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Apple Airpods 2 with Wireless Charging Case $178 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ School Locker


Great deal. Limit 2 per customer Currently 13 stores with stock.

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The School Locker
The School Locker

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      Thats the standard case. Deal is for wireless case.

  • Are this the 3rd Gen or 2Gen?

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    Awesome timing - had to resell gen 3 coz they didn't fit my ears properly and had given my old gen 2 to a family member. Grateful to have a pair back again lol

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      My story is exactly same as yours except I have not sold my Airpods Pro yet. I might grab these as well and keep Pro for occasional use.

      • I had issues with my pros also - left side was vibrating even when no music was being played. Having said that, I reckon my ears just only fit these old bag airpods annoyingly

  • Wonderful deal

  • This is good. I have the 3rs gen and they dont fit as well

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    Awesome! I just got it price matched at JB-HIFI and got 2 :)

    • Tried OW? Not sure about the airpods but they beat by 5%

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        Yes. Have price matched school locker at ow before

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    Spotted the same price just now on Catch.com.au main page (plus shipping or free ship with Club Catch).

    EDIT: Nevermind, Catch item is not wireless charging case.

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    great price! ordered

  • Anyone have the 3rd gen? worth the $100 difference?

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      Did a bit of research before ordering gen 2, a lot of mixed reviews. People mention that they're a lot larger in size in comparison to gen 2 so they aren't as comfortable.

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      3rd gen legit sound better - provided they fit in your ears well

      • agreed. my first impression was the sound is better on airpods3, but they aren't as comfy as the old ones due to the size/shape.

        But now that I've used them for a while, I have kinda got the hang of finding a good position that doesn't hurt my cartilage.

        and for me the shorter-stem aesthetic works much better.

        I still miss the superior audio quality on my soundpeats truengine; alas, the fact they won't stay in my ears no matter what I've tried has relegated them to the back of the drawer.

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    Great price, got it price matched with officeworks. Thanks

  • Pull trigger now or wait for BF?

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      You don't need permission from your boyfriend. Just buy them.

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      Benjamin Franklin? sorry hes dead

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    For reference, delivery to Sydney is $8.54

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    Great price, got it price beated $169.10 with officeworks. Thanks

  • is this australian stock?

    • Yes. School locker is Harvey Norman

  • I don't like in-ear headphones like the pro. Which ones fit better, these or the Samsung buds live? Got the Samsung one on the way, but it seems like a weird hybrid, so a bit confused about the fit (and can't really try without opening package)

    Edit: maybe hybrid is the wrong word, it seems like maybe it doesn't go inside the ear. But it's an unusual design nonetheless. Hard to know if it's great or if I'm better off with the standard airpod shape.

    • Haven't used the Samsung Beans before, but APs (I do own a pair) seem a whole lot easier to put in your ear than the Beans. DankPods did a pretty in depth review on them.

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    Felt sorry for the Officeworks, but had to get the extra 5% off!

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    Price matched with JB over the phone (free delivery or pickup).
    time to sell my old airpods 2. Wife complaining abt battery.

    JB sales line 13 52 44
    9am - 9pm everyday (AEST)

    • Thanks hopper - team member who picked up already knew the price 😂 must’ve received many calls about it beforehand

    • How did you price match with JB? Is there a direct link for the one at jb which includes the airpods and wireless charging case? I could only find 2 separate products. Thanks for any help.

    • I called a bit earlier and the person I spoke to said they don't match The School Locker as they are a grey importer , he asked the price anyway and said he couldn't' do close.

      • called Officeworks as well. Story was different saying most stores dont have stock and they've been processing refunds on this today (not sure if they were price matches or just general orders on this) - might of been a easier way to say no though!

      • Try different post code. Should work

  • Went for nothing ear 1 at this price. Better sound quality and noise reduction.

  • Officeworks not available online for the same product

  • Thanks OP and Jbhifi poster, price matched + stacked with Amex $10 off Jb hifi

  • Are Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case automatically gen2? I notice alot of listings such as JB hifi doesn't mention gen2 in description etc.

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      There's AirPods Gen 2 without the wireless charging case, and there are also AirPods Gen 2 with the wireless charging case. The Gen 1 Apple AirPods also can use the wireless charging case.

      What makes AirPods 'Gen 2' isn't the case, but the pods themselves. They have changed (internally) from the original Gen 1s.

  • Good price, cheers OP :)

  • Can you actually buy iPod without a charging case?

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      Assuming you mean AirPods and not iPods, yes, but they're intended as replacements if you lose one. They cost $109 for one AirPod.

  • How to price match/beat at office works if there is no stock nearby :(

  • Anyone used airpods for running?

    • Used it for light exercise, and personally, they don't stay in too well. Even if I shake my head quite violently, one always drops out.

      • They're great for me! But all depends on ear individual shape

  • Out of stock in NSW and couldn't get JB to price match. He suggested these were an older generation product now superseded?

  • Just price matched with officeworks for $169.10 @Mulgrave store NSW

  • Also price matched with OfficeWorks locally in QLD, got the last one in stock. They were a bit surprised at the massive discount

  • Price matched OW Narre Warren, Werribee also had stock

    • Hi, did price match in store or calling them? Website shows no stock every where and not available online either

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        Called. Said they've been doing a few this morning. about 15 mins ago.

  • It says AirPods with Wireless Charging Case, how can I tell if it's a Gen 1 or Gen 2?

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      gen 1 didn't have a wireless charging case, it was first introduced on Gen 2

      • I know but this could also be a Gen 1 plus a separate wireless case. The Airpods Gen 1 are able to support wireless charging if you buy Apple’s separate wireless charging case on their website.

        • up to you on where you'll purchase yours, Officeworks and JB are 100% Gen 2s as it comes on 1 packaging.

        • It's the real deal. Check the model number and compare it to the Apple online store (SKU: MRXJ2ZA/A).

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          What you say makes no sense, no AirPods themselves support wireless charging, AirPods can only be charged through the case, it’s the case itself that can be charged through a cable or wirelessly depending on the model. This is sold as a sealed retailer package just like if you buy it from Apple, why would they mix and match the case with an older gen AirPods.

  • Were these 99.97 at Costco at some stage ?


    • They sure were, I remember something being posted on here about it, but think it was removed.

  • Thanks OP. Price matched with JB after lots of talk and discussion, but they added the shipping cost $8.65. Couldn't find stock in OW nearby for the 5% price beat unfortunately.

    • online or in store?

  • It is out of stock and i ordered this morning . Received an email saying no stock should have chosen to pick up

  • same boat here. ordered this morning at 11 just got an email cancelling order

  • Officeworks Cranbourne has about 5 left when I was there earlier today

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