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evee Electric Vehicle Rental - $25 Credit for Referee (Minimum Spend $200) and $25 Credit for Referrer


There was a recent Amex deal for rentals through evee. Although they have a referral program it has yet to be added to the OzBargain database. If you do use a referral code and that Amex deal, they should stack to give $75 off.

The referral program is $25 off first rental for referee (minimum $200 spend), and $25 credit for referrer (I've already paid for my rental so I miss out)

Given that Tesla sales are some of the most popular deals ever on OzBargain, I suspect a few people might be interested in testing out a model S/3/X for a few days.

Once mods add evee to the referral list this post should have links to the program - I won't add my code yet.
Referral randomiser is active.

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$25 credit for referrer. $25 off first rental (minimum spend $200) for referee.

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  • +1

    I suspect a few people might be interested in testing out a model S/3/X for a few days.

    I haven't tried with a tesla, but any time I've asked a dealer for an extended loan, they've been happy to oblige. We're not talking high end beamers or mercs, just your ordinary Toyotas/Hyundais/etc.

    People really pay to test drive cars?

    • +1

      It depends on the dealer and the car. Some salespeople insist on going with you for the test drive. I find that highly annoying. I don't want to have some guy sitting beside me constantly telling me how this car is so good and the competition is rubbish.

    • Probably worth for first time EV? since charging is something you can't or difficult to try with a demo car.

      I'm not really keen on using evee tho. It's basically like EV carnextdoor and you can see all the horror stories about this shared car scheme here in ozb.

      • -2

        Probably worth for first time


        I'm sure you figured out where to put the hose, the first time you filled up a petrol car or where to put your pen*s the first time you had … I'll sure you'll figure out how to charge an EV when the time comes.

        • -1

          I'm talking about charging infrastructure around your home, work or even favourite scenic route and how busy it becomes during peak time etc.

    • +1

      I think this is a bigger change for most people than one ICE car to another ICE car. The initial outlay is also greater given that there isn't really a second hand market yet.

      I figure paying $300 to help inform a >$50k decision makes sense. As far as I know, Tesla doesn't offer overnight test drives in Australia. They definitely don't outside the major urban hubs - so this is the next best thing.

    • -1

      I absolutely would pay to test drive. For me it takes the pressure off. Anxiety is a b&^ch.

      • Anxiety is a b&^ch.

        Xanax can help with that.

  • +2

    Tesla's test drive program for Model 3 I believe is limited to a 30 minute booking only. They can't keep hold of any cars long enough to warrant making them available for longer test drives.

  • I didn't know there is a referral program for Evee! I can't find anywhere in my account on evee.com.au for the referral code. Anyway able to guide me?

    • +1

      Yeah - I think you need to book first, and then you are sent your referral code. Sounds like those who lease their cars using the service also have a code.

  • +1

    I booked yesterday and received my referral code today. Have added it to the database.
    Happy with the process so far!

  • +1

    I didn't see any place to enter a referal code (as a referee) when I signed up. Did I miss something?

    • +1

      I got my referral code in an email after I signed up

    • +1

      I popped it in when I booked

  • +2

    Thanks I booked a Model 3 RWD for next weekend

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