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Samsung Evo Plus 512GB $78, Galaxy Buds Pro $139, Buds Live $109, Ekickscooter E10 $299, NB F80 $34 Delivered @ AZ AU

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    That Buds Pro price is unbelievable
    The SD card is $1 more at PC Byte currently

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    Out of the above list what are the actual killer deal?

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    Samsung Evo Plus 512GB $78

    $1 cheaper than PC Byte. Your move Amazon someone with stock lol.

    Edit: Owait AZAU is PC Byte derp

    • I did not know that! they're competing against themselves

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        Just tap your nose ;)

  • Aus stock for the Samsung earphones?

  • Tenda Nova MW3 (2-Pack) was $54 a few months back here so $53 is not a deal

  • Damn, I paid like twice that for the buds pro. It's a great deal

    • But it's voliet :)
      Can easily get other colour for 170ish on ebay with Australian warranty

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        Who cares, they're ear buds.

  • looks like another kogan or catch of the day kind of store, are these guys reputable haven't heard of them before

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    why do someone share a deal that starts in 4 days?

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      So someone can decide whether to buy now or later, if they have the intention of buying one of these products

  • Is the Ninebot E10 legal to ride for kids anywhere in Australia? I see that it does not have a throttle, but instead a push assist. Does that make it legal for kids under 12 to ride?

    • Where do you see it doesn’t have a throttle? It’s very clear in the images

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    $9 cheaper for Buds Live Mystic Black at Kogan (free shipping with First) if you don't mind that it's an "International Model".

    • The ones you linked are Buds Live which are different to Buds Pro

      • I know, but there's Buds Live in this deal too.

        • The Buds Live in this deal are on sale for $109, your link says $129

          • @iliektoeatmeat: Ah, well the price has gone up; they were $99.99 when I posted that comment.

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    Not sure why I thought this was Amazon haiyaaa

  • Are the Samsung buds Australian stock with Australian warranty, or grey imports with no warranty?

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    You’d be crazy to buy a Ledger from anywhere other than their official website…

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    Try googling Buds Pro Ear infection. I am one of the affected ones and I was lucky I noticed quickly it was the Buds Pro givinv me the infection. I never have any issue with any in ear wireless earphones before this (powerbeats Pro, Airpods Pro, Sony WF1000XM3)

    • Well that is something interesting to read. Not a huge fan of Samsung anyway so I can happily give those a miss

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      That's a problem with all IEMs when ear canal anatomy lines up with the seal of the device in such a way that irritation and infection are readily encouraged.

      Clean your device, get your ears professionally cleaned and chat with your GP about your issues, and they'll probably direct you to an ENT and an allergist to rule out other causes.

      • Like I said, I never have any issue with the other in ear model. If you google Buds Pro Ear Infection you'll see the problem seems to be isolated to this particular model; evens Buds 2 doesn't have the issue

        • Literally in the article that everyone cites, the author complains about the Buds2 for the same issues.

          You'll be able to find threads about other major brands and models, but it's such a small segment of the audience. I'm not doubting you have issues with this model, but even if the number of users is higher than normal, it's a design quirk that seems to mess more frequently with common ranges of ear anatomy.

          It is not a scandal, it is not negligent, it is not worthy of a class action lawsuit. It's just the nature of IEMs: tip roll where you can, but if your ears are picky, demo before purchase, store tips in a clean environment, and try to clean your ears better.

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              @Wiede: I don't care about some two bit website that pedals firmware downloads for ad referral revenue, I understand enough about ear anatomy and infection to know that the issue is a design quirk, not a malicious act or a breach of any safety standards.

              If there was an allergic reaction happening, why are none of these people coming back with results from an allergist? It's a fitment issue that arises out of an anatomical mismatch, and all IEMs get this to some extent due to the way they all seek to seal in the ear canal.


  • Has anyone bought from this store before? Is it legit?

    • it's the same shop as PC Byte

      • Ah sweet… now just need to sit there with all my details ready to go!

  • is the buds pro a good buy or should I wait for offers on the sony xm3?

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    Whatever happened to the class action lawsuit against samsung for the buds pro causing ear infections???? I remember this article in androidcentral about it, buyers do your research before u buy

  • The discount code doesnt seem to be working… is it working for anyone else?

    • it starts at 12pm (i.e already started)
      try now

      • Woop Woop!! Its working

        Quite odd I tried earlier and the Buds were Sold Out… Tried again and they were back in stock for $139.

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    why the hell is this deal at the top as 'highlighted' ????????

  • just ordered the buds pro.
    hopefully the ear infection thing doesnt happen

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    Oh wow, was about to order the Galaxy Buds Pro and then read about the ear infections mentioned above in the comments. Might give it a miss.

  • Vacuum any good?

    • It sucks.

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    Buds Pro OOS

    • Mhmm it was in my cart until the last step :/ Guess I missed out on that one unfortunately.

      • I think there's one left now

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    For the ones who got the buds pro, what do you think about the ear infection thing? I ordered one but Im slightly concerned

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      Actually managed to order them once they went OOS, but after reading a fair few reviews about people experiencing issues with their ears I decided to cancel my order, apparently there is a tiny bit of nickel in it that might give you a reaction… figured it's not worth it for me

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        just cancelled mine too. but its still cancellation pending. Did you do anything else besides "request cancellation" and how long did it take to change from pending?

        • Just got an email saying it's being processed, it'll take 24-48 hours

          • @Jeaso: I got an email that the item is already shipped and I can't cancel it. Anw, I paid through paypal, I think they have free returns.

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    Been eyeing this for a while now - got a few F80's for my triple monitor setup. Cheers OP.

  • Checkout isn't working for me…

  • The discount is not applying at checkout to the Galaxy Buds Live.

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      Same here, no response from their customer support.

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