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Alienware 38" Curved Gaming Monitor - AW3821DW $1749.30 ($1626.85 with K-12 Program 7% off Coupon) Delivered @ Dell


Not the cheapest it's been, but with dealbot saying they'll no longer be able to get this model for $1299, it may be the lowest for a while.
The last deal dealbot organised on this model was $1499.


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  • Soooo … new revamped version coming or no more 38”?

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    dealbot saying they've moved on from this model

    Slight correction. The model will still stay but I won’t be able to get it for $1299 anymore.

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      I can wait.

      Mr Burns eeeexcellent hands

    • Mine turned up this week, glad I pulled the trigger. It's a fantastic display.

      • Did you buy from the ebay deal or off Dell's site?

    • Thanks for the bam deal. Arrived yesterday and works great.

    • Hi @dealbot, do we get the same warranty conditions when buying through Dell eBay versus direct from Dell?

      • Oh, silly me. I've just found the warranty details on the Dell eBay listing.

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    I'm using this monitor right now and looove it. Paired it with an RTX3080, has been a good time so far.

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      I've got the same pairing. Great monitor for gaming and work. ;)

      • Those spreadsheets really rip at 144hz

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          You want to stick to 120Hz so you can experience the speadsheets in all their 10bit native colour glory.

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      Same here. Just started playing Forza Horizon 5 and the monitor really does justice for the game.

      • Imagine on a big OLED though 😉

        • I have this monitor and an LG C9. They are both amazing displays and the colour is of course better on the OLED but you can't beat the aspect ratio of an ultrawide imo.

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        There's a USB port in the middle of the screen right under the logo and its perfect for attaching this USB fan. It'll feel like you're really driving lol

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          Lol. That's one way to further improve sim racing, but it's not a bad idea to have the fan during summer.

        • Probably not going to work for a lot of people with cockpits given the monitor will sit on top of or behind the wheelbase.

    • Me three, I still can't believe that the cheapest price for this monitor was during lockdowns when most computer related items were more expensive, not less.

    • Same! perfectly matched with a 3080

  • I have the same monitor paired with a RTX970. Waiting on the prices on the GPU to drop to reach 144hz. Currently set to 120hz max.

    • For what applications please ?

      • Using a 2080 I can run Dirt Rally 2.0 on High Preset (other than crowds set to Low and track set to Ultra settings) with 2xMSAA.

        FPS is 100 to 120 and I do not feel any problems arising from frame times although I haven't measured them.

      • I use VS Code, play CS:GO at 100fps, browser, light photography using lightroom and playing videos at 4k. All work fine.

  • 3080 is good…what about 3070 please ?

    • Fine with many titles at High or Ultra presets to reach around 120Hz. You can selectively drop shadows, AA or lighting to medium if you need to gain performance.

      • Thanks mate

  • Is that a deal? Sale on $1299 on July:

  • $1299 is a special arranged price but $1499 is the standard price during a Dell eBay 20% off sale.

  • i got this as well, paired with just a 208S.
    that screen real estate is really something.
    anyone on the fence at the moment, worth it for everyday and occasional gaming.

  • Got this monitor at launch and it is great, I use it for both my PC and a Surface for work, does great for both.

    Heads up though, only 1 DisplayPort input (144hz) and the 2 HDMI inputs are only capable of 120hz in case you planned to switch between multiple machines.

    • Shame it doesn't have PiP/PBP but I'm sure it won't be a hassle changing between two different sources.

    • Via DisplayPort to get 10 bit colour you're limited to 120hz also.

      • No, pretty sure that's incorrect. My nVidia control panel showing max res, 12 bpc, 144hz via DP. Defo can't achieve that on HDMI on this.

  • Had this monitor for about 3 months before the built in power supply died. Dell sent a new monitor out the next day (today) so far happy with the service.. apparently a pretty common issue however, the dell tech was saying that this year has been the absolute worst for monitor faults.. the one that died on me had a manufacture date of March 2021.

  • Worth waiting for Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales?

    • Yes, probably. Hopefully $1499 then.

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