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Kellogg's Pop Tarts Chocotastic 8 Pack 384g $2.50 - (S/S - $2.25) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Back again at $2.5. The cheapest it's been since September 2021.

MOQ - 1

Pop-Tarts Frosted Chocotastic is oozing with chocolatey goodness in a frosted pastry. Chocotastic: For all our choc lovers! Delicious choc flavoured pastries filled with even more choc flavour – what more could you ask for? Pop-Tarts Warming Instructions: 1. Remove pastry from pouch. Drop pastry vertically into toaster.2. Attend toaster while heating. Children should be supervised. Note: Use the Lowest heat setting. Pop-Tarts are pre-cooked and require warming only. Caution: Pastry may be too hot to handle. Allow cooling briefly before removing from the toaster. Do not heat in the microwave.

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  • Mmmm have you noticed the special is always on the chocolate flavour from Amazon.

    • +2

      the only flavour I need.

    • I think it's the only flavour they stock locally? The others all seem to ship from overseas.

  • +13

    Price matching Woolworths. More flavours available there if you don't want chocolate (without the 10% sub & save discount).

  • Better off buying a bag of sugar and eating that.

    • +22

      yes, but you can put that into a toaster.

      • Plus you actually get a bit of protein and fibre in the Pop Tart, too!

        • about 0.001% of your daily requirements

          • @ruski: About 5% for PRO and 3% for fibre per Pop Tart according to the pack, but that's based on an 'average' adult diet and requirements will obviously vary.

      • +2

        Well yes, easily. Getting it out again, slightly.tougher.

    • …go on…

      • -1

        The homogenisation of American culture, especially this poor excuse for 'cuisine' into the west and Australia is concerning. I got no problems if adults want to give themselves diabetes, but I fear for the generation of kids watching them eating this crap.

        • What's worse is these are considered a "breakfast" pastry. Just like the cerials with Marshmallows, and sugar coated flakes. I can't believe how people can consider Kisses, Reeses and Orea Cerial, breaksfast food.

        • +1

          Pop Tarts have been in Australia for decades mate, they actually stopped selling them here for a spell because they aren't very popular.

  • Lmao bought 4 boxes of each flavour from the last woolies sale. Eaten 4 poptarts since…

    • I bought a few flavours when ordering some stuff from catch of the day. Think I had one of each.

    • +2

      No need to gloat about your superhuman self control 😀

  • +3

    ingredients: white crunchlets

    Ah yes, my favourite type of crunchlets

  • My kids love them. NQR had Froot Loops and Brown Sugar Cinnamon on sale recently, but this will fill the void. Thanks!

    • I was raised on the brown sugar and cinnamon in Canada .. what does NQR? Mean

      • +1

        Markdowns warehouse

        • Cheers Mrs Death

  • +5

    The quality of poptarts has plummeted over the last few decades. They have hardly any filling and are hard as a rock.

    • The only one I liked back in the day were the strawberry jam filled ones with frosting.

    • Fair play ..I started eating them in the 70s ..we would drive to the factory in Battle Creek to pick up boxes …

  • +3

    Gives me the shits. Well worth it.

  • for those too ashamed to walk into Woolys and grab 10 boxes

    • Cant even get that many, max is 6

  • +1

    Spud shed in Joondalup had bunch of brown sugar and cinnamon ones for 1.99

    • +1

      I live 5mins away, will go get some. Cheers

  • Once you pop you can't stop

  • Errr comments have 'mold and fungus' growing on them even months before expiry….hmmmm.

  • Wasn’t a fan of the flavour from the last deal.

  • time to be fat

  • -1


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