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[eBay Plus] Intel i5 11400 CPU $244.88 Delivered @ Scorptec eBay


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ozbargain's beloved i5 processor is back on sale and it's cheapest so far we have seen for the box version.

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  • Good price. I expect the cost for this to go a bit lower as the demand for Intel 12th gen surges

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      Probably.aroubd March 2022. If you see 10400's pattern, it was about $215 in March 2021. But also 12th gen and ddr5 is out of range for a lot of people.

      • 12400 will be well and truly on the market by then, starting price expected to be around $280.

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          Yes, but for it to be a budget computer <$500, mobo and DDR5 needs to be cheap as well.

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            @abs898: January release for non-K CPUs and budget boards. DDR4 an option across the product stack if people want to be super frugal.

            DDR5 will be in mass production by then, prices will have dropped. Intel are going to compete very hard, while AMD will be forced to cut price and use Zen 3D to compete at the top of the stack.

            • @jasswolf: Interesting, I didn't realise 12th gen will support DDR4. I just built myself this for non-gaming purposes:

              Intel i5 11400 $244.99
              Gigabyte B560 Aorus Pro AX - $120 ( got lucky with this one on eBay Plus)
              Crucial Gaming Memory Ballistix 16GB $99

              • @abs898: Even though 12th gen supports DDR4, it appears some of the features are not being enabled on the motherboard by default. One of them appears to be Thunderbolt 4. DDR4 boards tend to get add-on card ports for TB4, whereas DDR5 boards, a lot of them have TB4 included (at least one at the back and a header for the case).

                The 12th gen CPU is a step to the right direction. I cannot see Zen 3D being able to turn the tide (how much can you boost performance with better and larger cache? If that's a solution, then Intel would have gone crazy on L3 cache).

                12th gen, we are looking at 4 x 4 PCIe gen 4 NVMe SSDs support (+ 1 PCIe gen 5 NVMe support - though it is done via splitting the x16 lanes into x8/x8 gen 5 lanes), 2.5Gbps LAN, Wifi 6E, Thunderbolt 4 (or at least USB 3.2 2x2), 8K support (even though that's only on the DisplayPort) and optional DDR5 RAM modules. To take advantage of all that, most people will need to do upgrades elsewhere.

                We are seeing 11th gen parts dropping prices and seem rather cost effective, especially for non-gaming. Gaming, crazy GPU prices mean no matter what you do, the GPU cost is just not budget friendly. Also, the horrible 4K/30Hz HDMI is finally replaced by 4K/60Hz support for 11th gen.

                • @netsurfer: Intel don't have room on the 12th gen die for more cache, if the AMD benchmarks are to be believed then about 15% improvement will come from the extra L3 cache when it launches on Zen3. AMD is 3d stacking the cache, the physical connector for the cache has been built in since Zen2.

                  We should see lower SKU 12th gen parts with B660 in Jan or Feb, they should be cost effective with DDR4 boards.

                  • @Hank Scorpion: I'm not sure about the 15% hype on Zen 3D. Some games were showing just 2-3% improvements from the graph AMD provided.

                    AMD simply needs to drop prices. Price Ryzen 7 5800X at the current Ryzen 5 5600X price point, problem solved.

  • Would there be value in spending another ~$40 for the 11500 if planning to use a fairly decent cooler and remove power limits?

    • Depends on what you are using this for.

      • Browsing, productivity, media server, etc.

        No gaming but lets say I would like to be able to take up gaming again some time in the near future.

        • There is not much difference. I am not going to game at all so 11400 seemed like the best option. You can always get a GPu in the future depending on how much gaming you want to take up.

          • @abs898: There is also a huge performance variance depending on what mobo you use. so I would spend that extra $40 on a high performing mobo.

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          If it is not for gaming, then there is not much point spending more on intel 11th gen system.

          The main advantage of 11th gen CPU (over 10th gen) is 4K HDMI 60Hz support (make sure the motherboard you pick allows it) and 5K/60Hz for DisplayPort. 10th gen CPUs still have that dumb 4K/30Hz HDMI rubbish Intel refused to address for years (4 years).

    • if you are using the onboard graphics ….11500 is better has a different GPU compared to 11400 ….i bought an 11500 as i use onboard GPU.

  • thanks. anyone know if there is much difference with the 11400F?

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      No iGPU in the F version

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      Pretty sure F means no GPU which is a negative in my view but if you can live without a GPU onboard then it's the same.

      • cheers!

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          It's only a $4 different between 11400 and 11400f, might as well get in board graphics and a decent mobo

  • Nice, I bought the 11600k the other day but don't really intend on OCking. I just bought because it had a higher clock speed.

    Someone tell me I got ripped off because I feel like I did haha.

      • +4

        Low end 😂😂

    • How much did you pay? I couldn't find any decent deals on it

  • good price.

  • Hmm so hard to decide what route to go
    Need to upgrade my unraid server for more PCIE slots, currently have 9400 on a B365 mATX board

    Z390 boards are almost gone / expensive / lacking features so makes sense to go 10th or 11th gen

    11400 would do the job but more cores would be better as im always adding VMs/Dockers etc
    11400 for $244.88 or 10900 for $519
    Sticking with intel as it seems slight better value, boards have more features (eg 2.5G lan quite common) and intel plays nicer with virtualisation

    Or stick it out and hope 12th gen gets cheaper and proper support for the big little in unraid/linux etc

    • or wait for 10700K to go down to $334 again.

      • yea that would be a nice price, 8 cores would be ok

        • And gvt-g works on 10th gen if that matters to you.

          • @vash12: not crucial but have been meaning to play with it as it could be useful

  • So tempted. I Must hold out and pray the chip God's will be generous in 2 weeks for black friday Cyber Monday.

    • You can order now via eBay plus and hold on to it.

      Follow ozb's moto- buy now return later.

  • ozbargain's nose beloved i5 processor

    Passes the sniff test.

    • Sniff test = no COVID!

  • Bought an i3-10105F from Computer Alliance earlier in the day for $119 too, good deal for basic bitch computing.

  • Ordered in early hours of Wednesday and already arrived.

    • I just installed mine, working well!

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