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Gaming PC with Ryzen 5 3500X, RTX 3060 LHR Mini, B550 MB, 16GB 3200 RAM, 480GB SSD, 650W Bronze PSU $1348 + Shipping @ TechFast


Howdy all, another early Black Friday deal and very similar to the previous deal in which we're using dual fan versions, but with an important difference. We got offered MSI Aero ITX RTX 3060s at a good price and we already have Gainward Pegasus RTX 3060s on hand, so we've teed up a $100 cheaper version using these cards and the Leaper Air Mini compact case. Specify your GPU brand preference in the Notes field during checkout, if you have one.

No order queue at the time of posting so 3-5 business days (Gainward cards on hand, MSI cards incoming). Check website for current queue times if reading this some time after posting.

Ryzen 5 3500X RTX 3060 Mini LHR Gaming PC: $1348 after 3500X-3060Mini-BF

  • Ryzen 5 3500X processor [R5 3600 upgrade +$59]
  • RTX 3060 12GB LHR Mini [Gainward Pegasus or MSI Aero, specify preference at checkout if you have one]
  • Biostar B550MH [various upgrades available]
  • 16GB 3200MHz RAM [Crucial Ballistix being used]
  • 480GB 2.5" SSD [Crucial BX500 currently used]
  • Gigabyte P650B 650W 80 Plus Bronze PSU (these are not the models that were subjected to the peace of mind offer from Gigabyte.)
  • Leaper Air Mini RGB MATX case

Other Black Friday deals

Graphics cards in stock

Should be the lowest prices available for all

N.B. Coupon Code BOUGHTFROMLUKE also works, for those playing at home. I couldn't not do it.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • PCPP as always using exact part or lowest equivalent on that site, including our former Ghost RTX 3060 price (now off separate sale)
    PCPartPicker Part List

    Type Item Price
    CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3500X 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor $269.00
    Motherboard Biostar B550MH Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard $123.00 @ Mighty Ape
    Memory Crucial Ballistix 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory $99.95 @ Amazon Australia
    Storage Crucial BX500 480 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive $66.00 @ Amazon Australia
    Video Card Palit GeForce RTX 3060 12 GB Dual Video Card $878.00
    Case Deepcool MATREXX 30 MicroATX Mini Tower Case $45.00 @ PLE Computers
    Power Supply Gigabyte P-B 650 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply $85.00 @ Scorptec
    Case Fan Rosewill RGBF-17002 41.9 CFM 120 mm Fans 2-Pack $20.00
    Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
    Total $1585.95
    Generated by PCPartPicker 2021-11-09 14:16 AEDT+1100
    • +1

      Hey Luke! Even though someone told me not to buy from you coughPagaillecough, any chance you will be selling the MSI 3060’s?

      • Depends how this PC sells I think!

  • +58

    Smh, I wanted a full sized card, how dare you sell me a mini!

    • +28

      Came here for the Mini comments and was not disappointed.

      • +3

        Incase there is any doubt, these are single fan GPU's.

        • +8

          Good to know if I go to flip it in 12 months and don't check inside the case before then.

      • You always hear mini comments don't you clear ;)

        • It's how your ex-wife described you :P

          • +1

            @Clear: You're welcome to her, buddy!

            • @spackbace: Finally someone who appreciates small packages 🤠

    • +5

      How dare you sell me a full sized card! I wanted a mini!

  • +10

    Upvoting just for the discount code itself

  • Do you offer ‘non assembled’ as an option? I like this but I would like to build it myself.

    • +6

      Not on the site but please add a note and it should be fine. Customer service will tell you if it’s not before it gets built.

    • I believe they do ship the parts separately but there isn't the same warranty for the system as if it was pre-built. This would be good if you want to swap some parts out for others you might already have, etc.

    • +16

      Disassemble everything and rebuild ez

      • chad move

  • Patiently waiting for a 3070 build :(

  • +10

    a wise ozbargainer once told me not to trust a Luke from techfast

  • Okay feels like back to pre-shortage prices. This is a pretty good deal I think if you don’t mind waiting their usual delivery times. Which is fair given the discount I reckon!

    • +1

      Thanks for reminding me, I'll include. No order queue so 3-5 business days.

      • Ah yeah, even better. Thanks Luke! Great deal mate!

  • How much more to upgrade to 3060 ti

    • Cheers Luke

    • Not in this build sorry. Still working on a 3060 Ti deal

  • +1

    Good deal, I'd take my chances even if it meant I had to deal with Luke!

  • As someone that's not super across this stuff, wondering if anyone can give their input on the following:

    1) Is the stock case worth upgrading for $75 to the MAG Forge 100R? I couldn't care for RGB, in fact I hate it.

    2) I'll be using wifi, worth the $239 upgrade to X570 with wifi on the mobo or better off sticking with a USB wifi adaptor?

    3) $59 upgrade to 3600 worth it for the CPU?

    4) what's the deal with "mini" on the GPU?

    • +6

      1) Not too sure about the case, although the MSI case looks to be a higher quality + better airflow
      2) No, X570 with 3500X is generally very overkill, although the Biostar board in this build looks to be garbage tier too. Could be worth the upgrade to Gigabyte DS3H though. A USB/PCIE wifi adaptor would be better value.
      3) Yes
      4) Mini generally refers to 1-fan cards suitable for SFF/ITX builds. Due to 1 fan design, they generally run hotter, or louder to maintain the same temperature as a 2/3 fan card.

      • Thanks, sorry I added a #4 too :D
        Edit: nvm

      • so a 2-fan cards will never be defined as Mini?

        • No, mini can sometimes be 2 fans, such as the 2080 case in the forum post. It depends on which card it is, if the model number is low it is likely to be 1 fan. If its higher end, it could just be a 2 fan with smaller fans to make a smaller package.

    • +5

      My 4 cents:
      1) RGB can be disabled on both cases, by holding down the RGB button.
      2) You would need to upgrade the case to the Forge if you're planning on getting the X570 WiFi as they will be ATX sized and the Air Mini takes an MATX (smaller) board only. In terms of chipset, it's a fairly decent chunk of change to upgrade from B550 to an X570 when it's not really necessary for this build. A good quality USB WiFi adapter would probably suffice
      3) Yep
      4) As above, it's a 1-fan design. It is well suited to the smaller case originally offered and would be just fine in the Forge too. There will be minimal performance level difference in terms of temps at this tier.

      • Hey Luke, what am I missing in regards to the CPU upgrade? Seems like the two processors trade blows in terms of stats based on a quick google, why is it a clear yes? Thanks :)

        • +1

          The SMT (2 threads per core) allows for roughly a 30% improvement in CPU-bound tasks, while offering more consistent FPS & frametimes for gaming, especially for titles that effectively utilise higher core/thread count CPUs

    • a PCIE wifi adapter would work as an alternative, I assume this mobo has extra PCIE slots for a wifi card?

      • Allegedly pci-e WiFi adaptor won't fit due to the thickness of the GPU (unless you upgrade to ATX motherboard and case, in which case you can just get the wifi motherboard - pricing for these isn't great value given the price of the overall system)

  • Only real neg is having to pay a extra $200 for a mobo with wifi

    • +4

      buy a $10 wifi card ez

  • What’s the fan noise like in a budget build like this (case fans, gpu and cpu)?

    The last PC build I did had sound deadening and noctua fans throughout, so I’m likely a bit sensitive to it.

    • +1


      The case fans spin at a constant speed and the GPU being one fan won't be loud. Temps under load won't get crazy so CPU fan shouldn't go nuts. Overall I'd say it's pretty quiet, but it won't be silent.

      • No worries, thanks for the response Luke. Are the exterior dimensions for the Leaper Air Mini RGB [M-ATX] Case posted anywhere? Couldn't find it on the site or google.

        • +1
          • @luketechfast: Thanks Luke, any chance of an RTX 3060 TI or 3070 build appearing in this compact case?

            • +1

              @Lukas: Smaller dual fan cards like 3060 Ti Gainward Ghost fit, but no three fans do, and there are no smaller 3070 cards that I've seen. But supply of 3060 Ti is fairly poor at the moment.

  • Hi all, is this worth it to play BF, Cod, Wot and B4B?what graphics/fps would you expect to get from this rig and is it good value?

    • -1

      It will be great for all those things at 1080p max settings, and even 1440p medium settings. So yeah… it would play all those games.

  • thought there was gonna be a 3060ti or 3070 coming out next by process of elimination… totally didn't expect a 3060mini HAHAHA

    • +3

      I daresay Luke specifically hunted down a "mini" RTX card…

      • this would be amazing if it was the case

  • Is there any 11700/11700K packages?

  • @luke any chance for a 6800 XT build?

    • Next to zero on that one

  • Thanks Luke. Happy with my previous order, and ordered this one on behalf of a friend.

  • Where do I complain? I bought this and received a full sized card! I demand a swap to a mini card!!!!

  • 3060 to mini (single fan) next? Not even kidding

  • +1

    We just received our 3070Ti machine today (fcken idiot delivery guys dropped it off at 630am and didn't knock or ring the bell, lucky it wasn't stolen when we noticed the package at 9am).

    Very happy so far however the case is a little too small and won't fit the additional HDDs we have. Not the suppliers issue of course!

    First time customer and would definitely recommend!

    • Do you have the mag forge? I own one and have 3 2.5 inch and 2 3.5 inch drives installed how many drives are you installing?

      • Sorry for the dumb question but what's the mag forge? The box came with 2 HDD slots and not enough power to install other drives.

    • I spoke too soon :( Can't get dual monitors working. Seems perhaps the onboard HDMI is disabled and can't figure our how to turn it on in the IO settings of the motherboard. Have contacted support.

      • +2

        Both monitors will need to be connected to the GPU as the CPU doesn’t have integrated graphics.

  • Would the specs be good enough for BF 2042 at 4k?

    • At extremely Low settings, maybe. Not a 4K PC this one

      • Thanks Luke, looks like the 3070Ti should do it?

        • Yep. 3070 is really the entry point for 4K but 3070 Ti allows you to push.

  • Guys should go for 3060 TI, not the non TI one

    • +1

      mini or full size mate?

      • Either is ok

    • Why?
      I did a comparison on the 3060 vs the 9700XT and it was a air bit worse but both cards are closer to $1000 to buy!

      I keep waiting for them to come down but they dont seem like they will anytime soon

  • Amazing service by Luke to go through all that trouble to source you a mini.

    • lol'd

  • Here's my experience. I bought one of the last deals from TechFast. With the 3600 CPU and 3060 (full size) GPU for approx $1500 + postage.

    I can't really fault TechFast overall. Although I paid $55~ for postage and the package was sent with regular AusPost, which took > 3 weeks to arrive from Adelaide to Melbourne. Then when it did arrive the GPU was defective, and I am now in the process of getting it swapped out.

    However Caleb from the TechFast support team has been extremely responsive throughout the process, including following up with AusPost to investigate the delay and in helping to diagnose the defective GPU. They paid for return postage for the GPU and will send me a new one via express post as soon as the defective one lands back with them in Adelaide.

    The PC (now running with my old GTX970) is fast and looks nice with the glass panel case.

    Overall a frustrating process, but I can't really blame TechFast for much of it.

  • I'm tempted to buy but I have a hard time finding the dimensions for the Leaper Air Mini RGB MATX case. Anyone have the dimensions please?

  • Any options for pickup if local?

    • They do local pickup in Beverly i picked mine up from there no issues just took some id in filled in a form and took my pc away.

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