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FLEXTAILGEAR Max Pump 2020 $36.54 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ FLEXTAILGEAR-2 via Amazon AU


Got an upcoming camping trip so needed to grab a pump for the air mattress, I had been watching this one for a little while and noticed it on sale today. Historic low as per 3xcamels, usually sits between $40-$50.

  • 3600mAH battery
  • 300L/min flow rate
  • 2.2KPA inflation pressure
  • Micro-USB connection
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Quick review: I own one of this, it works.. But its annoyingly loud with a high pitch noise. It activates very easily due to an over-sensitive touch mechanism. It will sometimes turn on inside your rucksack. Not sure if they still advertise it as water resistant, regardless, it isn't. Its relatively heavy for long distance hiking.

    Over all, i dont rate this product very well. IMO, better off to diy an inflatable pump sack. Lighter, not noisy, can be used as a stuff sack.

    • compared to kmart pump, is this better?

      • I don't own the kmart pump to make any fair comparisons

      • I have the older version
        I think it's awesome. A little slow but does the job, especially for pool toys, which is what I use it for.
        It can inflate air mattresses but will take awhile. Probably would not recommend it for that unless you want something really small.
        And yes it does make an a high pitch sound.

        If by K-Mart you mean this one
        I have not owned the battery version but I have owned several of the generic models of the AC 240 Volt Air Pump
        I found the 240V overheats like crazy (probably due to the pressure required for pool toys) and I have since stayed away from any that looked similar in design

        I just bought the tiny pump for $25.49 from recent lightning sale
        Figured I'd use the original to fill, but use the tiny one for top ups during holiday stays

      • I have this. Seems to be an older^2 and battery version. Mine is the cheapest version among the families I reckon.
        It is good and satisfies my needs for an inflatable boat. The nozzles work.

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    there is a new version out Max pump 2 pro which charges via usb-c. Reviews look alright

    • but it is almost double the price

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