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2 Weeks Free (3 with Silver Status) Combined Health Insurance in Each of March 2022, 2023 & 2024 @ AIA Health Insurance & 9Saver


AIA Health Insurance and 9Saver have an offer running until 14th of January 2022 where you get up to 9 weeks free (up to 3 weeks each year, over 3 years).

Get 2 weeks free at 01 March 2022, then another 2 weeks free at 01 March 2023, and then another 2 weeks free at 01 March 2024. Plus, 1 bonus week each year if you hold AIA Vitality Silver Status or above

For those of you familiar with all the benefits around AIA Vitality and want health insurance to give you access to this, it may interest you.

AIA Health:

9Saver Link here:

T&C Here:

To be eligible for this offer from AIA Health and 9Saver you must be a new AIA Health customer who is at least 18 years of age and takes out an Eligible AIA Health Policy between 01 November 2021 and 14 January 2022 and provide the promotional code 9FROM9 upon sign up (Eligible Customers). An Eligible AIA Health Policy is a new Combined Hospital and Extras policy (excludes all Basic Hospital and Basic Plus Hospital combined policies). Eligible Customers will receive up to 9 weeks free health insurance once they have held and paid for the Eligible Policy for a continuous period of 2 weeks (you will be reimbursed for 2 weeks), 14 weeks (you will be reimbursed for 2 weeks), and 26 weeks (you will be reimbursed for 2 weeks). Eligibility for the Bonus Week each year requires at least one member on a policy to hold a silver vitality status or higher.

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    Wow…. 9 weeks free but locking the customer in until 2024.. I'm genuinely surprised 😂

  • Combined hospital and extras products, ONLY.

    excluding Basic Hospital and Basic Plus Hospital combined product

  • Be aware of the sneaky "AIA Vitality" scheme that costs you $10/month per adult and is included by default unless you call and opt out. The rewards and status levels is set up so that's quite hard to actually get back the monthly fee

    • +1

      thanks. added to my “not to do business” with company list. was going to get a quote my life and health insurance from AIA.

      personally I hate companies being dishonest or try to send confusing marketing message, just to lure new customers… save $110 a box over 4 orders, free 9 weeks over 3 years, $20 bonus coupon on purchase (to use over next 5 orders on specific items) …this is just not the Aussie fair dinkum way, please keep those marketing overseas ….

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      My partner gets $5 a week of Woolies gc just to do 10k steps a day+ additional gc ($20, $60, ..) when milestone are reached.
      Don't see how difficult that is. It is meant as an incentive to stay healthy (you also get some points for vaccination, dental check, skin check etc…)
      So if you're not into keeping healthy, sure opt out.

    • +2

      I used to work there and whilst my personal preference is not to deal with AIA for my own reasons, it was possible to get hundreds of dollars of value per annum from the Vitality program. Do you steps. Get your checks. Get your discounts on purchases at partner programs. Sign up to the Apple watch program.

      Whilst it might not be for you. its very much geared towards you earning rewards and it was achievable. To say its hard to get back your monthly fee back is bit of a furphy in my opinion.

  • I presume no member only?

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