GShopper Is Refusing Warranty Repair of Trouver Power 11 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Bought vacuum from this deal - Trouver Power 11 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner $99.99 Delivered @ GShopper Australia

The battery has stopped charging. Initially GShopper asked for video and then asked to do multimeter check. They are now refusing to offer any replacement saying it's out of 6 months warranty.

I understand this product comes with 12 months warranty they are dodgy and clearly trying to avoid refund or any kind of repair/replacement.

PayPal case can't be opened as it's outside 6 months windows. What can be done here?

Will definitely avoid purchasing from this dodgy company going forward.

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    Does not look like they are an australian company, looks like you are out of luck.

    • Payment was taken under entity IZENE AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD so they are registered in Australia.

      • Well then you should proceed like you would with any other Australian company.

        • Fair Trading followed by NCAT for $100?

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            @Ash-Say: Yes, but first try to get more information from them, like if the item clearly states it has 12 months warranty why are they claiming it is 6 months.

            Get as much info as possible so you can use it when needed.

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    I wish you luck with the Fair Trade route, if that's how you proceed. GShopper is just a marketplace platform, you bought from Xiaomi Global Store, which I highly doubt is an Australian registered business, probably just a drop-shipper and possibly with some inventory in some paid for shared warehouse. And Izene Australian does have an ABN, but nothing else. I would say they are just a payment gateway or something. Can't find a physical address for you to nominate for court documents.

    • Can't find a physical address for you to nominate for court documents.

      It is a registered company, so it must have a registered office. Theirs is in East Melbourne VIC.

      • Yes I know, I saw that too. But that's all it says, East Melbourne. And I'm willing to bet that Izene aren't the seller too.

        • You have to pay for an actual company search, and then you get the full address.

          • @djkelly69: Ah yes, pay for an extract, forgot about that.

            You would still want to ensure that Izene are the seller, which I'd still say they are not. I highly doubt a Chinese drop-shipper can afford rent in East Melbourne.

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    I understand this product comes with 12months warranty they are dodgy and clearly trying to offer refund.

    I don't know if I'm missing something, are they offering a refund but you want a repair??

    • Probably because the vacuum is worth >$100 but in this case it doesn't matter, take the refund and case closed.

      • How do I take refund?

        They are not offering anything.

        • You indicated that they are? You are contradicting yourself there mate.

          clearly trying to offer refund.

          • @moo: Apologies I know what you mean - I was meant to say avoid rather than offer.

            Error fixed in original post.

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    clearly trying to offer refund.…

    Take the refund case closed.

  • How is the saying ? "You get what you pay for" ? $99 Vacuum handstick cleaner. Battery might last 100 charges. 6 month, 180 days, possibly charging 2 a day …..
    Never heard of Batteries having more than 6 month warranty.

    • Sir, your google-fu is weak.

      Never heard of Batteries having more than 6 month warranty.

      Did a quick search to outline some facts and found the following:

      From Dyson…

      Dyson offers a 2-year warranty on all cordless machines and parts, including the battery. If your machine is within its warranty period, we'll replace the battery for you free of charge. If you're an owner, log into My Dyson to see whether you are under warranty.

      There you go, hopefully you’re a bit more informed now. You’re welcome.

      • Did OP buy a Dyson ?

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          You’re comment was talking about batteries in general, eg. A blanket statement.

          Never heard of Batteries having more than 6 month warranty.

          Don’t feel salty. Just accept the facts and say sorry for generalising things. It’s okay mate! We all make mistakes.

          • @moo: Okey.

          • @moo: Your*

            Don’t feel embarrassed. Just accept the facts and say sorry for your illiteracy. It’s okay mate! We all make mistakes.

            • @jackary: Thanks jackary. I stand corrected. kisses

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    in the same boat, and they not replying to my battery request.

    lesson learnt with all these shitty dodgy chinese companies.

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    My battery has died as well, POS.

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    same here - battery died, would not even charge now. - Gives out an E6 error!

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    Got mine from eBay seller "xiaomi-australia" in May '21. Battery was only lasting 10 minutes by November. I messaged them twice, once in Nov and again in December, no response whatsoever…. And now they are "Not a registered user" on eBay. The actually vacuum cleaner is good while it lasts. I'd even be happy to buy a new battery, but I can't find one of those either!

    • It appears that average battery life is 6months.

      Also interested to see where to get replacement battery

    • I'm in the same boat as you, bought one from xiaomi-australia eBay and now they are not a registered user. Did you persue it further and any luck?

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    Having the same issue - battery lasts about a minute now. Was a great stick-vac while it lasted :(

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    Mine did the same thing. Just doesn't work. I contact GShopper and they sent me this cryptic message back

    "You can use keywords to search. We can compensate you for the cost."

    I don't know what that means.

    Have you tried contacting the FlyingPanda guy who posted the deal? I'm sending him a message now. He was associated with Gshopper at the time

    • My xiaomi vac has also died. Please let me know how you go with “the FlyingPanda guy” 😬

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        He doesn't work with Gshopper anymore. I would recommend a charge back on a credit card

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    Hey all,

    I'm in the same boat as well. I got the Trouver Power 11 vacuum back in the middle of 2021 via this ozbargain deal:

    It initially ran really really well, especially for a cordless vacuum under $100! but then the battery quickly got weaker and weaker till the point where it no longer re-chargers. I get a E6 error when I plug in the charger point and it does not want to recharge again.

    I've done some googling, and can't find any online shop that sells a replacement battery and ships to Australia. So with that said, unless someone has some luck with warranty from the sellers here, then the vacuum is as good as landfill waste now :( A lesson in "you get what you pay for….."

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    Same battery problem
    Even can't find a battery from Chinese website

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    I’ve just got same Error E6 and better is not charging! Any idea what needs to be done?

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    Same issue as others reported.
    Yesterday I pried open the battery pack and individually charged each battery using an external charger (OzBargain purchased Liitokala) at 500ma setting, taking over a day and a bit to charge - interestingly Liitokala indicated the batteries were already at 3/4 full to start with (despite the vacuum indicating flat).I then re-connected the battery pack to which the vacuum indicating 100% charged but still only found ~1min of vacuum use. I then re-pried open the battery case and checked the Voltage levels and found the first two at 3.2v (flat), the next 4 at 3.9v and the last one at 4.0v = total (series) 26.32V.
    I was originally going to purchase some 3000mAh as replacements (thinking memory issue) but now not so sure given 5 of the 7 batteries, just by voltage levels alone, indicate there's plenty of charge? Nothing immediately presents being an issue from a visual inspection of the charging circuit.
    Unfortunately the Liitokala model charger I own doesn't come with any refresh/capacity capability - however I connected alligator clips from the first (supposedly) flat battery to a headlamp to which resulted in bright light being emitted. Although this may not mean much given the current draw of an LED being far far less than the vacuum.

    • What type were the individual batteries? Possible just to try new ones? I'll give it a go if possible, I'm down to about 2mins battery life on mine.

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      Could that be an indicator that the battery management system in the battery is bad? The lithium cells should ideally be at the same charge, so due to bad cell balancing there's a big difference in voltage between the cells in the series (of the battery pack) and that could cause some cells to be 'deader' than others.

    • From what you are saying it sounds like the E6 error means faulty charging circuit (bms) and replacing batteries would not help much but a replacement battery, with a new bms, would. Also the E6 error is so common it suggests it is a design error and a replacement battery is likely to behave the same unless it comes from a new batch of batteries where the fault has been rectified and that is unlikely as Xiaomi have moved on to a new model and the Trouver 11 is well and truelly landfill as everyone says.
      If you were really keen you can purchase a 7S/29.4V battery box and/or BMS for $26.57 ea? on eBay and build yourself a real ugly working Trouver 11?
      Thank you Sallas for your efforts.

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    Received the same E6 error as everyone above. Tried contacting them (replied after 20 days) and they asked me to buy a replacement battery from Aliexpress for which they'll compensate. But the the thing is, the battery doesn't ship to Australia.

    Link provided by Gshopper if anyone is curious:…

    Just going to accept this as a loss and move on.

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      Update: Received a $40 refund via PayPal.

  • Having the exact same experience with my Trouver Powerless 11. 6 months old, now lasts about 1 min on charge. Hard and hot garbage. Disgusting to throw something like this out after 6 months. FU Trouver and Xiaomi.

  • Mine's almost gone too only lasts a couple of minutes

    I'm going to try the cell replacement route above otherwise if anyone has the time to go to VCAT for a few of us it would probably be worthwhile since the fee is $66 under $3000 claim value

    There'd be search fees and all that to get the address etc.

    Depends on the interest and how motivated we all are to clean up this dodgy outfit

    • Keep us updated with how the cell replacement goes.

  • My battery is also stuffed. Bought in May 2021 from this deal via xiaomi-australia eBay. This seller is no longer registered on eBay so I can't even contact them..

    • I bought the same one at around the same time. I contacted Xiaomi global, they said contact Dreame technology, they then said it's not their product. I don't know what else to do with my E6 error.

  • Battery also carked it - E6 error after 6 months or so. High power mode wasn't working for the last couple months and battery life deteriorated fast. I wonder if there's something that kills it by leaving it on in the dock 24/7? Very disappointed and a regretful purchase if this is now landfill, even at $99. Would be terrible if you paid the asking price.

  • Mine work fine until it gets to 40% then it suddenly die.
    I have sent an e-mail 2 months ago for them, never had a reply.

  • No Reply to email in Nivember when it's started to reduce in time one gave only 2-5mins and now it's completely dead.Plug into charge reports 93% unplug and it reports 0% charge, Gshopper never replied to my email. What has worked for others to repair or get refund and how did u do it?

    • Nothing

  • Mother in law is in the same boat. Sent a message via Gshopper but this thread doesn't fill me with confidence.

  • I recently had the exact same issue - Battery no longer taking/holding charge.

    I contacted GSHOPPER/Xiaomi Support and was told that they would offer a $29AUD discount/refund on a replacement battery.

    Unfortunately, the only battery packs available are from Russia and would not ship to my address in Melbourne.

    I made contact with Xiaomi Support VIA GSHOPPER Messaging again and they eventually offered me a $50AUD refund, which I accepted.

    The payment was received within 24 hours.

    I only paid $99, so all up I'm out $49.

    Might look at prying open the battery pack and replacing the batteries, or might double down and purchase the $99 stick vac on sale this week @ ALDI

    What could possibly go wrong ! :)

    • +1

      $50 bux back ain't bad considering it would of been a full lost of $99 for us all.

      Can you please let us know how you contacted Xiaomi Support VIA GSHOPPER Messaging? is that via a facebook page or a website?


      • Via the support message section on the gshopper website

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      hmmm would this work if I purchased from ebay?

      • Did you have any luck contacting anyone for the issue after purchasing from the eBay seller? I'm in the same boat and I don't know who to contact.

  • I also have the same problem. Have sent a message to them. Bought in May-21

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    What do you guys expect when you pay $100 for a vacuum?!

    Pay peanuts get

    • +2

      For it to last longer than 6 months at least 12 months would be minimum

      At least as long as a Kmart vacuum

    • So true - I was going to buy the recent $99 Aldi Stick Vac to replace my Dodgy $99 Trouver Power 11 Vac, finally found some at the Mentone store, and then I got a Discount Offer (eBay) from Dyson for the Dyson 7 Stick - Bought that instead.

      Paid $349.00

      Couldn't be happier…

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    Hey everyone in this thread. Can I recommend if you paid using a credit card even if you used Paypal contact your credit card company and get them to charge back the charge. Companies are not allowed to sell you shitty products that fail like this. Even a $50 return on a $99 investment is not what you deserve. Get the credit card to charge back and return your money.

  • anyone know where to buy this battery or how to replace it? mine also dead and no way to buy…. Do I have to throw away? sigh…

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      The only replacement battery I could find was via AliExpress from Russia, however, they don't ship to AU.

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    I had the same. Purchased via Gshopper. Battery down to 1 min running time after 5 months. I went HARD on throwing the Australian consumer law book at them via Gshopper messages. Eventually I was asked to post it back to their Sydney warehouse address and they refunded the whole $99 +~$20 for the return shipping cost I incurred. Pile of cheap plastic trash now sitting in landfill somewhere. Awful.

  • Lol happened to me too. Took 30$ refund.

  • How on the Gshopper website do you actually contact Xiaomi Support? I've sent some messages via gshopper but says it's going to "pre-sales" for Xiaomi Global Store - sent 2 messages to them and haven't heard anything back.

    My vacuum doesn't even work anymore. Error Code 93.

    • A bit of a late reply but it may help others: go to your previous orders and locate the Trouver one: There is a button 'Contact Seller' next to 'Xiaomi Global Store'.

      My message there when to their 'After-sales' team and I got a response back within 2 hours offering an AUD $30 refund via PayPal.

  • {Tumble weed gif}

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    My vac finally does today. Pitty as it's a decent unit. Have messaged shopper/asked for a replacement or refund. Will see what happens, it's just on 11 months so right at the end. Fingers crossed I get something back

  • I bought one on eBay and battery died within 8 months. Email seller no reply. Then email eBay and they couldn't help as they can only provide full refund within 30 days is seller not response but not after, your next bet is PayPal but only 6 months so ignore eBay seller trying to promote 1yr to 5yr warranty. You won't get it.

  • Our battery died as well.

  • I've had the same issue. Got it from GShopper. Have contacted them but not sure where this is going to end.

  • Same issue. E6 battery died. next time anyone mentions xiaomi is better than Dyson. you know the answer!!!!

    • The only answer, for me at least, was to throw the E6 away (landfill 😩) as I couldn’t fix it either.

      I’ve since purchased 3 x D7 Dysons when eBay has a good enough sale. The last one last week.
      We use 2 of them in our plant stores, so dirt dust etc. Haven’t missed a beat.

      I’ve had a warranty issue with a Dyson before, and I had to pay an ‘affordable’ replacement fee, but that particular one is also still going strong.
      Was very easy to contact Support.

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      Xiaomi products work when they were new, cheap and cheerful. After 1/2 years, it will either fail (error code)/ stop supporting firmware or didn’t work for unknown reasons. Xiaomi watch, Bidet, bulb, camera and now Vacuum stick. The only thing didn’t fail was my roborock. I am no longer a fan.

  • I am having the same issue. I’ve got the Trouver from the same deal and battery died. E61 error code.

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