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Samsung EVO Plus 512GB microSDXC Class 10 Card with Adapter $79 Delivered @ PCByte


Card comes with free shipping. Says weekend sale so don't know how much longer this deal will last for. (Changed to on sale now.)

Read: Up to 100MB/s.
Write: Up to 90MB/s.

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    Need that 1tb to come down

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      Gonna be a while still. Annoyingly hovering around $200.

  • Such a good deal imo!

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    Thanks so much!
    Been holding out to get the 512GB ones for awhile. Will do nicely with my BaseQI adapter for my surface book.
    Now just to make sure the 3 year old doesn't redecorate the screen the same way he did to my Surface Pro, by dropping it on the floor.

  • This or the https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/661900?

    (Besides amount of data)

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      I had this debate for Nintendo Switch and landed on Samsung based on research I did about a year ago… Been awesome

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      If you benefit from a faster write speed then there is no question IMO, have both cards, the write speed on the Sandisk is around 40-45. It's a noticeable difference

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      Samsung, based on read/write speeds.

      Marginally more expensive per GB.

      My SanDisk Ultra appears to write at about 35MB/s from memory.

    • Samsung for quality

    • I tend to have trouble with the Sandisk. Will still go with the Samsung,
      Wish they made a TRUE 512gb SD card though instead of short changing us by calculating 1Mb=1000Kb instead of the 1024Kb it actually does. But ALL storage media has this problem…

  • Thanks got one for new gopro10 that shipped today

  • Picked one up for the future MBP, thanks.

  • Anybody know if is this good for the BlackVue dashcams?

    • 512GB is overkill for a dash cam. This card should work fine but note that the warranty may be voided as this card is not designed to be used in a dash cam. You are better to go with a 64GB or 128GB Sandisk High Endurance

  • Have one of these as a general storage drive in an older MacBook Pro. Works great, highly recommend.

  • Apparently there are a tonne of fake SD cards out there.. Besides buying from a reputable seller, how else can you tell the difference between a genuine and fake?

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      A program like H2testw will test speeds, capacity and if the card has any errors.

      • Thanks mate

  • Bought one for my switch, thanks!

  • deal expired back to $105

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