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$2 Bonus on Any Gift Card Valued $20+ via App (Redemptions Exhausted) | Rebel: 30% Cashback ($30 Cap), Liquorland 25% @ ShopBack


Shopback are running this deal again though it looks like it isn't limited to those that have registered for Ozbargain perks. Redemptions Exhausted

Cashback on gift cards is usually instant and will need to be activated via the Shopback app.

T&Cs -

This challenge entitles you to $2 bonus cashback when you spend $20 or more (in one or across multiple transactions) at ShopBack Gift Cards between 9th November 2021 12.00am AEDT and 11th November 2021 11.59pm AEDT.
• Only purchases made after you 'Start' this challenge will qualify for the bonus cashback.
• Limited to one bonus per customer.
• Available while redemptions last.
• The $2 bonus cashback is in addition to the regular cashback you'll receive for spending at least $20 at ShopBack Gift Cards.
• The $2 bonus will be added to your account within 48 hours of purchase.
• Cashback will be forfeited if any fraudulent activities are detected, or if your order is voided.
• ShopBack reserves the right to amend or withdraw the terms and conditions, and terminate the offer at any time without prior notice.
• ShopBack reserves the right to invalidate any order that does not comply with the terms and conditions. 

Other deals-

Referral Links

Referral: random (4067)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +1

    "Monthly Challenges section" damn so it will be more common I guess. Still stacks with 4% revolut bonus as well if you haven't met the cap of $100.

    • +3

      Isn't it being more common a good thing?

      • +4

        For users yes. For the longevity of the company no. But yes it is the "promotion rush" at the end of the year. With Singles days, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Boxing day, Christmas and New year so budgets should be forecasted.

        Shopback just acquired a Singaporean BNPL service so it might struggle to get finance to continue supporting these promotions if they are two frequent. If you looked the cash rewards finances it expense grew excessive for their marketing expense. Shopback recently raised $40m from Series E and I personally see an IPO in 2-3 years. (Sorry, you caught me during a research session for my portfolio and happened to cover BNPL as certain two giants just hit record lows since start of the year).

  • +4

    Amazon has 3 card limit, I bought 2 earlier this month. But you can still buy 2 x $10 shopback gift card (which are just prezee cards) with the same 2% cashback. A couple extra clicks though.

    • oh dang, I thought it was 3 of each denomination, as per the first line "a maximum of 3 Amazon gift cards cards of this denomination can be purchased per calendar month"

      • I think it is 3 per denomination. Also if don't actually think the 3 per month is enforced automatically.

  • +3

    2k bonus Flybuys points with $50+ spend at Liquorland. I also have these offers in my accounts.

    • I got those offers plus 1000 points for 16 Pirate Life Point Nine or 400 points for 4 cans.

    • +5

      Picked up a carton of asahi for ~$20 after 3500 flybuys, cashback and employee discount

  • +2

    Prices before cashback:
    Cointreau 700ml $52
    Bombay Sapphire 700ml $49
    Kraken 1L $73
    Laphroaig Select Cask 700mL $80
    Sailor Jerry 700ml $44
    Melbourne Gin Company Dry 700ml $64

    Can also combine with 2000 flybuys with $50 spend

  • Does it have to be click and collect for Liquorland?

    • Nope, it could be delivery.

  • Stupid question, but can you receive the shopback when using Rebel giftcards? I'm assuming not..

  • More DD for me….

  • +1

    just bought a bunch of gift cards yesterday :(

    • only buy them when there is a deal.

  • +2

    Yo GYB, I bought $20 eBay GC 2 hours ago after clicking the challenge, and the cashback is tracked, but the challenge is not shown as completed.

    Do I have to get the SB Swap Card for this deal instead?

    Side note: lol at pegaxs' post in another thread

    • +3

      The $2 Bonus might take a day to appear in your account.
      Our system re-syncs at 9am each morning, so if you don't see it by 10am tomorrow just send me a DM.

      • +1

        Thanks for giving us a timeframe.

        Amazon gift card bonuses are "instant", general cashbacks take a day. I need to remember that for next time.

  • is this stackable with Revolut shopback givecard promo $10?

    • Yes it is :)

  • +2

    Thanks op! Got myself 3 x 10$ shopback portal gift card using revolut bonus sign up - should entitle me to 30$ bonus from revolut, 10$ bonus from revolut/shopback partnership and 2$ bonus from shopback from this deal :3

    • +1

      Very nice!

    • +1

      Just convinced me to sign up.

  • Thanks dealbot. Bought a $25 GC 11 hours ago. The standard CB was tracked straight away but not the bonus CB yet.

    • +1

      Hey @ozbmm, I just replied to a similar question above :)

      • Tracked now thanks

      • I'm having the same issue. The normal cash back track but not the bonus. The standard 2% is showing as 8/11 instead. Is shopback running on gmt time?

        • +1

          No we're operating on AEDT time.
          As mentioned above:

          The $2 Bonus might take a day to appear in your account.
          Our system re-syncs at 9am each morning, so if you don't see it by 10am tomorrow just send me a DM.

          Cheers :)

          • +1

            @gotyourback: Thanks Rep. I did my purchases around 7:30am this morning. Hopefully it all sorts itself out tomorrow.

            • @Obs: Hey again, just checking how your went with the $5 bonus,
              Did it update this morning?

              • @gotyourback: The $2 bonus tracking came thru just before 21:00 last night. Didn't need to wait for the 9am run today.

  • Asahi
    Super Dry Black Bottle only $50 at LL

    That's cheap isn't it?

    After $10 in Flybuys, and 25% CB it's close to $30?

    • Only 18 per carton.
      Not 24, nty

  • Multiple transactions allowed for rebel with a $30 total cap, or only one transaction?

  • hmmm I did an order a couple of hours ago for liquor land and picked up… just says "Clicked"… I hope this one is tracked as I got denied last time I only ordered due to an advertised promo.

  • Hi OP, wondering how long will take showing in purchase history after order been made?

    • I received a notification within about 15 minutes

  • +1

    is this an offer i have to activate? can not see it anywhere in the app

  • Have purchased 2 x $10 Shopback gift cards. Now waiting for my $2 bonus.

  • Just received my $2 bonus. Thanks for the heads up OP.

  • Does paying for the gift card through the cash back funds still get you the bonus?

    And if it does, do you have to spend a minimum of $10 like when you cash out?

    • +1

      No minimum spend. You can use all of the 60c if that's all you have. I couldn't find a way to not use all of my balance at once.

  • Not showing up for me – is it targeted? Doesn't seem like it from the upvotes, but I definitely can't see it under Earn More.

    • +1

      Not showing up for me either. Looks like the quota is exhausted.

  • Has anyone received their liquorland tracking yet?

    • Yes, late, but just tracked, maximum $25.

      No $5 tracking for the $100 spend

      • If the $5 bonus hasn't updated yet, let me know.

        • Replied also on the other thread, before seeing your reply here.
          No $5 from this 'bonus' of $100 spend.
          The $25 Liquorland cashback has been tracked ($111 spend)

          • @albanyson: No worries, if you could send me a DM I'll check it in the morning.
            Just include the account and challenges in question :)

  • I don't have this $2 Bonus on Any Gift Card offer in the Challenges. Looks like it is targeted.

  • +1

    Looks like it was limited to 5000 spots for the GC challenge

    • +1

      What about for those people who have already clicked on start now button before hit 5000 slots? Anyone knows? Thanks.

      GYB, can you help to answer? I clicked on start button a few days before but I couldn't find the challenge under the ongoing tab. Thanks.

  • bought an $80 ebay gift card yesterday still no bonus

  • +1

    Is it still 30% cashback on Rebel? The site is showing 10%.

  • Decided to actually use this offer and i find out no $20 GC s, so bought 2 x $10 Swap cards.
    Update Tracked almost immediately used Disposable virtual card.

  • Redemptions exhausted.
    So you're not selling any more gift cards at all? I started this 'challenge' on 9/11/21 and couldn't buy any cards-the swipe was pinked out. I tried again yesterday and was able to spend $15.00 but no more than that. so my account still says $5.00 more to go, ends in 11 hours. but nothing works. what sort of a crappy deal is this?

    • I need to say I PMd the rep and he tried to help couldn't see why i ahd a problem, it was O.K his end. after a couple more attempts the system worked for me -no idea why. the rain in Sydney? Well I got my $2buck$-I feel much better now :-)

  • Rebel is still sitting at 10% cash back? Its 5:42pm.

  • Hi is anybody else having issues with purchased vouchers? I bought separate $20 bunnings vouchers on 5th and 11th of November using shopback app. When i view the vouchers for printing, they display the same eGift card with the purchase date as 21st Oct. I think this voucher is displayed incorrectly and it actually belongs to someone else.

    • +1

      messaged shopback rep and they replied quickly with the answer. The gift card purchase date is when shopback purchased the vouchers. The receipt numbers for both my gift cards were the also the same number which confused me. After comparing the long egift card id I can see the gift vouchers are unique. This was my mistake.

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