it would still be worth it.

            The argument in the video is: if you don't support animal testing for cosmetics and other products, then why would you support it for burgers? To that, you might argue that cosmetics and other products aren't saving lives of thousands or millions of animal lives in the process…

            I actually don't know where I stand on it. I'm glad they're are so popular and I'm curious to see how they compare to Beyond, and I find it difficult to say no to a $5 burger….

            • @deejaygrub: Yeah look, it's a really tough one. I believe that video presents it as a lot more cut and dry than it actually is, here is a statement from Impossible about it: https://impossiblefoods.app.box.com/s/27skctwxb3jbyu7dxqfnxa... It doesn't go into where the pressure for the further testing came from unfortunately.

              If Heme grown the same way (modified yeast) is used in another product, by another company, would the result be vegan then assuming the rest of the product is otherwise? Goes to show how poor the FDA's process is, and how just one country being out-of-touch can cause so much harm.

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    I'll give it a whirl

  • Anyone know if this is a weekly promotion, or a one off promotion?

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    Is it any type of burger from their Impossible Burger range or just the basic?

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    fake meat looks like more processed stuff than real meat.

    • Not sure why this gets downvoted. Lentil burgers are really good. They should just make those. Just trying to make being vegan less healthy.

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        I believe it's actually about trying to imitate the taste of meat without being meat. Not trying to make being vegan less healthy.

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        This has nothing to do with veganism.

        This has nothing to do with health.

        This is something that tastes good but isn't made from meat. That's it.

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          Agree. I'm not vegan or vego but on occasion I would like a burger without the guilt of the associated animal death.

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    Fantastic deal! I regularly order and consume vegetarian meats options as part of my daily caloric intake.

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    Thanks for sharing! Excited to try it ^___^

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    Why does every comment section on a vegan deal end up this way? Thanks OP, I am so looking forward to this for dinner tomorrow!

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      Fear and ignorance.

      Ride the meat-free wave 🏄‍♂️

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        Or even a meat-reduced wave is a good start with lots of benefits!

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      Yeah lol, I don't know why there so much negative fuss about vegetarian and vegan stuff. I love trying the alternative stuff and actually prefer the Beyond burgers over the regular ones. If they could match the prices of normal brugers I'd get them without a doubt everytime.

      Super excited to try this one. I also tried the fable range which is a very rich mushroom and vegetable flavour, almost like a sort of curry that's been simmering with meat in it but not the meat itself.

      • If they could match the prices of normal brugers I'd get them without a doubt everytime.

        Their point is taking $5 of base products and selling it for $20 a kilo. It is like Portobello mushroom burgers. Why am I paying $15 for one which is the same price as meat when the mushrooms are $16 a kilo and I can guarantee the mushroom is half the weight of a meat patty.

        Could make a lot of good money with vegetarian / vegan food but people seem to like to shoot themselves in the foot.

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          Good points, however I'd say mushrooms lose more volume when cooked than meat. So that half weight mushroom becomes a third of the volume.

          I'd also say wages and rent are much bigger contributes to cost as a % vs the base cost of ingredients.

          Sorta levels it out to some extent in the fast food setting. I agree with you when it comes to restaurants though that want as much for a pumpkin risotto as they do a slab of pork belly!

    • Yeah the comments are weird. How about we all just watch this video and have a laugh.

  • Can I order through the app? Or do i have to scan the 'Relish' barcode thing on the app at the store?

  • Wait, meat free Mondays still exist?

    • Yeah I thought it was finished after 30/08, loved that deal, wondering how the others are getting it.

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    There’s no info of this deal online? Is it actually happening?

    • Same, can't find anything online

      • Seems too good to be true tbh. Will wait and see I guess.

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          Check your app now :)

      • Yep. I rarely watch anything ten network but the $5 impossible burger ads were all over it for hours tonight.


        Quality burgers for $5, I'm all over it.

  • carbon emission rating?
    fart rating?

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    I know it's not comparing apples to apples but for those just wanting a cheap burger don't forget there's $2 Quarter Pounder at Macca's tomorrow.

  • Lets see if this happens - no info online though

    • Check your app now.

  • Do you need the app or can you just pop in-store and get the deal?

    • You need your unique member barcode which is in the app.

      • Nothing in my app yet unfortunately!

        • In there now! Might be loaded onto People’s accounts gradually

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    I don't mind the hungry jacks rebel burger. The paddy has a nice grilled beef texture. But I tried Beyond from Coles and it had this weird musky taste and smell, sort of like truffle, but not as nice. I'll give this one a go though. It's nice to mix it up a bit.

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    Are these the ones with the high oestrogen content or is that Beyond Meat?

  • Nothing showing in my app. Is this targeted? Or for only certain states?

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    Has anyone tried ordering one with an added real beef pattie, and then just chucking the impossible pattie out?

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      Maybe you can I wonder how much it would cost, but I do not see the point, these fake meat patties, whilst probably slightly less healthy, are pretty tasty usually.

      • Yeah that's a pretty damn bad will thing to do. Benjamin what a waste and what a misuse of this offer.

  • Just me or is the Grill'd app no longer downloadable on Android Play (it's there with a direct link but says not compatible with my device, and it is unsearchable otherwise)

    • I just downloaded it from the play store on my S20 FE.

    • Your phone might be too old.

      • haha you are right :) only android releases since August 2017 - have clearly ozbargained too hard

  • Showing for me in QLD, looks like this in the app (in the Relish barcode tab)

    • Strange… I’m in qld and dont have the meat free mondays or this!

    • Apparently if you go to use the code it won't work. Poor app design.

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    Honestly politics and beliefs a side, don't knock these till you try them they are tasty and why not give something different a go?

  • It shows up in my grill'd app this morning. I am in Victoria. Is this just for today, or does it last until you have ordered the limit of 4?

    • You can order 4 in 4 transactions between those dates

  • How does this compare to Hungry Jacks Rebel Whopper?

    • Yet to see :)

    • +1

      Not as smokey as the Rebel Whopper but a much more meatier taste. Really good.

  • Just signed up on the app. Hasn't appeared yet but hopefully it'll show up by lunch time. Thanks OP.

  • Showing up in app, the offer has an expiry of 30/11/21 and it seems as though it may be multi-use up to 4 times during the offer.

    Relish Members can qualify for a total of 4x "$5 Impossible Burger" offers during offer period. $5 Impossible Burger offer period is from 9/11/2021 - 30/11/2021.

  • Only 1 per transaction

    • Back to back transactions?

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        Says it can take up to 4 hours for the next code to arrive after your transaction…

        • Correct. I tried to do back to back and there was an error on the register saying code already redeemed. You need to wait for the email saying your next code is ready which can take up to 4 hours

  • I like vegan food but what I don't like is

    using current food names to sell it. Chicken Parma, Souther ln fried chicken which is basically tofu. It's confusing af If you are ordering online.

    • Usually it says Vegan somewhere in the name or with an allergen symbol, or they use names like Chick*n and Mylk etc.. did these not have Vegan anywhere?

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    I still can't seem to get the $5 price when I order online…

    • Yeah same, I click the link and no deal?

      Edit - you select at chekout

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      Make sure you're logged in as a Relish Member and then in the checkout select the Relish Benefit before ordering which is "Relish Member: $5 Impossible Burger" which will then apply a discount to make the burger be $5.

      • It now works in the app, but not on the website…

        • Can you see the relish member benefit at checkout or no?

        • Worked on website for me, bloody good burger.

      • Is this available to order in store?

        • Yes, you either show the barcode in your app in store or order online for pickup and apply the offer at checkout if it's in your account.

        • It is also available in store, but you need to make sure you can see it in the app and tap 'show barcode' for them to scan.

          • @CodeXD: Is this a barcode specifically for a $5 impossible burger, or the general grilld member relish barcode? I only see my general member barcode in app.

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