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Wireless Earphone Lenovo X4 Bone Conduction Headphones $50.25 (Was $64.13) Delivered @ Bargainfield_outlet eBay


Wireless Earphone Lenovo X4 Bone Conduction Headphones $50.25 (Was $64.13) Free shipping
~> Bone Conduction Design, the sound transmitted through the bone to the auditory nerve, no need to put into the ear canal, no eardrum damage, good for the user to avoid ear disease and hearing losing.
~> Ear-free keeping danger away, release your ears to listen to the world, you can respond to the surrounding situation quickly, far away from danger, suitable for outdoor activities.
~> Born for Sports, IP65 waterproof, no need to worry about sweat and splashing water.
~> 25g lightweight ensures wearing comfort and stability, suitable for hiking, running, cycling, climbing, driving, etc.
~> BT 5.0 technology enables stable connection, fast transmission speed and low power consumption.
~> Long Battery Life, 150mAh rechargeable lithium battery provides about 8 hours of playback time on one full charge. And can be recharged via the included charging cable.

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  • The problem with headphones is cochlear damage, not the eardrums. A
    Bone conduction earphones also transduce vibrations in the cochlear, and overuse of any type of headphones can cause hearing damage.

    • PSA - look after your cochlea 👌

  • +2

    How is this one compare to aftershockz

  • Any reviews on this.

    I’ve only located one so far and they didn’t even know how bone conduction headphones work.

    • I believe the sound wave is transmitted as a compression wave through bone rather than through air and the eardrum.

      Maybe that's not explaining it either though.

      Put your forehead against a door and knock on it. The door. Of course.

      • I get bone conduction.
        What I was meaning is I can't find any decent reviews on this product

        The earlier version of this was said to be crap

        • Ahh right. My reading yesterday was not as proficient as my reading today.

          I've tried my mates aftershocks and I have not tried these, but in his words re bone conduction in general "think podcasts, not music"

          He's a sound engineer and I'm quite interested in audio gear so we have similar taste.

          Sorry I couldn't be more (any) help

          • @ozbjunkie: All good.

            Think podcasts, not music
            So no idea if any good for the price?
            Or do you mean that quality is ok for non music things like podcasts…

            • @FredAstair: The tech in general will be very underwhelming if you are used to any reasonable quality in headphones

              The spoken word comes through well, not so much the bass or the treble. I don't know the science but I'd be guessing the head flesh is acting as both a low pass and high pass filter allowing voice through (because those middle frequencies would be most important to hear for survival).

              Not sure about this product in particular, but for the purpose I suggest above I believe any functioning product will satisfy.

              • @ozbjunkie: Ah. Ok.
                Thank you :)

                So if I wanted a headset that was for phone calls then this would be perfect.

                If I was a music lover with high standards then no.

                • +1

                  @FredAstair: I think that's a fantastic way you've put it.

                  Better than I ever did really hahaha

                  • +1

                    @ozbjunkie: I was just trying to paraphrase you.

                    I guess I understood what you said,


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