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Moto G60s (6.8" 120hz FHD+, Helio G95, 64MP, 5000mAh, Dual SIM, 4+128GB) $307.71 + Post ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Free ship with Amazon Prime.

About this item
Fastest TurboPower charging ever; Get 12 hours of power in just 12 minutes; with TurboPower 50 charging
6.8 Inch 120 Hz FHD+ display; View everything in true-to-life color on an ultra-wide Max Vision display with a lighting-fast refresh rate
Upgraded MediaTek Helio G95 processor; Get all the speed you need with 120Hz display support to play epic games, stream videos, snap pics, and chat with friends without missing a beat
64 MP quad camera system Capture sharper, brighter photos in low light, breathtaking wide-angle shots, detailed close-ups, beautiful portraits, and more
128 GB built-in storage; Never run out of room for photos, movies, songs, apps, and games with tons of storage
Distinctive, water-repellent design; Stand out with unique color options and keep your phone safe from accidental spills and splashes

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  • +1

    This looks amazing wow

  • Can anyone offer an opinion on this or the Nokia X20. Looking for a new phone for a family member…wife has the X20 and is a fan, however this is quite a bit cheaper for what looks to be similar specs and both come from the UK. Family member is not a big phone user, occasional photo, would appreciate a bigger screen, just wants something that will last 3-4 years and easy to use.

    • +1

      well if you're looking towards long term use of 3-4 years, then the nokia is a good option as it has a 3 year warranty which is pretty large for a phone warranty and three years of updates so probably will get updates till 2024. the nokia also has 5g which the motorola doesnt have and since its for a long term use, it could be useful depending on what activities the user does when using mobile data. however at full price, there is quite the price difference as the x20 is nearly double the price of the motorola listed in the title

      • Where did you see the 3 year warranty in the above link for Nokia X20?

        All I could find was: Manufacturer warranty may not apply but you may have other rights under law.

        • My opinion was based off the X20 that is available from local Australian retailers such as JB-Hifi and Officeworks. As they are official sellers of Nokia Australia phones, they list the 3 year warranty which comes with this model in Australia. I'm sorry for any confusion that I may have caused. From my experiences, Amazon does not seem to be very sure about the warranties of phones they sell themselves which is sad to see as they were unable to even tell me if there is a warranty and how long it is for another phone they sell from Amazon AU which was the Samsung Galaxy A32.

          • +1

            @shxhshzhz: No worries.
            I've bought a phone from Amazon AU, from an AU seller, and had full manufacturer warranty.
            But I noticed that this phone is a fair bit cheaper than the AU listings so was curious about warranty.

  • -1

    4gb ram—- Not enough in 2021…..

    • +3

      it's a $300 phone from Motorola, Poco phones and other brands can give you 6GB, then you might not have close to stock Android experience which Moto phones do provide.

    • +3

      more than enough ram for an everyday user

      • Yea but is the same amount of 2 years ago moto for same price, and pretty much all my apps now are heavier than 2 years ago. Personally I can live with slower processor, but RAM is what keep a device stable and usable in the longer run.

    • +7

      LG V30 user here with 4gb of ram and everything still working fine….

  • +2

    But for the $ would get the Poco - if this had a oled screen or wireless charging then yes.

    • -2

      Xioami sends your data to China. They are cheap because they are using your information. Please don't support them

      • -1

        Who cares, they're under your bed listening anyway.

  • Here is a brief comparison with the G50 ( which retails for around $400.)


    Does anyone know what sort of warranty Amazon provides for international electronics ?

    • Last deal with Poco from UK was with 2 years Amazon warranty. I'm curious to know if was a one off or if all come with same warranty

      • All I can see is: Manufacturer warranty may not apply but you may have other rights under law.

  • +2

    For $90 more; im hoping the Edge20 Fusion goes back to $399 for black friday…

  • +3

    64MP on a phone camera - a bit like putting spoilers on a Hyundai Getz for extra performance.

    • or a whale tail on a VW Beetle … haha

    • Don't worry, those are not same pixels you'll find in Canon R5 or Hasselblad X1D II 50C. They contribute next to nothing to quality, just increase file size.

  • +1

    I nearly bought it, but then caught the dimensions.. actually this thing is huge! Taller than my s20 Ultra
    Maybe not so great for pockets if that's your thing.. hopefully black Friday brings a similarly great but smaller phone deal

  • keep in mind:

    Glass front, plastic frame, plastic back

    ive cracked 2 x motos screens now from light drops with a bumper cover and hard to get parts

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