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Boost / Telstra $300 SIM $231 Delivered & More @ Auditech


Save 23% on Boost and Telstra long life SIMs. SIM starter kits cannot recharge.
Boost 300GB $231 + Bonus
Boost 300GB + Bonus Boost $30 SIM $242.55
Boost 140GB $154 + Bonus
Telstra 225GB $231 + Bonus
Telstra $150 SIM 60GB 6 month $115.5

Also save 50% on monthly plans
Voda30 40GB 28 days $5
Voda40 50GB 28 days $8
Voda50 60GB 28 days $10
Boost30 40GB 28 days $15
Telstra30 30GB 28 days $15

Delivered by Australia Post with signature and insurance. Volume discount also available.

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  • I'm using a Telstra prepaid plan, am I a new customer?

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      You are new customer to Boost

      • How about Belong? I am currently using Belong

        • +1

          You are new customer to all other carriers except Belong

      • Can't you just contact Boost and use their "SIM replacement" method to use this to effectively recharge?

  • +1

    is $154 the cheapest it has ever been for a 12month prepaid? i so badly wanting to move from stupid coles (optus) network

    • It's a very good price, I paid $150 almost a year ago with bonus 30gb ontop of 100gb.

      • So good and bad lol.

        • bad?

          • @onlinepred: Well, there is inflation and the 2021 Covid Tax, but also 30GB less data is hard to swallow at higher price.

            I bought one of these Boost $200 sims four months ago on sale and still have not activated it waiting for more

            bonus data to be added. Can wait another few months as I have some spare data in bank to be used up with Aldi

            mobile, but not gonna hold my breath lol.

            • @ozhunter68: Yea, I'm trying to figure out what I'll go on to next. Max I want to spend is $12.50 a month for 10gb a month.

              • @onlinepred: Are you dead set on any particular network, or not so fussed on that?

                Looks like you just fall short of the $200 / 100GB Boost deal when on sale $13 a month for 8.33gb a month.

                • +1

                  @ozhunter68: I think I might hop onto Optus network for a few months and wait for another boost or Telstra deal hey

                  • @onlinepred: Yeah, if you are happy with Optus they have a 12 month deal close to your mark I saw somewhere, or wait for B or T.

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    • Guess this is the cheapest available atm. Cheers

      • +1

        Or Pricematch with Officeworks and get it even cheaper for $221.25

        • I tried it in store MLB CBD OW and failed, they said seller had not enough info.

    • +5

      $231 is better than $232.9 I guess

      • -7

        no shit sherlock

        • That's what they are offering

          $300 240GB for $231

          And another of:
          Boost $300 SIM 240GB + Bonus Boost $30 SIM $242.55

  • whats the use of the $30 sim? is that a separate sim?

    • +2

      It's a bonus, it's a separate SIM

  • thanks, just purchased. I got charged $154.70 for some reason for the $200 kit.

    • +1

      PM the order number I can refund if it's overcharged.

  • Thanks Rep, just ordered a couple of the 100GB Boost packs, that will cover my wife and I next year!

    • Thank you.

  • Hey @Auditech - any thoughts, how much data will I receive if I activate the SIM in December ?
    Current plan expires last week of Dec.

  • Asking me $242.50 Any chance I could order over the phone?

  • Just some feedback for the Telstra customers.

    Pretty good experience, got the pack within a week, ported out from Telstra to Vodafone. Waited for the last day and ported back into boost taking my number along the way.
    Both ports took less than half an hour and got 13 months for less than $250. Cant complain for $20 month

    • Why you moved from Telstra to Voda?

      • +2

        I can tell you this is the best way to go for speed. Telstra have been trying to improve the internal porting for ages but, as Boost is on the same network, you end up on Telstra's Database so they can't easily port you as it looks like you're just going from Telstra to Telstra. If Siebel allowed for network and billing to be separated, you'd be fine but last I heard this isn't the case. Hopefully with Salesforce, Telstra become less incompetent

        • Correct, Boost to Telstra you either need to contact boost support and get them to switch your number.
          I opted for the $5 for 30 days voda and ported from there.

    • Waited for the last day of the 1 month Voda validity?

      • Its the ozbargain way. You get a 30 day Vodafone sim so why not use the 30 days while you port. Otherwise if you port from Telstra > Voda > Boost in 1-2 days then your getting 12 months instead of the extra voda days.

  • Is it easy to port Telstra prepaid to the boost plan?

    • Yes do it through the chat.

  • How early should this sim be activated ?

    • +1

      Each SIM has different expiry, just look up "Activate before" in the product description. For example, Boost $200 SIM can be activated before Aug 2023

  • Just ordered sim, all my questions were answered quickly by the seller, cheer

  • The $200 SIM was $142 last time… https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/662513

    Also pretty much the same price everywhere: enjoyebuy and… oztechbiz

  • Can Boost SIMs be used in Telstra wireless dongles?

    • Boost SIM can be used seamlessly in Telstra Prepaid devices.

  • How many days will it take to ship to Sydney metro? Asking for a friend.

  • Boost mobile support via Chat is helpful, who helped to transfered my Boost number to the new sim. The process took about 20 mins.
    Saved me from port out and port back in.

  • +1

    Price matched with OW from Auditech website. No issues and took <5 mins after they found the physical SIM card.

    Thanks ozbargainers!!
    Switched from circles life $15 for 55GB/month because the reception was atrocious. No internet at chadstone.

    Edit: sorry. Price at OW was 218.88

  • +1

    Any way for existing Boost customers to take advantage? Without porting out.

  • Merged from Telstra $300 Prepaid Sim Inc 225GB Data - $231 Auditech Plus Boost Deals
    Go to Deal
    Coupon Code: Bonus

    Looks like this old deal has been reinstated. Must use code to get discount

    Auditech also confirmed the following deals:

    Please note there is bonus data on Boost SIMs as well.

    Save 23% on Boost and Telstra long life SIMs. SIM starter kits cannot recharge.
    Boost 300GB $231 + Bonus gift(auditech.com.au)
    Boost 300GB + Bonus Boost $30 SIM $242.55(auditech.com.au)
    Boost 140GB $154 + Bonus gift(auditech.com.au)
    Telstra 225GB $231 + Bonus gift(auditech.com.au)

    Also save 50% on monthly plans
    Voda30 40GB 28 days $5(auditech.com.au)
    Voda50 60GB 28 days $10(auditech.com.au)
    Boost30 40GB 28 days $15(auditech.com.au)
    Telstra30 30GB 28 days $15(auditech.com.au)

    Delivered by Australia Post with signature and insurance. Volume discount also available.

    • Can someone tell me why one wouldn’t just stick with boost? They are both on 4g Telstra if I’m not mistaken?

      • I guess this saves you having to port out to another sim if you are still with boost ?

      • I’m pretty sure that with this Telstra SIM, you get access to the 5G network, which you won’t get with Boost (Boost only provides access to the Telstra 4Gx/+ network).

        • You don’t actually get 4Gx on Boost only 4G.

          • @brimmy11: Not according to Boost's website…

            On the Full Telstra 4G Mobile Network

            Get 4G and 4GX on the Telstra Mobile Network, covering 99.3% of Aus.

            • @stewy: My experience has been different. I have swapped between Telstra and Boost many times and I get much slower speeds at work and home on Boost, higher ping and worse coverage.

              As an example at work I get about 80-120Mbps on Boost and 20ms latency, on Telstra I was consistently about 250Mbps and 10ms latency.

      • +1

        Boost doesn’t have access to the full Telstra network. And “1st party” features like e-sims for prepaid.

      • +1

        From what I can tell its only Telstra 4g based on there website if you look under the network access for the $300 kit. Telstra Pre Paid Website Link

        edit: Dollars not gb

      • -1

        Telstra has two tiers of service: Telstra and MVNO (third parties that resell Telstra's MVNO service). As I understand it Boost was always an MVNO which had some form of Telstra ownership.

        The whole thing is a massive, inefficient ripoff like most of the private sector. And since telco underpins the entire economy, screwing up the productivity like this causes massive economic damage.

        • -1

          Typical Liberals selling off Telstra and screwing up the NBN

        • +1

          Ah welcome back, the political insights ala Diji1 - must be an election coming up.

          What can we do to stop you hijacking each bargain post with your political views?.

          A promise to vote for the Greens. Done. You stop and I'll vote for them.


      • +1

        I can't get the service activated on an esim with Boost. With Telstra prepaid I can, for those who use newer dual sim devices.

    • -1

      On the website, it says that you only get 150 GB of data. So I think the title might be wrong?

      If so, then the Boost SIM deal is better value, if considering data alone.

      One difference is that with this Telstra SIM I’d assume you get 5G, which you won’t get with Boost (just 4Gx).

    • +2

      price beat with office works, got it for 5% off

      • Is it on the 5g network?

    • Wohoo 225gb is better than boost. Got this price beat at officworks for $219.45. Try your luck!

      • +1

        Not when you get $300gb with boost

        • Sorry my bad, not upto date with the change.. But the pricing seems to be better..

          • +1

            @Big Deal: Paid $219.45 for the Boost 300GB deal at OW.

      • +1

        No luck at ow for me…no codes allowed

        • Same with me.. does anyone have a receipt for the Telstra sim pricebeat from Officeworks?

          • @kuwahshi: Update: managed to get OW to pricematch. Pm me if you need a receipt

    • I always switch btw kogan and catch. $4.9 per month.

      • kogan is vodafone isn't it?

    • Are there other benefits with boost such as kayo or music or sports?

    • "This starter kit is for new customers only" :(

  • This is still active…

  • Data has changed though so i posted it to alert people of the data changes to the plans.

  • +2

    This shouldn't be merged here as they are different deals with different offers and inclusions.

  • Hi Rep I just purchased 2 x $300 Telstra sims. Will I qualify for the bonus 75GB if I port from Boost Prepaid to Telstra Prepaid? Or am I better to port from Boost to say Vodafone then port to Telstra? Thanks

    • You will get bonus data if activate the SIM before 1 Feb 2022. Better to port out and back and you get 40GB data extra and almost 13 months in total. You should receive a free $30 SIM as a gift from us.

      • -1

        Thanks, so you are saying to activate $30 sim first then recharge with $300 sim

  • In case anyone was interested in knowing what the Bonus is, I bought the Boost sim ($154) and it came with a Vodafone Starter Pack - $30 Prepaid SIM. That's kinda cool. Thanks!

  • Ordered on 4 of December it’s been a week still have not received my SIM card.

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