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Ezi-Lockodour Extra Wide Dual Layer Cat Litter System $175.99 + Shipping ($0 C&C/ Metro Areas) @ Petbarn


The Ezi-LockOdour XL Dual Layer Litter System is a revolutionary litter tray designed to reduce litter box odours, and make litter box cleaning quick and easy. XL size is perfect for large cats, or for homes with more than one cat who share a litter tray.

The Ezi-LockOdour Dual Layer Cat Litter System includes

  • a scoop
  • 2 x 2L bags of pellets
  • a pack of 4 absorbent pads.

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  • +2

    Cat litter trays are so overpriced. Is this anything more than a shaped plastic box?

    • Not really haha, but thought i would give it a whirl, I have two cats and if it makes dealing with their business easier I am willing to pay.

      Does include a month of litter and pads, so thought it wasn’t too bad.

  • priced almost like a new toilet bowl

  • Wow, a plastic molded box with a tray that costs $175. It would be cheaper to by a laser printer & remove the guts.

    • Operating on your cat seems a bit extreme

  • I just go to Bunnings and buy the plastic storage trays and then every 6 months or so just get new ones if they look trashed.

  • +2

    'Apparently' it lets the urine drain into an 'odor absorbing' pad. Which i would translate to basically 'put some rocks over a grate with some puppy pads underneath', and replace the puppy pad to remove the odor.


    • Could rig this up pretty easily with 2 x $2 cat letter trays.

      Drill a grid of holes in one, stack that above the undrilled regular tray. Have a puppy mat between the 2 trays.

  • Does seem pricy to me for something that's not even mechanical..(full-robotic ones tend to be like $400 lol..)

  • The replacement pads are $18 for a four pack if they're full price. On sale ~$10. That's $10+ a month (at least) to pay for pads.

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