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MSI HERALD-AX INTEL AX200NGW WI-FI 6 Dual Band 802.11ax Wireless PCIe Adapter Card $67.30 + Shipping @ CPL


I needed to update my older PC to be WIFi compatible. I bought this adaptor from Scorptec and am very happy with the performance.

The card maxed out my 100Mbit internet link, and 1Gbit network(download from the local NAS) Ping is absolutely the same as the cable before(unexpected). The signal is full strength through a couple of plaster walls where my phone may drop the wifi signal occasionally.

The cheapest listing with current stock is at CPL for $67.30 + shipping or local pickup.

Scorptec lists it for $69 + shipping or local pickup.

P.S. apologies if I broke any rules. First time I was posting the deal.

Edit. cheaper and free delivery from amazon if you can wait: https://www.amazon.com.au/Herald-802-11ax-Dual-Wireless-Adap... $62
Thanks to RichardL for the link

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      Wow, that is cheaper if you can wait. In my case, I realise I need it, ordered it, picked it up and installed it in a single day on Saturday.

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      the ozbargin way, post something you think is a deal and await people to beat it :)

  • Intel's AX200 desktop kit is $39 at umart:


    • my PC doesn't have m.2 slots and the adaptor probably would cost $20+ ($49 from umart)? Plus this kit has remote antennas which were super handy in my case.

    • Note that this one is an entirely different model.
      M.2 instead of PCIe.

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        I am pretty sure the MSI kit I posted uses the same intel AX200 brain. The kit just adds the PCIe adaptor and antennas.

        • Definitely possible, pcie wifi cards are usually an m.2 device on a PCB.

    • $20 postage kills the deal

  • What's the normal price? Is this a bargain? Camelcamelcamel doesn't have price history before yesterday.

    • I bought one like this 2 years ago.

      I think that says enough.

      • Do you mean it is outdated?

        • Oh I forgot the whole point of my comment, that it was for $69.

  • There are lots of different Intel AX200 based pci express, wireless cards around..

    I prefer using this one.. - $65 including delivery.. antennae directly mouonted on the card.. so don't have to find a spot to mount the antennae

    or you can go a cheaper no brand one from Amazon US. for $47.67 delivered..

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